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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Ma, Shuhui Characterization of the performance of mineral oil based quenchants using CHTE Quench Probe SystemMaterials Science & Engineering2002-06-27
Ma, Shuhui A Methodology to Predict the Effects of Quench Rates on Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminum AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2006-03-24
MA, LINNA Splitting Frames Based on Hypothesis Testing for Patient Motion Compensation in SPECTComputer Science2006-04-26
Ma, Chunling Using Network Application Behavior to Predict Performance Computer Science2008-04-07
Ma, Yunzhao Passive Resonant Coil Based Fast Registration And Tracking System For Real-Time Mri-Guided Minimally Invasive Surgery Biomedical Engineering2013-05-30
Macasek, Michael A.Towards Teachers Quickly Creating Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2005-12-06
(WPI)Machado, Raquel From Theory to Practice: Evaluating Sparsening Filter designs on a Software-Defined Radio Platform Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-12-23
Machate, Malgorzata SJoule heat effects on reliability of RF MEMS switchesMechanical Engineering2003-05-29
Mahadevan, Geetha B.Viral Suppression of Host DefensesChemistry & Biochemistry2004-05-07
Mailloux, James ThomasDesign Evaluation of a Duplex Circular Wet Well Pumping Station Under Steady State and Dynamic Operating Conditions Civil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-29
Makridakis, Jennifer LynnBraided Collagen Microthreads as a Cell Delivery System in Bioengineered Muscle RegenerationBiomedical Engineering2010-11-10
Maleev, Ivan Partial Coherence and Optical VorticesPhysics2004-06-10
Malfas, Gregory P.Historical risk assessment of a balanced portfolio using Value–at-RiskMathematical Sciences2004-04-30
Mali, Girish SureshNovel Escapement Mechanism using a Compliant Mechanism and a Piezoelectric ActuatorMechanical Engineering2007-04-27
Mana Capelli, Sebastian C.CopB from Archaeoglobus fulgidus: a thermophilic Cu2+ transporting CPx-ATPaseChemistry & Biochemistry2000-04-25
Mane, Pravin DWAIT: Selective Loss Recovery for Multimedia Multicast.Computer Science2000-07-27
Manrique, Lisette MThe Impact of Using an Obstacle Sensing System in the Power Wheelchair Training of Children with DisabilitiesBiomedical Engineering2005-04-27
Marchetti, Paul JElectric Propulsion and Controller Design for Drag-Free Spacecraft Operation in Low Earth OrbitMechanical Engineering2006-12-06
Mardziel, Piotr Noninterference in Concurrent Game StructuresComputer Science2007-04-30
Marinelli, Andrea TBiologically Inspired Wing Tip Geometry OptimizationMechanical Engineering2010-04-30
Marinis, Ryan ThomasDevelopment and implementation of automated interferometric microscope for study of MEMS inertial sensorsMechanical Engineering2009-04-07
Maris, Razvan FlorianRandom Homogenization for the Stokes Flow through a Leaky MembraneMathematical Sciences2012-04-24
Marjerison, William MBayesian Logistic Regression with Spatial Correlation: An Application to Tennessee River PollutionMathematical Sciences2006-12-15
Marr, Gregory M.Development of a Methodology for Creating Families of PartsMechanical Engineering1996-08-16
Martin, Rodica M.Reciprocity between Emission and Absorption for Rare Earth Ions in GlassPhysics2006-04-25
Martinez, Jorge Application of Reliability-Centered Maintenance in Facility ManagementCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-12-15
(M)Mastoureshgh, Sahel Measurement and Method for Receiver Buffer Sizing in Video StreamingComputer Science2012-04-09
Mathur, Aditi Optimization of Polymer Enhanced Diafiltration system by studying copper removal from aqueous solutions using Lambda-carrageenanBiology & Biotechnology2008-07-16
Matthews, Gregory JImproved paired comparison models for NFL point spreads by data transformationMathematical Sciences2005-05-05
Mayer, Jamie LynnDesign of a Rooftop Photovoltaic Array for the George C. Gordon Library at Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Structural, Thermal, and Performance AnalysisMaterials Science & Engineering2010-04-21
McArthur, Gregory DComparative Analysis of Ledoit's Covariance Matrix and Comparative Adjustment Liability Model (CALM) Within the Markowitz Framework Mathematical Sciences2014-05-09
McCoy, Mark ChristopherThe Effects of Phytohormones on Growth and Artemisinin Production in Hairy Root Cultures of Artemisia Annua L.Biology & Biotechnology2003-05-23
McGinley, James WReal-Time Software-Defined-Radio Implementation of a Two Source Distributed BeamformerElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-12-08
McIlhenny, Julia FArtificial Turbulent BurstsMechanical Engineering2002-01-04
McKay, Kerry ATrade-offs Between Energy and Security in Wireless NetworksComputer Science2005-04-04
McShea, Molly AEvidence of an interaction between the actin cytoskeletal regulators MIG-10 and ABI-1 Biology & Biotechnology2011-08-26
Medhekar, Vinay ShantaramModeling and Simulation of Oxidative Degradation of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)Chemical Engineering2001-08-28
Medhekar, Vinay SGrowth of Carbon Nanotubes on Model and Supported CatalystsChemical Engineering2004-08-09
Mehta, Alok Evolving Legacy System's Features into Fine-grained Components Using Regression Test-CasesComputer Science2002-11-13
Mehta, Nishant KA Hierarchy Navigation Framework: Supporting Scalable Interactive Exploration over Large DatabasesComputer Science2004-08-24
Meiler, Michael RudolfIn Vivo Characterization of RIF-1 Tumors via Diffusion and Fluorine-19 NMR MethodsBiomedical Engineering1999-04-21
Meleschi, Shangari B.Ultrasonic Technique In Determination Of Grid-Generated Turbulent Flow Characteristics And Caustic FormationMechanical Engineering2004-04-23
Melong, Tresha KEvaluation of Bar Rack Designs to Allow for the Downstream Passage of Silver American Eels at Hydropower FacilitiesCivil & Environmental Engineering2014-01-13
Menard, Jr., Kevin JosephEvaluating User Feedback SystemsComputer Science2006-04-13
Mendes, Sebastian BThe Development of an Improved Finite Element Muscle Model and the Investigation of the Pre-loading Effects of Active Muscle on the Femur During Frontal Crashes Civil & Environmental Engineering2010-08-31
Mendez, Ronald OsirisThe Building Information Model in Facilities ManagementCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-05-04
Merriam, Susan CarolDirect Demonstration of Self-Similarity in a Hydrodynamic Treatment of Polymer Self-DiffusionPhysics2002-04-29
Metreaud, Leon TAn RF-Isolated Real-Time Multipath Testbed for Performance Analysis of WLANsElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-08-17
Mi, Liang A Testbed for Design and Performance Evaluation of Visual Localization Technique inside the Small Intestine Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-05-05
Mikhailov, Mikhail Deterministic Object Management in Large Distributed SystemsComputer Science2003-02-03
Milette, Greg PAnalogical Matching Using Device-Centric and Environment-Centric Representations of FunctionComputer Science2006-03-30
Milkani, Eftim Modification of Surfaces for Biological ApplicationsChemistry & Biochemistry2010-03-26
Miller, Elliot AQuantifying Resource Sharing, Resource Isolation and Agility for Web Applications with Virtual MachinesComputer Science2007-04-23
Misra, Shivin SatyawonA Database For Exploratory Analysis of Human SleepComputer Science2008-03-21
Mitchell, Ian DResidual Stress Reduction During Quenching of Wrought 7075 Aluminum AlloyMaterials Science & Engineering2004-05-06
Mitchell, Ryan A WANFIS Model for Use in System Identification and Structural Control of Civil Engineering StructuresCivil & Environmental Engineering2012-04-17
Mizar, Shivananda PaiThermomechanical characterization of NiTiNOL and NiTiNOL based structures using ACES methodologyMechanical Engineering2005-12-02
Moffett, Jeffrey PApplying Causal Models to Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in Video GamesComputer Science2010-04-22
Moghani, Taraneh Controller Switching Policy in Flexible Plates Using PZT Actuators Subject to Spatiotemporal Variations of DisturbancesMechanical Engineering2004-05-10
Mokbel, Hala Assessing the Parametric Building Model Capabilities in Minimizing Change OrdersCivil & Environmental Engineering2003-01-14
Mokbel, Hala NabilA formal model for measuring the different levels of IT-based Design and Construction Integration (ITDCI) in colleges and universities Civil & Environmental Engineering2009-04-30
Mongiardini, Mario Development of a Computer Program for the Verification and Validation of Numerical Simulations in Roadside SafetyCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-29
Moran, Paul AaronModification of a Biosand Water Filter for Household Treatment of High Turbidity WaterCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-23
Moraski, Ashley M.Classification via distance profile nearest neighborsMathematical Sciences2006-05-04
Morin, Kimberly MCloning and Expression of Plasmids Encoding Multimers of Antimicrobial Peptides Indolicidin and PGQBiology & Biotechnology2003-04-14
Morin, Russell WalterA Novel Localization System for Experimental Autonomous Underwater VehiclesMechanical Engineering2010-04-16
Motyka, Matt Risk Measurement of Mortgage-Backed Security Portfolios via Principal Components and Regression AnalysesMathematical Sciences2003-04-28
Moussa, Jonathan EdwardThe Schroedinger-Poisson Selfconsistency in Layered Quantum Semiconductor StructuresPhysics2003-12-25
Mueller, Eric VictorLES Modeling of Flow through Vegetation with Applications to Wildland FiresFire Protection Engineering2012-04-24
MUKHERJI, ABHISHEK SNIF TOOL - Sniffing for Patterns in Continuous StreamsComputer Science2008-01-22
Mulchandani, Mukesh KUpdating XML Views of Relational DataComputer Science2003-04-11
(WPI)Munir, Ahsan Magnetic Nanoparticle Enhanced Actuation Strategy for mixing, separation, and detection of biomolecules in a Microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip SystemChemical Engineering2012-05-14
Muniz, Edwin A Proposed Sustainable Sanitation System for the Zwelitsha section of Langrug Informal Settlement in Stellenbosch Municipality South AfricaCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-05-31
Murphy, Brian ROrder-sensitive XML Query Processing Over Relational SourcesComputer Science2003-04-17
Murphy, Jill E.Determination of Failure Criteria for Electric Cables Exposed to Fire for Use in a Nuclear Power Plant Risk AnalysisFire Protection Engineering2004-01-13
Murphy, Ethan KaneRadial-Basis-Function Neural Network Optimization of Microwave SystemsMathematical Sciences2002-12-13
Murphy, Megan KFibrin Microthreads Promote Stem Cell Growth for Localized Delivery in Regenerative TherapyBiomedical Engineering2008-08-25
Murthy, Vidya Telomerase Activity in Human Umbilical Cord Cell Populations Containing Hematopoietic Stem Cells Biology & Biotechnology2002-04-24

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