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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Vader, Ranjeet DDevelopment of Computer Aided Heat Treatment Planning System (CAHTPS)Manufacturing Engineering2002-06-12
Vaidya, Rohit SubhashExperimental Testing of a Computer Aided Heat Treatment Planning SystemMechanical Engineering2003-08-26
Vail, Daniel RobertArtemisinin Biosynthesis: Developmental and Sugar Regulation of mRNA LevelsBiology & Biotechnology2008-05-13
Vaitkunas, Katrina EmileeThe Genetics of TCV ResistanceChemistry & Biochemistry2003-04-28
Vanslette, Kevin MTheoretical Study of Variable Measurement Uncertainty h_I and Infinite Unobservable EntropyPhysics2013-04-19
Varde, Aparna SGraphical Data Mining for Computational Estimation in Materials Science ApplicationsComputer Science2006-08-15
Varshney, Vivek CSource Localization via Near Field Signal Processing Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-02-06
Vasudevan, Shanthi Simultaneous Measurement of Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide Saturation using Pulse OximetersBiomedical Engineering2011-04-22
Ved, Hetal RA Computer-Based Cascaded Modeling and Experimental Approach to the Physical Characterization of a Clinical Full-Field Mammography SystemBiomedical Engineering2002-09-09
Vedagiri Seenivasan, Thangam CStream: Neighborhood Bandwidth Aggregation For Better Video Streaming Computer Science2010-05-18
Vedantham, Srinivasan Design and Characterization of a High-resolution Cardiovascular ImagerBiomedical Engineering2002-06-03
Velamala, Harika Filter Bank Multicarrier Modulation for Spectrally Agile Waveform DesignElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-24
Velo, Ani P.Optimal Design of Gradient Fields with Applications to ElectrostaticsMathematical Sciences2000-04-21
Venkatachari, Badrinath Better Admission Control and Disk Scheduling for Multimedia ApplicationsComputer Science2002-05-01
Venkatraman, Rajagopal Role of design service firms in product innovation Management2006-01-05
Verlinden, Nicholas H. P.The Excited State Absorption Cross Section of Neodymium-doped Silica Glass Fiber in the 1200-1500 nm Wavelength Range Physics2008-07-25
Veselinov, Roman NikolovFormalization and Verification of Rewriting-Based Security Polices Computer Science2008-05-05
Victor, Sundar K.Negotiation Between Distributed Agents in a Concurrent Engineering SystemComputer Science1993-08-05
Vilekar, Saurabh A.Catalytic and Electrocatalytic Pathways in Fuel Cells Chemical Engineering2010-04-29
Volfson, Alexander Exploring the optimal Transformation for VolatilityMathematical Sciences2010-04-29
Vollaro, Cindy M.Definition of a Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Epitope of the Sin Nombre Hantavirus G2 GlycoproteinBiology & Biotechnology1999-05-05
Votruba, Michael JulianOzonation of Tris-2-Chloroethyl Phosphate (TCEP) in WaterCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-05-28
Vuta, Ravi KNumerical Simulation of Moving Boundary ProblemMechanical Engineering2007-04-30

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