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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
SA, QINA Developing the Polarizable Force Field: Focus on Amino Acid Residues Chemistry & Biochemistry2011-09-01
(WPI)Sabonis, Cynthia AnneNumerical Scheme for the Solution to Laplace's Equation using Local Conformal Mapping Techniques Mathematical Sciences2014-05-07
Sader, Roula E.Design-Build in the Commonwealth of MassachusettsCivil & Environmental Engineering2003-04-18
Saha, Deepak De-lubrication during sintering of P/M compacts: Operative mechanism and process control strategyMaterials Science & Engineering2000-12-12
Saha, Deepak Novel Processing Methods and Mechanisms to Control the Cast Microstructure in Al Based Alloys - 390 and Wrought AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2005-03-02
Saif, Sakina AP-1 Is Required For CMX-8933-Induced SOD Upregulation And Is Translocated In Response To A Human EPN MimeticBiology & Biotechnology2004-04-27
Sail, Amit PHardware Implementation of Filtering Based Sidelobe Suppression for Spectrally Agile Multicarrier based Cognitive Radio SystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering2012-10-31
Saini, Alpna An Investigation of the Cause of Leak Formation in Palladium Composite Membranes.Chemical Engineering2006-05-04
Salahshoor Pirsoltan, Hossein Nanoscale structure and mechanical properties of a Soft MaterialCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-05-14
Saleem, Muhammad QaiserHelium Assisted Sand Casting of Aluminum Alloys Manufacturing Engineering2011-04-25
Salehian, Armaghan Identifying the Location of a Sudden Damage in Composite Laminates Using Wavelet ApproachMechanical Engineering2003-06-27
Samant, Gajanan BalkrishnaVerification of the “Energy Accumulation in Waves Travelling through a Checkerboard Dielectric Material Structure in Space-time” Using Spice SimulationsElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-12-16
Samdadia, Viren VIntegration of 3 dimensional parametric building model with geographic information systems in educational facilities planning and managementCivil & Environmental Engineering2004-05-17
Sands, Eric RCloning and Expression of Thermophilic, Mesophilic, and Psychrophilic Zn2+ Transporting ATPasesChemistry & Biochemistry2006-05-03
Sao Pedro, Michael A.Real-time Assessment, Prediction, and Scaffolding of Middle School Students Data Collection Skills within Physical Science SimulationsSocial Science & Policy Studies2013-04-17
Sathaye, Sagar SanjeevLift Distributions On Low Aspect Ratio Wings At Low Reynolds NumbersMechanical Engineering2004-04-13
Saxena, Parmita Src kinase and Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer Biology & Biotechnology2010-05-05
Scarsella, Michael JohnElectromechanical System Integration for a Powered Upper Extremity OrthosisMechanical Engineering2007-04-09
Schaffer, Joseph F.Verification and Adaptation of an Infiltration Model for Water at Various Isothermal Temperature ConditionsCivil & Environmental Engineering1996-05-20
Schifiliti, Robert P.Use of Fire Plume Theory in the Design and Analysis of Fire Detector and Sprinkler ResponseFire Protection Engineering1986-01-10
Schlichting, Christopher CarstenSustaining Lean ImprovementsManufacturing Engineering2009-12-10
Scully, Christopher Detection of Spatial and Temporal Interactions in Renal Autoregulation DynamicsBiomedical Engineering2013-06-07
Seals, Kelly CharlesEnhanced Acquisition Techniques for GPS L1C Receivers Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-03-13
Sebastian, Dalys Development of a Field-Deployable Voice-Controlled Ultrasound Scanner SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-06-07
Sellers, Ana M.Environmental Quality Assessment of Georges Bank for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)Biology & Biotechnology2003-04-22
Serano, Peter JamesDesign of a Multi-Array Radio-Frequency Coil for Interventional MRI of the Female Breast Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-04-16
Seshadri, Mukund Comprehensibility, Overfitting and Co-Evolution in Genetic Programming for Technical Trading RulesComputer Science2003-04-24
Shah, Azuri Investment Analysis: Evaluating the Loss and Risk of a Stocks and Options PortfolioMathematical Sciences2012-04-26
Shakeri, Cirrus Discovery of Design Methodologies for the Integration of Multi-disciplinary Design ProblemsMechanical Engineering1998-11-04
Shang, Hao Exploiting Flow Relationships to Improve the Performance of Distributed ApplicationsComputer Science2006-02-06
Shang, Weijian Teleoperation of MRI-Compatible Robots with Hybrid Actuation and Haptic FeedbackMechanical Engineering2014-12-05
Shappee, Bartlett ATest First Model-Driven DevelopmentComputer Science2012-04-26
Sharma, Sachin Slurry Test Evaluation for In-Situ Remediation of TCE Contaminated AquiferCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-08-15
Sharma, Siddharth Application of Support Vector Machines for Damage Detection in StructuresMechanical Engineering2008-12-16
Shastri, Avani MTopS: Multi-Query Optimization for Continuous Top-K Query Workloads Computer Science2011-05-05
Shazeeb, Mohammed SalmanMRI Contrast Agent Studies of Compartmental Differentiation, Dose-dependence, and Tumor Characterization in the Brain Biomedical Engineering2010-12-12
Shear, Michael AUltrasonic Measurement of Thin Condensing Fluid FilmsElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-04-18
Shen, Gang Bayesian Predictive Inference Under Informative Sampling and TransformationMathematical Sciences2004-04-29
Shen, Tzu-Sheng Building Planning Evaluations for Emergency EvacuationCivil & Environmental Engineering2000-12-18
shen, karl A Preliminary View of Calculating Call Option Prices Utilizing Stochastic Volatility ModelsMathematical Sciences2009-05-05
Shen, Chen Design and Implementation ofElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-12-21
Shen, Chen Risk Management Project Mathematical Sciences2012-04-30
(WPI)Shen, Zhiyuan Phylogenetic Characterization of the Kinesin Superfamily and Functional Analysis of PpKin14-Vs in Physcomitrella patens Biology & Biotechnology2014-01-07
Shepardson, Kevin WDiffusion and Phase Change During Heat Treatment of Ni-B Coatings on SteelMaterials Science & Engineering2008-04-24
Sherwood, Nicholas An IPsec Compatible Implementation of DBRA and IP-ABRElectrical & Computer Engineering2005-04-22
Shetty, Ameesha RMetal Anion Removal from Wastewater Using Chitosan in a Polymer Enhanced Diafiltration SystemBiology & Biotechnology2006-04-11
Shi, Xiaochuan Effect of Electron Bombardment on the Size Distribution of Negatively Charged Droplets Produced by Electrospray Mechanical Engineering2012-01-09
Shinde, Abhijeet DipakA Wavelet Packet Based Sifting Process and Its Application for Structural Health MonitoringMechanical Engineering2004-08-19
(WPI)Shojaeizadeh, Mina An improved approach for cell traction force microscopy using a continuous hydrogelPhysics2013-06-05
Shorrock, Susan M.The Exploration of Tissue pH and its Relationship to Bacterial ContaminationBiomedical Engineering2000-04-26
Shulga, Yelena AModel-based calibration of a non-invasive blood glucose monitorMathematical Sciences2005-12-12
Shutt, John NFexprs as the basis of Lisp function application; or, $vau: the ultimate abstraction Computer Science2010-09-07
Sigdel, Krishna PPhase transition studies of liquid crystal colloids with solvents and nano-solids Physics2011-04-15
Silva, Matthew S.NMR Characterization of Changes in the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient of Water Following Transient Cerebral IschemiaBiomedical Engineering2002-02-26
Silva, Asima Multiple Continuous Query Processing with Relative Window Predicates "Juggler"Computer Science2004-05-03
Silvestri, Chiara Development and Validation of a Knee-Thigh-Hip LSDYNA Model of a 50th Percentile Male.Civil & Environmental Engineering2008-04-24
Simonis, Joseph PA Numerical Study of Globalizations of Newton-GMRES MethodsMathematical Sciences2003-04-30
Simonis, Joseph P.Newton-Picard Gauss-SeidelMathematical Sciences2005-05-13
Simonis, Joseph PInexact Newton Methods Applied to Under-Determined SystemsMathematical Sciences2006-04-25
Singh, Mahim SOFTVIZ... A Step ForwardComputer Science2004-04-27
Singh, Amarjit KumarDevelopment of Computer Aided Heat Treatment Planning System for Quenching & Tempering (CHT – q/t) and Industrial Application of CHT-bf & CHT-cfMechanical Engineering2006-05-01
Sipe, Joel EdwardsDevelopment of an Instrumented Dynamic Mannequin Test to Rate the Protection Provided by Protective ClothingFire Protection Engineering2004-04-29
Sipe, Joel EA Porous Media Model for Sprinkler WettingFire Protection Engineering2010-03-19
Skehan, Daniel PatrickVirtual Training System for Diagnostic UltrasoundElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-10-07
Skjerven, Brian M.A Parallel Implementation of an Agent-Based Brain Tumor Model Mathematical Sciences2007-06-11
Sklyar, Andrey VTesting SPECT Motion Correction Algorithms Computer Science2010-04-28
Skorinko, Jeremy KennethRegional Mechanical Function Changes Remain after Ventricular Pacing Cessation: Evidence of Mechanical Cardiac Memory Biomedical Engineering2010-03-27
Skowyra, Richard WilliamA Centralized Energy Management System for Wireless Sensor NetworksComputer Science2009-03-02
Song, Fei Practical and theoretical applications of the Regularity LemmaComputer Science2013-04-02
Song, Yang Semi-Automatic Registration Utility for MR Brain Imaging of Small AnimalsMechanical Engineering2013-12-09
Songer, Jocelyn EvelynTissue Ischemia Monitoring Using Impedance Spectroscopy: Clinical EvaluationBiomedical Engineering2001-06-22
Soria-Rodriguez, Pedro Multicast-Based Interactive-Group Object-Replication For Fault ToleranceElectrical & Computer Engineering1998-04-28
Soto-Villatoro, Ernesto RSelf-Assembled Monolayers and Multilayers for Molecular Scale Device ApplicationsChemistry & Biochemistry2005-07-25
Spence, Timothy The Effect of Machining Residual Stresses on the Dimensional Stability of Aluminum Alloys used in Optical Systems Materials Science & Engineering2010-04-14
Spetla, Hattie Split Cyclic Analog to Digital Converter Using A Nonlinear Gain StageElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-09-02
Spirkin, Anton MA Three-dimensional Particle-in-Cell Methodology on Unstructured Voronoi Grids with Applications to Plasma MicrodevicesMechanical Engineering2006-01-06
Srivastava, Shweta Look Before You Leap: An Adaptive Processing Strategy For Multi-Criteria Decision Support QueriesComputer Science2011-04-04
St. Rock, Brian EricThermal-Fluid Analysis of a Lithium Vaporizer for a High Power Magnetoplasmadynamic ThrusterMechanical Engineering2006-06-21
Staake, Thorsten RIP Traffic Statistics - A Markovian ApproachElectrical & Computer Engineering2002-04-24
(M)Stanton, Morgan MRegulation of Cell Behavior at the Cell-Surface InterfaceChemistry & Biochemistry2014-05-21
Stechmann, David PaulNumerical Analysis of Transient Teflon Ablation in Pulsed Plasma Thrusters Mechanical Engineering2007-07-03
Steward, Victoria Modeling of a folded spring supporting MEMS gyroscopeMechanical Engineering2003-06-20
Stickney, James ArthurA theoretical analysis of Bose-Einstein condensate based beamsplitters, interferometers, and transistorsPhysics2007-10-11
Stock, Rachel E.DNA Binding Activities in Cerebellar Granule Cell Neurons Recognizing the Promoter for The GABA(A)-alpha6 Receptor SubunitBiology & Biotechnology2002-08-16
Stoecker-Sylvia, Zachary Mining for Frequent Events in Time SeriesComputer Science2004-04-30
Stovall, Elizabeth L.Analysis of mig-10, a Gene Involved in Nervous System Development in Caenorhabditis elegansBiology & Biotechnology2004-04-22
Stovall, Kirk HiattPartial Restoration of Cell Survival By A Human Ependymin Mimetic In An In Vitro Alzheimer's Disease ModelBiology & Biotechnology2006-08-17
Strauss, Joshua Investigating Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides and Interactions with Antimicrobial PeptidesChemical Engineering2009-01-20
Streeter, Matthew JAutomated Discovery of Numerical Approximation Formulae Via Genetic Programming Computer Science2001-04-30
Stroe, Ionel DanielScalable Visual Hierarchy ExplorationComputer Science2000-04-28
Su, Hong Automaton Meet Algebra: A Hybrid Paradigm for Efficiently Processing XQuery over XML StreamComputer Science2006-01-20
Su, Hao Force Sensing and Teleoperation of Continuum Robot for MRI-Guided Surgery Mechanical Engineering2012-12-19
(WPI)Suarez, Matthew The Effect of Membrane Thickness on the Performance of PBI-Based High-Temperature Direct Methanol Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2013-12-20
Sullivan, Michael AlanAn Instrument to Assess Organizational Change Capabilities for E-Business TransformationManagement2000-12-21
Sullivan, John FNetwork Fault Tolerance SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2000-04-28
Sun, Yurong Ultrasound Characterization of Structure and Density of Coral as a Model for Trabecular BoneElectrical & Computer Engineering2000-07-12
Sun, Ning Friction Stir Processing of Aluminum AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2009-04-28
Sun, Xihao Pricing Options with Monte Carlo and Binomial Tree Methods Mathematical Sciences2011-05-04
Sutherland, Timothy MichaelD-CAPE: A Self-Tuning Continuous Query Plan Distribution ArchitectureComputer Science2004-04-29
Sutherland, Erika SusanneAnalysis of the performance and stability of a passive recirculation loop for hydrogen delivery to a PEM fuel cell systemMechanical Engineering2011-04-15
Swana, Jeffrey RossConstruction and Analysis of a Modified Yeast Strain for Next Generation Biofuel ProductionBiology & Biotechnology2012-11-29
Swar, Pranay POn the Performance of In-Body RF Localization Techniques Electrical & Computer Engineering2012-06-01
Swathanthira Kumar, Murali Murugavel ManjakkattuvalasuImplementation of an Actuator Placement, Switching Algorithm for Active Vibration Control in Flexible StructuresMechanical Engineering2002-09-13
Swathanthira Kumar, Murali Murugavel MMagnetic Resonance Image segmentation using Pulse Coupled Neural Networks Mechanical Engineering2009-05-05
Sweeney, Robert JohnStatic H-infinity Control of a Cantilevered Beam Using an Analytical Upper Bound ApproachMechanical Engineering2005-04-08
Symeonidis, Kimon The Controlled Diffusion Solidification Process: Fundamentals and Principles Mechanical Engineering2009-04-27

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