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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Gaboriault Jr., Edward M.The Effects of Fill-Nonuniformities on the Densified States of Cylindrical Green P/M CompactsMechanical Engineering2003-05-27
Gabry, Thomas Jacques AndreSimulation of the diffusion of endocrine disrupting compounds in silicalite by molecular dynamicsChemical Engineering2012-04-26
Gagne, Amanda REvaluation of Utility Pole Placement and the Impact on Crash RatesCivil & Environmental Engineering2008-04-29
Gagnon, Brian D.Evaluation of New Test Methods for Fire Fighting ClothingFire Protection Engineering2000-03-28
Gagnon, Michael AnthonyAn Adaptive Mixed Finite Element Method using the Lagrange Multiplier TechniqueMathematical Sciences2009-05-04
Galasso, Alison MarieParametric Exploration of Block Shear FormulationsCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-04-12
Galeriu, Calin kp Theory of Semiconductor NanostructuresPhysics2005-12-02
Gao, Pan Portfolio Construction and Risk Management: Practical Issues and ExamplesMathematical Sciences2003-04-28
Gao, Weiguo Portfolio Optimization Based on Robust Estimation ProceduresMathematical Sciences2004-04-30
Gao, Panwen The Portfolio Optimization ProjectMathematical Sciences2012-04-28
Garcia, Juan CCatalysis and Photocatalysis over TiO2 Surfaces Detailed from First PrinciplesChemical Engineering2014-08-18
Garramone, Samantha Structure-Property Relationships in Angioplasty BalloonsMaterials Science & Engineering2001-04-26
Gateaud, Arnaud Physical and Chemical Mechanisms of Lubricant Removal During Stage I of the Sintering ProcessMaterials Science & Engineering2006-04-05
Gaubatz, Gunnar Versatile Montgomery Multiplier ArchitecturesElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-04-26
Gaubatz, Gunnar Tamper-Resistant Arithmetic for Public-Key CryptographyElectrical & Computer Engineering2007-03-01
Geiger, Douglas JInvestigation into the influence of threshold forces and vibrations in diamond roll plunge dressing of grinding wheelsManufacturing Engineering2005-03-21
geng, xi synthesis and characterization of nanostructured carbon supported Pt-based electrocatalystsMaterials Science & Engineering2012-01-09
Geng, Yishuang Modeling of Time-of-arrival for CM4 Body Area Networks ChannelElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-22
(WPI)Geng, Jun Quickest Change-Point Detection with Sampling Right Constraints Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-12-05
Geoffroy, Nancy AnneMeasuring Speech Intelligibility in Voice Alarm Communication SystemsFire Protection Engineering2005-04-28
Ghadyani, Hamid R.Semi Automatic Segmentation of a Rat Brain AtlasMechanical Engineering2005-04-26
Ghadyani, Hamid RTetrahedral Meshes in Biomedical Applications: Generation, Boundary Recovery and Quality Enhancements Mechanical Engineering2009-03-23
Ghaem-Maghami, Elham The Passive Scalar Concentration and Velocity Fields of Isolated Turbulent PuffsMechanical Engineering2006-06-28
Ghatpande, Puja SudhakarStudy of Fixturing Accessibilities in Computer-Aided Fixture DesignMechanical Engineering2008-05-27
Ghosh, Gregory Lifesafety Analysis in the Building Firesafety MethodFire Protection Engineering1994-05-01
Gianfrancesco, Anthony GiacomoMulti-wavelength characterization of cadmium telluride solar cell: Development of Q-EBIC and NSOM measurement techniquesPhysics2013-04-08
Giannakopoulos, Theophilos JohnMulti-Decision Policy and Policy Combinator Specifications Computer Science2012-02-27
(WPI)Giatas, Shawn The Technological Evolution of Three Office Buildings Over TimeCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-04-24
Gill, Peter W.Probing for a Continual Validation PrototypeComputer Science2001-08-20
Giorelli, Massimo Methodology for Correlating Experimental and Finite Element Modal Analyses on Valve TrainsMechanical Engineering2002-03-05
Girgis, Alexi MFinite Element Method Modeling of Optoconductance in Metal-Semiconductor Hybrid Devices Physics2010-11-02
Gokcen, Taner Molecular Engineering of Trigonal Octupolar Materials Based on 2,4,6-Diarylamino-1,3,5-TriazinesChemistry & Biochemistry2005-08-24
Goldsmith, Abraham MyronAn Inertial-Optical Tracking System for Quantitative, Freehand, 3D Ultrasound Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-01-21
Goldstein, Adam BResponding to Moments of LearningComputer Science2011-05-02
GONG, WENYI Investigation of Moisture Susceptibility of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Mixes through Laboratory Mechanical TestingCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-06-22
Gong, Yue Student Modeling in Intelligent Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2014-11-06
Gonzalez Jaramillo, Victor HugoA Methodology to Transform Small and Medium Companies to Lean Manufacturing Enterprises in EcuadorManufacturing Engineering2014-04-02
Gosselin, Steven Daniel The Application of Fire Dynamics to Fire ForensicsFire Protection Engineering2004-11-19
Gould, Jonathan ScottAn Investigation of the Effects of Temperature and Frequency on Asphalt Pavement Strain Using an Accelerated Testing SystemCivil & Environmental Engineering2007-05-09
Gratkowski, Mark TRadiant Smoldering Ignition of PlywoodFire Protection Engineering2004-08-06
(WPI)Grella, Alexandra RA mechanism for the FGF2-mediated down-regulation of integrin alpha-11 identified through studying altered adhesome of human dermal fibroblasts undergoing early Mesenchymal-to-Epithelial TransitionBiology & Biotechnology2014-12-11
Grenier, Andrew T.Fire Characteristics of Cored Composite Materials for Marine UseFire Protection Engineering1996-05-01
Griffin, Jennifer ShoenerTorque Teno Virus: A Potential Indicator of Enteric Viruses Civil & Environmental Engineering2009-05-01
Grouf, Jaime LCharacterization of Value Nutritions 5-Androstenediol Product and its Proliferative Effects on the LNCaP Cell Line Biology & Biotechnology2007-10-23
Gu, Songxiang Body Deformation Correction for SPECT ImagingComputer Science2009-06-26
Gu, Chenchen Option Pricing Using MATLABMathematical Sciences2011-05-04
Guajardo, Jorge Efficient Algorithms for Elliptic Curve CryptosystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering1997-05-03
Guazzone, Federico Engineering of Substrate Surface for the synthesis of Ultra-Thin Composite Pd and Pd-Cu Membranes for H2 SeparationChemical Engineering2005-12-15
Guerrier, Jeanniffer SabrinaStructural-Functional studies of A. fulgidus CopZ Cu+ Chemistry & Biochemistry2009-05-06
Guler, Mustafa OzgurSinglet-Singlet and Triplet-Triplet Energy Transfer in Bichromophoric Cyclic PeptidesChemistry & Biochemistry2002-04-30
Guler, Emine Two Wavelength High Intensity Irradiation for Effective Crosslinking of DNA to ProteinChemistry & Biochemistry2004-04-01
Guo, Wei Development of a Framework for Preliminary Risk Analysis in Transportation ProjectsCivil & Environmental Engineering2004-12-20
Guo, Ruijuan Sample comparisons using microarrays: - Application of False Discovery Rate and quadratic logistic regression Mathematical Sciences2007-12-15
guo, wenxuan Resource Allocation and Performance Optimization in Wireless Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-26
Guo, Zhenyu Visually Mining Interesting Patterns in Multivariate Datasets Computer Science2012-12-06
Gupta, Anju RInvestigation of Neuronal Affinity to Photoresist Derived Carbon: Study of Diferentiation and m-RNA Expression in PC-12 Cells Chemical Engineering2007-05-09
Gurses, Serdar AbidinRole of HFR1 in Shade Avoidance and Phytochrome A SignalingChemistry & Biochemistry2004-01-13
Guthy, Hema VardhanEvolution of the Eutectic Microstructure in Chemically Modified and Unmodified Al-Si AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2002-04-01
Guyette, Jacques PaulConditioning of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Initiates Cardiogenic Differentiation and Increases Function in Infarcted HeartsBiomedical Engineering2011-12-06
Gwyther, Tracy AEngineered Vascular Tissue Generated by Cellular Self-Assembly Biomedical Engineering2012-01-13

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