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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Callaghan, Caitlin A.Kinetics and Catalysis of the Water-Gas-Shift Reaction: A Microkinetic and Graph Theoretic ApproachChemical Engineering2006-05-04
Callery, James Francis Building Evaluation for Manual SuppressionFire Protection Engineering1998-05-01
Calnan, III, Paul W.EXTRACT: Extensible Transformation and Compiler TechnologyComputer Science2003-04-25
Calvo, Carlos RobertoA 2.5 GHz Optoelectronic Amplifier in 0.18 m CMOSElectrical & Computer Engineering2003-04-23
Campbell, Meredith LDetermining the Safety of Urban Arterial RoadsCivil & Environmental Engineering2004-04-27
Campbell, Matthew CDesign of a Mobile Transceiver for Precision Indoor LocationElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-11-11
Cao, Liming Protein Separation with Ion-exchange Membrane ChromatographyChemical Engineering2005-05-04
Cao, Ning Secure and Reliable Data Outsourcing in Cloud Computing Electrical & Computer Engineering2012-07-19
Carboni, Marina Evaluation of Ballistic Materials For Back Protection Under Low Velocity ImpactBiomedical Engineering2004-04-23
Carelli, Jonathan J.Design and Analysis of an Embedded Pipe Network in Asphalt Pavements to Reduce the Urban Heat Island EffectCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-28
Carleen, Bradford JHydrothermal Synthesis Process for the Production of Silicalite-1 Crystal Aggregate Packing ParticlesChemical Engineering2010-01-26
Carr, Justin PModeling Volatility DerivativesMathematical Sciences2011-12-16
Carter, Nathan RA 12-b 50Msample/s Pipeline Analog to Digital ConverterElectrical & Computer Engineering2000-04-24
Casey, Ryan EdwardMouse strain-specific splicing of Apobec3Chemistry & Biochemistry2006-09-08
Castagno, Thomas AThe Effect of Knee Pads on Gait and ComfortMechanical Engineering2004-04-09
Cavanaugh, Andrew FBayesian Information Fusion for Precision Indoor LocationElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-01-19
Cavanaugh, Andrew FInverse Synthetic Array Reconciliation TomographyElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-05-03
Chakraborti, Amrita Alpha-Poly-L-Lysine As A Potential Biosorbent For Removal Of Hexavalent Chromium From Industrial Waste Water Biology & Biotechnology2008-09-27
Chamberlin, Ryan EarlA Three-dimensional Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Methodology on Unstructured Delaunay Grids with Applications to Micro and NanoflowsMechanical Engineering2007-03-12
Chan, Ka Yan Applying the "Split-ADC" Architecture to a 16 bit, 1 MS/s differential Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital ConverterElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-04-30
Chang, Chen Hao JasonThe Study of Energy Consumption of Acceleration Structures for Dynamic CPU and GPU Ray TracingComputer Science2007-01-19
Changtong, Chuchawin Synthesis and Photochemistry of Phenyl Subtituted-1,2,4-Thiadiazoles; 15N-Labeling StudiesChemistry & Biochemistry2005-04-29
Charest, Abigail J.Investigation of Physical Characteristics Impacting Fate and Transport of Viral Surrogates in Water SystemsCivil & Environmental Engineering2014-10-16
Chase, Tyler A.Minimizing the Probability of Ruin in Exchange Rate Markets Mathematical Sciences2009-04-30
Chen, Nan Kinetics of the Hydrodechlorination Reaction of Chlorinated Compounds on Palladium CatalystsChemical Engineering2003-08-25
Chen, Xuewen A Nonlinear Viscoelastic Mooney-Rivlin Thin Wall Model for Unsteady Flow in Stenosis ArteriesMathematical Sciences2003-04-30
Chen, Li Semantic Caching for XML QueriesComputer Science2003-12-11
Chen, Songting Efficient Incremental View Maintenance for Data WarehousingComputer Science2005-09-06
Chen, Bao-Liang Capture Solar Energy and Reduce Heat-Island Effect from Asphalt PavementCivil & Environmental Engineering2008-10-28
Chen, Si Cross-Layer Optimization and Dynamic Spectrum Access for Distributed Wireless Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-10-22
Chen, Tsai YuanNetwork Electrophysiology Sensor-On-A- Chip Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-29
Chen, Chao-Huang Sulfur tolerance of Pd/Au alloy membranes for hydrogen separation from coal gasChemical Engineering2011-09-13
Chen, Si Vehicular Dynamic Spectrum Access: Using Cognitive Radio for Automobile Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering2013-01-10
Chen, Taoye A Multi-level Model for Analysing Whole Genome Sequencing Family Data with Longitudinal Traits Mathematical Sciences2013-04-25
Chen, Jin UWB Characteristics of RF Propagation for Body Mounted and Implanted Sensors Electrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-15
Chen, Kehui Powering of endoscopic cutting tools for minimally invasive proceduresMechanical Engineering2013-05-28
Chen, Lichen Asymptotic Methods for Stochastic Volatility Option Pricing: An Explanatory StudyMathematical Sciences2011-01-13
(WPI)Chen, Liwei Dense Matrices for Biofluids ApplicationsMathematical Sciences2014-04-30
Chen, Zhilu Accelerating SRD Simulation on GPU Electrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-23
Chen, Xiaoran Computational and Experimental Approach for Non-destructive Testing by Laser ShearographyMechanical Engineering2014-06-24
(WPI)Chen, Huanting Portfolio Construction Using Principle Component AnalysisMathematical Sciences2014-08-06
(WPI)Chen, Zhilin Bayesian Analysis of Binary Sales Data for Several Industries Mathematical Sciences2015-05-01
Chen, Yingying Defying Disaster: EarthquakeInteractive Media and Game Development2015-05-06
(WPI)Chenelle, Brendan F.Friction Stir Welding in Wrought and Cast Aluminum Alloys: Microstructure, Residual Stress, Fatigue Crack Growth Mechanisms, and Novel ApplicationsMechanical Engineering2011-01-20
Cheng, Wei Factor Analysis for Stock PerformanceMathematical Sciences2005-05-04
Chernyak, Vadim The Design and Realization of a Sensitive Walking PlatformMechanical Engineering2012-04-18
Chhabra, Vikram Reconstructing specular objects with Image Based Rendering using Color CachingComputer Science2001-04-24
Chilakamarri, Sunita RGenetic differentiation in Alewife populations using microsatellite lociBiology & Biotechnology2005-09-08
Choi, Pyoungho Investigation of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Proton-Exchange Membranes in Fuel Cell ApplicationsChemical Engineering2004-04-29
Choi, Keum-Ran 3D Thermal Mapping of Cone Calorimeter Specimen and Development of a Heat Flux Mapping Procedure Utilizing an Infrared CameraFire Protection Engineering2004-08-30
Choksey, Sanket DineshDeveloping an Affordable Authoring Tool For Intelligent Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2004-08-20
Chomal, Manish RAnalysis of Telomerase Activity and Telomere Lengths in Human Umbilical Cord Cell Populations During Ex Vivo Amplification of Hematopoietic Stem CellsBiology & Biotechnology2002-12-02
Christopher, Stephen JamesPlant-Pathogen Interactions: Turnip Crinkle Virus Suppression of the Hypersensitive Response in Arabidopsis thalianaChemistry & Biochemistry2003-04-02
Chung, Jae Won Congestion Control for Streaming MediaComputer Science2005-07-14
Cialdea, Stephen MichaelModeling and Analysis of the Distribution Grid in the Presence of Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage SystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-04-22
Clark, Jennifer AnneValue Engineering for Small Transportation ProjectsCivil & Environmental Engineering1999-12-08
Clark, Laura AInvestigation and Optimization of a Porous Sintered Ceramic Material in a Grinding ApplicationMaterials Science & Engineering2009-04-29
Claypool, Kajal TilakManaging Schema Change in an Heterogeneous EnvironmentComputer Science2002-05-28
(WPI)Clement, Amanda LynnEngineering the Keratinocyte Microenvironment: Harnessing Topography to Direct Cellular FunctionBiomedical Engineering2014-11-14
Cochran, Keith JacobCombined Fermentation and Recovery Using Expanded Bed ChromatographyBiology & Biotechnology2006-08-18
Coey, Tyson CurtisRound-Trip Time-Division Distributed BeamformingElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-07-06
(WPI)Coffin, Spencer Extending the Window of Use for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Seeded Biological SuturesBiomedical Engineering2015-04-21
Coignet, Philippe Transport-reaction Modeling of the Impedance Response of a Fuel CellChemical Engineering2004-05-26
Cole, Gregory Modular MRI Guided Device Development System: Development, Validation and ApplicationsRobotics Engineering2012-09-10
Coleman, Catherine The Development of a Sensitive Manipulation End EffectorRobotics Engineering2014-02-27
Collatos, Angelo RobertTransformation, Growth, and the Cytoskeleton: Tools to Study Oil Producing AlgaeBiology & Biotechnology2012-12-21
Collette, Kristin AComparisons of Structural Designs in FireFire Protection Engineering2007-04-30
Collins, Travis FredrickImplementation and Analysis of Spectral Subtraction and Signal Separation in Deterministic Wide-Band Anti-Jamming ScenariosElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-19
Collins, Jessica M. FixI and FixI2: Homologous proteins with unique functions in Sinorhizobium melilotiChemistry & Biochemistry2014-01-08
Colonero, Curtis BensonNoise Analysis and Simulation of a Sub-Pixel Analog to Digital Voltage-To-Frequency Converter for use with IR Focal Plane ArraysElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-01-05
Comtois, Gary W.Implementation of Accelerometer-Based Adaptive Noise Cancellation in a Wireless Wearable Pulse Oximeter Platform for Remote Physiological Monitoring and TriageBiomedical Engineering2007-07-23
Conron, Christine ElizabethDEVELOPMENT OF A PERFORMANCE-BASED HIGHWAY DESIGN PROCESS: Incorporating Safety Considertation into Highway DesignCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-01
Coon, William MacDowellA Computational Model for Building Relationships Between Humans and Virtual AgentsComputer Science2012-08-06
Cooper, Christopher G. F.Self-Assembled Systems for Molecular Device ApplicationsChemistry & Biochemistry2004-04-05
cooper, sean Control of a Satellite Based Photovoltaic Array for Optimum Power DrawElectrical & Computer Engineering2008-04-28
Cooper, Jennifer LeeA circumferential stretch bioreactor for mechanical conditioning of smooth muscle ringsBiomedical Engineering2014-04-09
Copp, Jessica L.Course Summary of Computational Methods of Financial MathematicsMathematical Sciences2009-05-05
Cordeiro, Philip JosephDesign of a Wearable Ultrasound SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-08-09
Cordes, Brian G.Modeling-Based Minimization of Time-to-Uniformity in Microwave Heating Systems Mathematical Sciences2007-04-27
Cornwell, Kevin G.Collagen and Fibrin Biopolymer Microthreads For Bioengineered Ligament Regeneration Biomedical Engineering2007-05-04
Cote, Shelly A.Effects of Cellular Apoptosis on Productivity of a Mammalian Cell Culture Process Biology & Biotechnology2006-04-14
Cournoyer, Richard JohnThe Application of Parametric Software into the Undergraduate Computer-Aided Manufacturing EnvironmentManufacturing Engineering1999-04-30
Court, Jeffrey Estimation of the Concentration from a Moving Gaseous Source in the Atmosphere Using a Guided Sensing Aerial VehicleMechanical Engineering2012-05-11
Courtois, Julien Iridium-based bimetallic alloy catalysts for the ethanol oxidation reaction for fuel cells modeled by density functional theoryChemical Engineering2013-04-25
Couture, Eric DanielThe Design and Manufacture of an Elevating/Articulating Manual Wheelchair LegrestMechanical Engineering2006-04-21
Cox, Jason RControlling the Polymorphism of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with Two-Dimensional TemplatesChemistry & Biochemistry2009-04-27
Coyne, Jack WFPGA-Based Co-processor for Singular Value Array Reconciliation Tomography Electrical & Computer Engineering2007-08-31
Crasso, Anthony Background Calibration of a 6-Bit 1Gsps Split-Flash ADCElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-01-08
Crocker, Jeremiah The Effect of Sprinkler Sprays on Fire Induced Mass Flow Rates Fire Protection Engineering2008-04-28
Croteau, Ethan Evaluating Predictions of Transfer and Analyzing Student MotivationComputer Science2004-04-21
Croughwell, Rosamaria A 16-b 10Msample/s Split-Interleaved Analog to Digital ConverterElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-08-24
Cruceanu, Florentin I.AC-Calorimetry and Dielectric Spectroscopy on Anisotropic Liquid Crystal and Aerosil Dispersions Physics2008-04-09
Csizmadia, Vilmos Constructing an Authoring Tool for Intelligent Tutoring Systems with Hierarchical Domain ModelsComputer Science2003-12-15
Cui, Qingguang Measuring Data Abstraction Quality in Multiresolution VisualizationsComputer Science2006-10-26
Cummings, W. MarkSmoke Movement Analysis (Smoke Transport Within a Corridor)Fire Protection Engineering1998-04-01
Cusack, Jessy LDesign of a High Speed Clutch with Mechanical Pulse-Width Control Mechanical Engineering2013-03-06
Custodio, Derrick SThe Effect of Humpback Whale-like Protuberances on Hydrofoil PerformanceMechanical Engineering2007-12-10

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