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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Jaimes, Rafael Spatiotemporal Organization of Atrial Fibrillation Using Cross-Bicoherence with Surrogate DataBiomedical Engineering2011-05-19
Jalani, Nikhil H.Development of Nanocomposite Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Higher Temperature PEM Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2006-03-01
Jamin, Amanda JMailScape: A Visual Approach To Email ManagementComputer Science2006-12-14
Janc, Artur AdamNetwork Performance Evaluation within the Web Browser SandboxComputer Science2008-12-15
Janga, Satyanarayana Reddy A Fast and Robust Image-Based Method for tracking Robot-assisted Needle Placement in Real-time MR ImagesComputer Science2013-07-26
Janice, Brian ADifferential Near Field Holography for Small Antenna Arrays Electrical & Computer Engineering2011-08-29
Janzen, Isaiah Modeling of Heat Treating Processes for Transmission Gears Materials Science & Engineering2009-12-14
Jarvis, Matthew PApplying Machine Learning Techniques to Rule Generation in Intelligent Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2004-04-08
Jbantova, Mariana GState Spill Policies for State Intensive Continuous Query Plan EvaluationComputer Science2007-04-12
Ji, Wenzhi Reconfigurable Fiducial-Integrated Modular Needle Driver For MRI-Guided Percutaneous Interventions Biomedical Engineering2013-04-23
Jian, Jinhuj Efficient XML Stream Processing with Automata and Query AlgebraComputer Science2003-08-26
Jiang, Ming Updating Views Over Recursive XML Computer Science2007-12-20
Jiang, Ying Characterization of nutrient transport and transformations downstream of on-site wastewater disposal facilitiesCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-06-03
Jiang, Qizhong Risk Analysis for Corporate Bond PortfoliosMathematical Sciences2013-05-02
Jimenez, Jose ManuelFeasibility of the SIMSUPER Simulation Model in the Renovation of Building ProjectsCivil & Environmental Engineering1999-04-27
Jin, Yi Regression Analysis of University Giving DataMathematical Sciences2006-12-05
Johann, Matthew A.Fire-Robust Structural Engineering: A Framework Approach to Structural Design for Fire ConditionsFire Protection Engineering2002-12-02
Johari, Houri Development of MEMS Sensors for Measurements of Pressure, Relative Humidity, and TemperatureMechanical Engineering2003-04-29
John, Nitin AbrahamA Study of Replicated and Distributed Web ContentComputer Science2000-04-24
Johnson, Peter F.Risk Assessment in Telephone ExchangesFire Protection Engineering1990-05-01
Johnson, Robert AA Comparison Between Two-Dimensional and Three-DimensionalAnalysis, A Review of Horizontal Wood Diaphragms and a Case Study of the Structure Located at 89 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA Civil & Environmental Engineering2008-04-28
Johnson, Chase RMolecular Graph TheoryMathematical Sciences2010-04-29
Johnston, William S.Development of a Signal Processing Library for Extraction of SpO2, HR, HRV, and RR from Photoplethysmographic WaveformsBiomedical Engineering2006-07-17
Jones, Craig Centritubing: Using Centrifugal Force to Create Self-Assembled Tubular Tissue ConstructsBiomedical Engineering2012-12-06
Joshi, Kulbhushan ArvindFactors governing spontaneous ignition of combustible dustsFire Protection Engineering2012-04-23
Judge, Andy Air Gap Elimination in Permanent Magnet Machines Mechanical Engineering2012-04-02
Jyoti, Jyoti Turnip crinkle virus Coat Protein Suppresses the Hypersensitive Response in PlantsChemistry & Biochemistry2007-01-03

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