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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Wad, Charudatta VQoS: Quality Driven Data Abstraction for Large Databases Computer Science2008-02-05
Waegell, Mordecai Nonclassical Structures within the N-qubit Pauli Group Physics2013-04-25
Waldron, Isaac JamesRing Resonator Method for Dielectric Permittivity Measurements of FoamsElectrical & Computer Engineering2006-05-03
Walonoski, Jason AVisual Feedback for Gaming Prevention in Intelligent Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2005-12-02
Walsh, Jami BethA Feasibility Study of Bioremediation in a Highly Organic Contaminated SoilCivil & Environmental Engineering1999-05-04
Walsh, Timothy A.Dimensional Stacking in Three DimensionsComputer Science2007-12-15
Walvick, Ronn PMagnetic Resonance Imaging of Neural and Pulmonary Vascular FunctionBiomedical Engineering2010-09-01
WAN, Li Modeling and Optimal Design of Annular Array Based Ultrasound Pulse-Echo SystemElectrical & Computer Engineering2001-04-03
Wang, Xiaoning A Modular Model Checking Algorithm for Cyclic Feature CompositionsComputer Science2005-01-11
Wang, Ling Updating XML ViewsComputer Science2006-08-08
Wang, Song State-Slice: A New Stream Query Optimization Paradigm for Multi-query and Distributed ProcessingComputer Science2008-03-17
wang, yubing Modeling and Evaluating Feedback-Based Error Control for Video TransferComputer Science2008-08-27
WANG, YI Sugar Control of Artemisinin ProductionBiology & Biotechnology2006-05-02
Wang, Xiaolan The Effects of Rust on the Gas Carburization of AISI 8620 SteelMaterials Science & Engineering2008-07-30
Wang, Di Query Optimization for Database Federation SystemsComputer Science2009-04-30
Wang, Yi MRI-Compatible Pneumatic Actuation Control Algorithm Evaluation and Test System DevelopmentMechanical Engineering2010-09-17
Wang, Yue Decision-Making for Search and Classification using Multiple Autonomous Vehicles over Large-Scale Domains Mechanical Engineering2011-03-28
Wang, Junxiong Option Pricing Using Monte Carlo Methods Mathematical Sciences2011-05-04
Wang, Jia Isometric versus Elastic Surfboard Interfaces for 3D Travel in Virtual Reality Computer Science2011-05-03
wang, menglin Building Information Modeling (BIM): Site-Building Interoperability MethodsCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-09-08
Wang, Xiaolan Activated atmosphere case hardening of steelsMaterials Science & Engineering2011-07-07
Wang, Mianzhi Numerical Analysis of Transient Teflon Ablation with a Domain Decomposition Finite Volume Implicit Method on Unstructured GridsMechanical Engineering2012-04-20
Wang, Qiansi The Real Estate Market in China:Features, Opportunities and Barriers to U.S. Investors Civil & Environmental Engineering2012-04-30
Wang, Kefei Parameter Estimation of a High Frequency Cascode Low Noise Amplifier Model Electrical & Computer Engineering2012-10-05
Wang, Yao Structural and Functional Connectivity Analyses of Rat Brains Based on fMRI ExperimentsMechanical Engineering2012-11-07
Wang, Di Extending Complex Event Processing for Advanced Applications Computer Science2013-04-30
Wang, Zhe The Correlation between the Penetration Force of Cutting Fluid and Machining StabilityManufacturing Engineering2010-05-18
Wang, Le Detection of Man-in-the-middle Attacks Using Physical Layer Wireless Security TechniquesElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-07-22
(WPI)Wang, Jiayuan Scalable Multi-Parameter Outlier Detection TechnologyComputer Science2013-12-13
Wang, Wei Accelerating Cryptosystems on Hardware Platforms Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-01-26
Wang, Jie Incorporating survey weights into logistic regression modelsMathematical Sciences2013-04-22
Wang, Shiwei Motion Control for Intelligent Ground Vehicles Based on the Selection of Paths Using Fuzzy Inference Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-05-04
Wanichacheva, Nantanit Design and Synthesis of Ionophores and Fluoroionophores for the Detection of Lithium and Ammoniums ionsChemistry & Biochemistry2006-12-01
Warke, Rajas VActivation of TNF alpha, IL1-beta and Type-i IFn Pathways in human umbilical vein endothelial cells During Dengue 2 Virus InfectionBiology & Biotechnology2002-04-22
Warke, Virendra S.Removal of Hydrogen and Solid Particles from Molten Aluminum Alloys in the Rotating Impeller Degasser: Mathematical Models and Computer SimulationsMaterials Science & Engineering2003-06-02
Warke, Virendra SPredicting the Response of Powder Metallurgy Steel Components to Heat Treatment. Materials Science & Engineering2008-07-21
Warren, Amy HMale Dominance and Sexual Selection in the Crayfish Orconectes quinebaugensisBiology & Biotechnology2009-04-17
Wasyk, Rebecca DawnNumerical Solution of a Transmission Problem with Prefractal InterfaceMathematical Sciences2007-10-26
Waterman, Kellie LynneInteraction of Gold Nanoparticles with a Supported Lipid Bilayer Using Quartz Crystal Microblance with DissipationChemical Engineering2013-04-25
Webb, Alex KFDS Modelling of Hot Smoke Testing, Cinema and Airport ConcourseFire Protection Engineering2006-12-06
Weber, Francis JUltrasonic Beam Propagation in Turbulent FlowMechanical Engineering2003-12-16
Wei, Mingrui Multi-Mode Stream Processing For Hopping Window QueriesComputer Science2008-05-05
Wei, Mingzhu Continuously Providing Approximate Results under Limited Resources: Load Shedding and Spilling in XML StreamsComputer Science2011-11-15
Wei, Yingying Simulation, optimization and development of thermo-chemical diffusion processes Materials Science & Engineering2013-04-10
Weimerskirch, Andre The Application of the Mordell-Weil Group to Cryptographic SystemsComputer Science2001-04-19
Weir, Jennifer AnneActive Learning in Transportation Engineering EducationCivil & Environmental Engineering2004-12-16
Wellen, Jeremy W.Characterization of soft-tissue response to mechanical loading using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of neuronal activity during sustained cognitive-stimulus paradigmsBiomedical Engineering2003-04-25
Weller, Marc FAdvanced Oxidation Treatment for Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, and Naproxen in Water and Method for Determining Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, and Naproxen Concentration using LLE-GC-FIDCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-01-10
Wen, Huajing Removal of estrone from water with adsorption and UV PhotolysisCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-04-28
White, Leo JAn Approximate Analytical Model for the Discharge Performance of a Primary Zinc/Air CellChemical Engineering2005-01-12
White, Rachael AAsymmetric Synthesis of ProstaglandinsChemistry & Biochemistry2005-05-05
Whitney, Justin DThe Wisdom of Crowds as a Model for Trust and Security in Peer GroupsComputer Science2005-09-26
Whorton, Skyler Can a computer adaptive assessment system determine, better than traditional methods, whether students know mathematics skills?Computer Science2013-04-19
Wilson, Christopher GModeling the Dynamic Composition of Engineered CartilageBiomedical Engineering2002-01-18
Wisely Babu, Benzun PiousVisual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for a tree climbing robotRobotics Engineering2013-09-12
Wixon, Michael Detecting students who are conducting inquiry Without Thinking Fastidiously (WTF) in the Context of Microworld Learning EnvironmentsSocial Science & Policy Studies2013-04-24
Wojcik, Stefanie EEffects of Internal Waves and Turbulent Fluctuations on Underwater Acoustic PropagationPhysics2006-03-03
Wolf, Diana Holmes Pricing American Options on Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds in the Binomial Pricing ModelMathematical Sciences2011-05-04
Wollinger, Thomas JosefComputer Architectures for Cryptosystems Based on Hyperelliptic CurvesElectrical & Computer Engineering2001-05-01
Wong, Kar Yee Karen Ultrasound as a Sole or Synergistic Disinfectant in Drinking WaterCivil & Environmental Engineering2002-12-18
Wong, Lak Kin Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis on the Liquid Piston Gas CompressionMechanical Engineering2011-11-09
Wong, William Chiu-KitCFD Flame Spread Model Validation: Multi-Component Data Set FrameworkFire Protection Engineering2012-06-07
Woodacre, Benjamin WGeometric Autoconfiguration for Precision Personnel LocationElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-05-07
Woodbury, Adam DEfficient Algorithms for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems on Embedded SystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering2001-09-07
Woodward, Andrew BruceFire Scenarios for an Improved Fabric Flammability TestFire Protection Engineering2003-04-24
Woodward, Heather KathleenA Performance Based, Multi-process Cost Model For Solid Oxide Fuel CellsMaterials Science & Engineering2003-04-08
Worsman, Ryan An Evaluation of the Potential of Geosynthetic Reinforced Chip Seals to Reduce Asphalt Pavement TemperaturesCivil & Environmental Engineering2014-04-22
Wright, Mark T.Flame Spread on Composite Materials for use in High Speed CraftFire Protection Engineering1999-08-30
Wu, Qinxin Study of Hot Tearing in Cast and Wrought Aluminum AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2012-04-23
Wu, Huahui ARMOR - Adjusting Repair and Media Scaling with Operations Research for Streaming VideoComputer Science2006-05-04
Wu, Fan Ubiquitous Scalable Graphics: An End-to-End Framework using WaveletsComputer Science2008-11-19
wu, chang-kai Evaluation of Distortion and Residual Stresses Caused by Heat Treatment of Cast Aluminum Alloy ComponentsMaterials Science & Engineering2009-04-24
Wu, Chang Kai Predicting the Response of Aluminum Casting Alloys to Heat Treatment Materials Science & Engineering2012-04-15

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