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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Yan, Fu Computational Modeling of Oxygen Consumption in the Heart Based on PET MeasurementsMathematical Sciences2003-04-30
Yan, Lu Risk Management Project Mathematical Sciences2012-04-30
Yan, Shi Strengthening Aluminum By Zirconium and Chromium Materials Science & Engineering2013-01-02
Yang, Jing Visual Hierarchical Dimension ReductionComputer Science2001-11-29
Yang, Ying Mechanism of Metal delivery and binding to transport sites of Cu+-transporting ATPasesChemistry & Biochemistry2005-05-04
Yang, Jing A General Framework for Multi-Resolution VisualizationComputer Science2005-04-25
Yang, Yihong Integrated Quality Control Planning in Computer-Aided Manufacturing PlanningManufacturing Engineering2007-03-07
Yang, Di Analysis Guided Visual Exploration of Multivariate DataComputer Science2007-04-26
Yang, Shoushen An Investigation of Modular Dependencies in Aspects, Features and Classes Computer Science2007-06-01
Yang, Jie Energy Efficient Cooperative Communication Electrical & Computer Engineering2009-03-13
Yang, Zhenyu Network Coding in Multihop Wireless Networks: Throughput Analysis and Protocol DesignElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-04-25
Yang, Di Mining and Managing Neighbor-Based Patterns in Data Streams Computer Science2012-01-06
Yang, Bufan Assessment of cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN) in Type I diabetic miceBiomedical Engineering2011-09-16
Yang, Mei Nitriding – fundamentals, modeling and process optimizationMaterials Science & Engineering2012-04-17
(M)Yang, Li A Goodness-of-fit Association Test for Whole Genome Sequencing Data Mathematical Sciences2013-04-29
(WPI)Yang, Jun A Smoothed Dissipative Particle Dynamics Methodology For Wall-Bounded Domains Mechanical Engineering2013-04-29
Yang, Chenguang Security in Voice Authentication Electrical & Computer Engineering2014-03-27
Yanson, Logan MEffects of Liquid Superheat on Droplet Disruption in a Supersonic StreamMechanical Engineering2005-03-18
Yao, Suqin Computer-Aided Manufacturing Planning (CAMP)of Mass Customization for Non-rotational Part ProductionManufacturing Engineering2003-12-05
Yao, Yuanbin GPU Based Real-Time Trinocular StereovisionElectrical & Computer Engineering2012-08-15
(WPI)Yao, Yuqin Synthesis, processing and applications of carbonaceous nanomaterialsMaterials Science & Engineering2013-07-24
Yavuz, Mustafa SelmanSynthesis of an Ammonium Ion-selective FluoroionophoreChemistry & Biochemistry2003-05-01
Yazaydin, Ahmet OzgurMolecular Simulation of the Adsorption of Organics From Water Chemical Engineering2007-02-23
Ye, Yunxing Sensitivity Analysis for Measurements of Multipath Parameters Pertinent to TOA based Indoor GeolocationElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-02-20
Ye, Yunxing Bounds on RF cooperative localization for video capsule endoscopyElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-04-24
Yigit, Mehmet VeyselDesign of open hydrogen-bonded frameworks using bis(imidazolium 2,4,6-pyridinetricarboxylate)metal complexes as secondary building unitsChemistry & Biochemistry2003-05-12
Ying, Min A Soft-Body Interconnect For Self-Reconfigurable Modular RobotsMechanical Engineering2014-04-08
Yoo, Daniel Alchemy: Transmuting Base Specifications into ImplementationsComputer Science2009-02-05
Yoo, Daniel Building Web Based Programming Environments for Functional ProgrammingComputer Science2012-02-24
Youngsma, Katiegrace Development of a Model and Simulation Framework for a Modular Robotic LegRobotics Engineering2012-06-06
Yu, Hongliang Automatic Rigid and Deformable Medical Image RegistrationMechanical Engineering2005-05-04
Yu, Hao Processing Routes for Aluminum based Nano-Composites Materials Science & Engineering2010-04-22
Yu, Shucheng Data Sharing on Untrusted Storage with Attribute-Based EncryptionElectrical & Computer Engineering2010-07-12
Yu, Wenqing Development of Electrolyte Support for Intermediate Temperature Molten Salt Fuel CellChemical Engineering2009-12-08
Yuan, Jiankun Circulation Methods in Unsteady and Three-dimensional FlowsMechanical Engineering2002-03-22
Yuan, Zhou Sidelobe Suppression and Agile Transmission Techniques for Multicarrier-based Cognitive Radio SystemsElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-04-29
Yuksel, Kaan Universal Hashing for Ultra-Low-Power Cryptographic Hardware ApplicationsElectrical & Computer Engineering2004-04-29
Yun, Meijiang C. elegans MAP Kinase Mutants Show Enhanced Susceptibility to Infection by the Yeast S. cerevisiaeBiology & Biotechnology2010-05-12

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