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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Abu-Lail, Nehal IbrahimThe Effect of Biopolymer Properties on Bacterial Adhesion: an Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) StudyChemical Engineering2003-09-12
Ada, Sena Investigating the Adhesive Strength and Morphology of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers by Atomic Force MicroscopyChemical Engineering2010-08-25
Akis, B. Ceylan Preparation of Pd-Ag/PSS Composite Membranes for Hydrogen SeparationChemical Engineering2003-10-07
Al Ananzeh, Nada Oxidation Processes: Experimental Study and Theoretical InvestigationsChemical Engineering2004-04-27
Allain, Florent Evaluation of the Classical Reaction Engineering models in terms of mass transport and reaction rate distribution for low tube-to-particle diameter ratio beds.Chemical Engineering2011-04-26
Arora, Bhupinder SDetection of polysaccharides on a bacterial cell surface using Atomic Force MicroscopyChemical Engineering2003-08-26
Atabek, Arzu Investigating Bacterial Outer Membrane Polymers and Bacterial Interactions with Organic Molecules Using Atomic Force MicroscopyChemical Engineering2006-08-22
Augustine, Alexander SullivanSupported Pd and Pd/Alloy Membranes for Water-Gas Shift Catalytic Membrane Reactors Chemical Engineering2013-04-08
Ayturk, Mahmut Engin Synthesis, Annealing Strategies and in-situ Characterization of Thermally Stable Composite Thin Pd/Ag Alloy Membranes for Hydrogen Separation Chemical Engineering2007-04-24
Behnam, Mohsen CFD simulation and experiment of catalyst deactivation and heat transfer in a low N fixed-bed reactor Chemical Engineering2011-12-14
Bhandari, Rajkumar msThe synthesis of Pd-Ag composite membranes for H2 separation using electroless plating methodChemical Engineering2009-11-24
Butland, Tricia DorothyAdsorption Removal of Tertiary Butyl Alcohol from Wastewater by ZeoliteChemical Engineering2008-04-29
Callaghan, Caitlin A.Kinetics and Catalysis of the Water-Gas-Shift Reaction: A Microkinetic and Graph Theoretic ApproachChemical Engineering2006-05-04
Cao, Liming Protein Separation with Ion-exchange Membrane ChromatographyChemical Engineering2005-05-04
Carleen, Bradford JHydrothermal Synthesis Process for the Production of Silicalite-1 Crystal Aggregate Packing ParticlesChemical Engineering2010-01-26
Chen, Nan Kinetics of the Hydrodechlorination Reaction of Chlorinated Compounds on Palladium CatalystsChemical Engineering2003-08-25
Chen, Chao-Huang Sulfur tolerance of Pd/Au alloy membranes for hydrogen separation from coal gasChemical Engineering2011-09-13
Choi, Pyoungho Investigation of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Proton-Exchange Membranes in Fuel Cell ApplicationsChemical Engineering2004-04-29
Coignet, Philippe Transport-reaction Modeling of the Impedance Response of a Fuel CellChemical Engineering2004-05-26
Courtois, Julien Iridium-based bimetallic alloy catalysts for the ethanol oxidation reaction for fuel cells modeled by density functional theoryChemical Engineering2013-04-25
Dahlgren, Eric DSmall Angle Light Scattering Analysis of TissueChemical Engineering2001-01-01
Emerson, Sean ChristianSynthesis of Nanometer-size Inorganic Materials for the Examination of Particle Size Effects on Heterogeneous CatalysisChemical Engineering2000-04-28
Emerson, Ray JenkinsMicrobial Adhesion to Medical Implant Materials: An Atomic Force Microscopy StudyChemical Engineering2003-12-16
Emerson, Ray JenkinsA Nanoscale Investigation of Pathogenic Microbial Adhesion in Biomaterial SystemsChemical Engineering2006-04-05
Eyries, Pascal A Dynamic Distributed-parameter Modeling Approach for Performance Monitoring of Oral Drug Delivery SystemsChemical Engineering2003-02-10
Fleys, Matthieu SimonWater Behavior in hydrophobic porous materials. Comparison between Silicalite and Dealuminated Zeolite Y by Molecular Dynamic Simulations.Chemical Engineering2004-01-15
Gabry, Thomas Jacques AndreSimulation of the diffusion of endocrine disrupting compounds in silicalite by molecular dynamicsChemical Engineering2012-04-26
Garcia, Juan CCatalysis and Photocatalysis over TiO2 Surfaces Detailed from First PrinciplesChemical Engineering2014-08-18
Guazzone, Federico Engineering of Substrate Surface for the synthesis of Ultra-Thin Composite Pd and Pd-Cu Membranes for H2 SeparationChemical Engineering2005-12-15
Gupta, Anju RInvestigation of Neuronal Affinity to Photoresist Derived Carbon: Study of Diferentiation and m-RNA Expression in PC-12 Cells Chemical Engineering2007-05-09
Hacquard, Alexandre Improving and Understanding Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) PerformanceChemical Engineering2005-05-05
Hacquard, Alexandre Improving and Understanding Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) PerformanceChemical Engineering2005-05-05
Han, Jinyi Kinetic and Morphological Studies of Pd Oxidation in O2-CH4 mixturesChemical Engineering2004-04-27
Huynh, Nguyen Digital Control and Monitoring Methods for Nonlinear ProcessesChemical Engineering2006-08-09
Jalani, Nikhil H.Development of Nanocomposite Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Higher Temperature PEM Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2006-03-01
Kamaloo, Elaheh Molecular Modeling of Adsorbed NDMA in MFI ZeolitesChemical Engineering2013-04-25
(WPI)Knox, Daniel Performance Characteristics of PBI-based High Temperature Direct Methanol Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2012-08-22
Koc, Reyyan Technical and Economic Performance Assessment of Pd/Alloy Membrane Reactor Technology Options in the Presence of Uncertainty Chemical Engineering2012-04-09
Konde, Spence MartinDevelopment of an Intermediate Temperature Molten Salt Fuel CellChemical Engineering2009-01-22
Kotdawala, Rasesh RAdsorption Studies of Hazardous Air Pollutants in Microporous Adsorbents using Statistical Mechanical and Molecular Simulation Techniques Chemical Engineering2007-05-04
Leising, Sophie Nonlinear controller synthesis for complex chemical and biochemical reaction systemsChemical Engineering2005-05-02
Leising, Guillaume M.Radial heat transfer studies in low tube to particle diameter ratio fixed bed reactorsChemical Engineering2005-05-02
Lemoine, Gaetan Comparison of different types of Zeolites used as Solid Acid Catalysts in the Transesterification reaction of Jatropha-type oil for Biodiesel productionChemical Engineering2013-04-25
Liu, James Kinetics, catalysis and mechanism of methane steam reformingChemical Engineering2007-01-12
Liu, Yatao Fundamental Investigation of Biological Interactions for Applications in Infection Prevention and Biomaterial Development Chemical Engineering2008-09-12
Medhekar, Vinay ShantaramModeling and Simulation of Oxidative Degradation of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)Chemical Engineering2001-08-28
Medhekar, Vinay SGrowth of Carbon Nanotubes on Model and Supported CatalystsChemical Engineering2004-08-09
(WPI)Munir, Ahsan Magnetic Nanoparticle Enhanced Actuation Strategy for mixing, separation, and detection of biomolecules in a Microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip SystemChemical Engineering2012-05-14
Nijemeisland, Michiel Verification Studies of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Fixed Bed Heat TransferChemical Engineering2000-04-12
Nijemeisland, Michiel Influences of catalyst particle geometry on fixed bed reactor near-wall heat transfer using CFDChemical Engineering2003-01-28
Okano, Terumi High Temperature Mercury Oxidation Kinetics via Bromine MechanismsChemical Engineering2008-12-16
Paci, Paolo Monitoring Vapor Phase Concentration in Supersonic FlowsChemical Engineering2003-02-04
Pascault, Jean-Roland EricA Finite Element Study of the DNA Hybridization Kinetics on the Surface of Microfluidic Devices Chemical Engineering2007-05-01
Ramat, Fabien MProtein purification using expanded bed chromatographyChemical Engineering2003-09-01
Roberts, Andrew TAerosol Delivery of Mammalian Cells for Tissue EngineeringChemical Engineering2003-01-21
ROUX, Jean-Francois Membrane Reactor Modeling for Hydrogen Production through Methane Steam ReformingChemical Engineering2011-04-28
Saini, Alpna An Investigation of the Cause of Leak Formation in Palladium Composite Membranes.Chemical Engineering2006-05-04
Strauss, Joshua Investigating Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides and Interactions with Antimicrobial PeptidesChemical Engineering2009-01-20
(WPI)Suarez, Matthew The Effect of Membrane Thickness on the Performance of PBI-Based High-Temperature Direct Methanol Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2013-12-20
Tao, Yuanyuan Effects of Cranberry Juice Cocktail on Surface Adhesion and Biofilm Formation of Uropathogenic BacteriaChemical Engineering2010-12-20
Taskin, Ertan M.CFD simulation of transport and reaction in cylindrical catalyst particlesChemical Engineering2007-08-08
Thampan, Tony MathewDesign and Development of Higher Temperature Membranes for PEM Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2003-05-19
Troupel, Alexandre CFD study of the intra and inter particles transport phenomena in a fixed-bed reactorChemical Engineering2009-05-28
Urban, David RaymondA Kinetic Investigation of As and Se Speciation within Coal Combustion Flue Gases using ab initio MethodsChemical Engineering2006-04-28
Vilekar, Saurabh A.Catalytic and Electrocatalytic Pathways in Fuel Cells Chemical Engineering2010-04-29
Waterman, Kellie LynneInteraction of Gold Nanoparticles with a Supported Lipid Bilayer Using Quartz Crystal Microblance with DissipationChemical Engineering2013-04-25
White, Leo JAn Approximate Analytical Model for the Discharge Performance of a Primary Zinc/Air CellChemical Engineering2005-01-12
Yazaydin, Ahmet OzgurMolecular Simulation of the Adsorption of Organics From Water Chemical Engineering2007-02-23
Yu, Wenqing Development of Electrolyte Support for Intermediate Temperature Molten Salt Fuel CellChemical Engineering2009-12-08
Zhang, Yuxian Investigating the inhibitory effects of cranberry juice metabolites on uropathogenic Escherichia coli for the prevention of urinary tract infections Chemical Engineering2011-08-21
Zhang, Jingxin Investigation of CO Tolerance in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellsChemical Engineering2004-06-18
Zhu, Guanghui Kinetics of Complete Methane Oxidation on Palladium Model CatalystsChemical Engineering2004-01-22
Adilov, Salimgrey Design of Porphyrin Solids: Zn•••NO2 Recognition, Multi-Step Single Crystal to Single Crystal Transformations and Cofacial DimersChemistry & Biochemistry2008-07-08
Ananthakrishnan, Shilpa P-type ATPases in Mycobacterium tuberculosisChemistry & Biochemistry2009-06-19
Avalos, Ana MHMA1 and HMA6 are essential components of metal homeostasis in Arabidopsis thalianaChemistry & Biochemistry2004-05-03
Benco, John SSinglet-Singlet and Triplet-Triplet Energy Transfer in Polychromophoric PeptidesChemistry & Biochemistry2000-05-03
Benco, John SThe Rational Design and Synthesis of Ionophores and Fluoroionophores for the Selective Detection of Monovalent CationsChemistry & Biochemistry2003-04-07
Biyikli, Kasim Nucleation and Growth of Crystals of Pharmaceuticals on Functionalized SurfacesChemistry & Biochemistry2005-05-16
Bryan, Erin EExpression of Class I Histone Deacetylases in Insect CellsChemistry & Biochemistry2006-05-03
Casey, Ryan EdwardMouse strain-specific splicing of Apobec3Chemistry & Biochemistry2006-09-08
Changtong, Chuchawin Synthesis and Photochemistry of Phenyl Subtituted-1,2,4-Thiadiazoles; 15N-Labeling StudiesChemistry & Biochemistry2005-04-29
Christopher, Stephen JamesPlant-Pathogen Interactions: Turnip Crinkle Virus Suppression of the Hypersensitive Response in Arabidopsis thalianaChemistry & Biochemistry2003-04-02
Collins, Jessica M. FixI and FixI2: Homologous proteins with unique functions in Sinorhizobium melilotiChemistry & Biochemistry2014-01-08
Cooper, Christopher G. F.Self-Assembled Systems for Molecular Device ApplicationsChemistry & Biochemistry2004-04-05
Cox, Jason RControlling the Polymorphism of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with Two-Dimensional TemplatesChemistry & Biochemistry2009-04-27
Dabros, Marta Pharmaceutical Polymorphs, Cocrystals and Solid SolutionsChemistry & Biochemistry2009-01-15
Dennen, Katherine FayeSynthesis of Ammonium, Sodium, and Potassium FluoroionohporesChemistry & Biochemistry2002-08-19
Driscoll, Peter FBioanalytical Applications of Chemically Modified Surfaces Chemistry & Biochemistry2009-12-21
Emery, Paul RalphMulticomponent Cocrystals and Solid Solutions based on a Two-Point Hydrogen Bond Synthon Chemistry & Biochemistry2009-01-16
Eren, Elif HMA2. A Transmembrane Zn2+ Transporting ATPase from Arabidopsis thalianaChemistry & Biochemistry2007-01-05
ERVITHAYASUPORN, VUTHICHAI Synthesis and Photochemistry of Pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazolesChemistry & Biochemistry2006-04-20
Ferguson, David CIntramolecular Energy Transfer in Polychromophores that Utilize Peptide Bridging GroupsChemistry & Biochemistry2000-04-26
Gokcen, Taner Molecular Engineering of Trigonal Octupolar Materials Based on 2,4,6-Diarylamino-1,3,5-TriazinesChemistry & Biochemistry2005-08-24
Guerrier, Jeanniffer SabrinaStructural-Functional studies of A. fulgidus CopZ Cu+ Chemistry & Biochemistry2009-05-06
Guler, Mustafa OzgurSinglet-Singlet and Triplet-Triplet Energy Transfer in Bichromophoric Cyclic PeptidesChemistry & Biochemistry2002-04-30
Guler, Emine Two Wavelength High Intensity Irradiation for Effective Crosslinking of DNA to ProteinChemistry & Biochemistry2004-04-01
Gurses, Serdar AbidinRole of HFR1 in Shade Avoidance and Phytochrome A SignalingChemistry & Biochemistry2004-01-13
Hong, Deli The ligand dependent interactions between cytoplasmic domains in Cu+ transporter, Archaeoglobus fulgidus Chemistry & Biochemistry2009-05-06
Hu, Moqing Design, synthesis and Applications of Metal Organic Framework Chemistry & Biochemistry2011-09-02
(WPI)Huang, Fei Electrophysiological Studies of a Retinal Prosthetic PrototypeChemistry & Biochemistry2012-09-26
Jyoti, Jyoti Turnip crinkle virus Coat Protein Suppresses the Hypersensitive Response in PlantsChemistry & Biochemistry2007-01-03
(WPI)Kocabas, Evren Atypical P-type ATPases, CtpE and CtpF from Mycobacteria tuberculosis Chemistry & Biochemistry2013-04-17
Koppetsch, Karsten J.Photodegradation of Organic Photochromic Dyes Incorporated in Ormosil MatricesChemistry & Biochemistry2000-05-03
Laohhasurayotin, Somchoke Vapor phase photochemistry of cyanopyridines and pyridine. Deuterium labeling studiesChemistry & Biochemistry2005-04-28
Lee, Lisa SDesign of porous solids from 2-D and 3-D coordination frameworks utilizing imidazolylbenzoic acids and estersChemistry & Biochemistry2008-08-07
Mahadevan, Geetha B.Viral Suppression of Host DefensesChemistry & Biochemistry2004-05-07
Mana Capelli, Sebastian C.CopB from Archaeoglobus fulgidus: a thermophilic Cu2+ transporting CPx-ATPaseChemistry & Biochemistry2000-04-25
Milkani, Eftim Modification of Surfaces for Biological ApplicationsChemistry & Biochemistry2010-03-26
Navare, Pranoti Resolution of pharmaceuticals via crystallization on chemically modified surfacesChemistry & Biochemistry2012-05-24
(WPI)Nguyen, Tuong-Vi TInvestigating the properties of the ZIP4 M3M4 domain in the presence and absence of zincChemistry & Biochemistry2011-05-05
Nowak, Cheryl LDesign, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Bicyclic Peptides as Ammonium IonophoresChemistry & Biochemistry2003-04-30
Orofino, Maria JHeavy Metal ATPases from Archaeabacteria to PlantsChemistry & Biochemistry2006-05-03
Pan, Jinhong Synthesis of Fmoc-3-(N-ethyl-3-carbazolyl)-L-alanine and Its Incorporation into a Cyclic PeptideChemistry & Biochemistry2001-05-02
Purohit, Nipa SNon-covalent Assembly of Reversible Photoswitchable SurfacesChemistry & Biochemistry2005-05-11
SA, QINA Developing the Polarizable Force Field: Focus on Amino Acid Residues Chemistry & Biochemistry2011-09-01
Sands, Eric RCloning and Expression of Thermophilic, Mesophilic, and Psychrophilic Zn2+ Transporting ATPasesChemistry & Biochemistry2006-05-03
Soto-Villatoro, Ernesto RSelf-Assembled Monolayers and Multilayers for Molecular Scale Device ApplicationsChemistry & Biochemistry2005-07-25
(M)Stanton, Morgan MRegulation of Cell Behavior at the Cell-Surface InterfaceChemistry & Biochemistry2014-05-21
Ucak-Astarlioglu, Mine GunesThe Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy of Diarylidene-Cycloalkanones and Their Protonated CationsChemistry & Biochemistry2003-04-25
Vaitkunas, Katrina EmileeThe Genetics of TCV ResistanceChemistry & Biochemistry2003-04-28
Wanichacheva, Nantanit Design and Synthesis of Ionophores and Fluoroionophores for the Detection of Lithium and Ammoniums ionsChemistry & Biochemistry2006-12-01
White, Rachael AAsymmetric Synthesis of ProstaglandinsChemistry & Biochemistry2005-05-05
Yang, Ying Mechanism of Metal delivery and binding to transport sites of Cu+-transporting ATPasesChemistry & Biochemistry2005-05-04
Yavuz, Mustafa SelmanSynthesis of an Ammonium Ion-selective FluoroionophoreChemistry & Biochemistry2003-05-01
Yigit, Mehmet VeyselDesign of open hydrogen-bonded frameworks using bis(imidazolium 2,4,6-pyridinetricarboxylate)metal complexes as secondary building unitsChemistry & Biochemistry2003-05-12
Zhan, Ye Molecular Analysis of Turnip Crinkle Virus Coat Protein MutationsChemistry & Biochemistry2002-04-29
Zhang, Rong Synthesis of Rigidly Linked Polychromophores for Intramolecular Energy Transfer StudyChemistry & Biochemistry2000-04-10
(WPI)Zoto, Christopher AStructural and Photophysical Properties of Internal Charge Transfer 2-Arylidene and 2,5-Diarylidene CyclopentanonesChemistry & Biochemistry2012-07-24
Aboulezz, Mohamed AMapping the Construction Engineering and Management DisciplineCivil & Environmental Engineering2000-02-18
Abu-Lail, Laila I.An Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Bacterial Adhesion to Natural Organic Matter-Coated Surfaces In the EnvironmentCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-04-24
abu-lail, laila I.removal of chloroform and MTBE from water by adsorption onto granular zeolites: equilibrium, kinetic, and mathematical modeling studyCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-11-15
Alborz, Nakisa A Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) Framework for Certified Sustainable Higher Education (HE) Residence HallsCivil & Environmental Engineering2014-05-09
Alborzfard, Nakisa Life Cycle Cost Analysis Framework of Green Features in BuildingsCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-12-13
Almeida, Joao CarlosStrategic Issues in Lean Construction and the Higher Education Construction Market SectorCivil & Environmental Engineering2002-08-14
Alvarez-Romero, Sergio OmarUse of Building Information Modeling technology in the integration of the handover process and facilities managementCivil & Environmental Engineering2014-07-16
Arakelian, Andrea KatherineStrength Analysis of Bolted Shear Connections Under Fire Conditions Using the Finite Element ApproachCivil & Environmental Engineering2008-12-09
Aull, Malia ElizabethWater Quality Indicators in Watershed Subbasins with Multiple Land UsesCivil & Environmental Engineering2005-04-18
Bhattacharjee, Sudip Use of Accelerated Loading Equipment for Fatigue Characterization of Hot Mix Asphalt in the LaboratoryCivil & Environmental Engineering2004-06-16
Borrelli, Robert AngeloCharacterization of Radioactivity in the EnvironmentCivil & Environmental Engineering1999-05-04
Bourgeois, Amy Laura LiuBiodegradability of Fluorination Fire Fighting Foams Civil & Environmental Engineering2014-04-29
Campbell, Meredith LDetermining the Safety of Urban Arterial RoadsCivil & Environmental Engineering2004-04-27
Carelli, Jonathan J.Design and Analysis of an Embedded Pipe Network in Asphalt Pavements to Reduce the Urban Heat Island EffectCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-28
Charest, Abigail J.Investigation of Physical Characteristics Impacting Fate and Transport of Viral Surrogates in Water SystemsCivil & Environmental Engineering2014-10-16
Chen, Bao-Liang Capture Solar Energy and Reduce Heat-Island Effect from Asphalt PavementCivil & Environmental Engineering2008-10-28
Clark, Jennifer AnneValue Engineering for Small Transportation ProjectsCivil & Environmental Engineering1999-12-08
Conron, Christine ElizabethDEVELOPMENT OF A PERFORMANCE-BASED HIGHWAY DESIGN PROCESS: Incorporating Safety Considertation into Highway DesignCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-01
Eckert, Lesley Permethrin for Mosquito Control: Drinking Water Impacts and Treatment Civil & Environmental Engineering2013-12-02
Elbag Jr., Mark A.Impact of Surrounding Land Uses on Surface Water QualityCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-05-03
Emberley, Richard LawrenceA Study into the Behavior of Reinforced-Concrete Columns under Fire Exposures using a Spreadsheet-Based Numerical ModelCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-04-11
Engstrand, Klas EImprovements to the weak-post W-beam guardrailCivil & Environmental Engineering2000-06-23
Farah, Toni EReview of Current Estimating Capabilities of the 3d Building Information Model Software to Support Design for Production/ConstructionCivil & Environmental Engineering2005-06-18
Farren, Elizabeth AnneReducing trihalomethane concentrations by using chloramines as a disinfectantCivil & Environmental Engineering2003-04-18
Fragachan, Jose MAccelerated Testing Methodology for Evaluating Pavement Patching MaterialsCivil & Environmental Engineering2007-04-30
Freeman, Gregory EdwardLow Temperature Calorimetry and Alkali-Activated SlagsCivil & Environmental Engineering2014-04-28
Gagne, Amanda REvaluation of Utility Pole Placement and the Impact on Crash RatesCivil & Environmental Engineering2008-04-29
Galasso, Alison MarieParametric Exploration of Block Shear FormulationsCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-04-12
(WPI)Giatas, Shawn The Technological Evolution of Three Office Buildings Over TimeCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-04-24
GONG, WENYI Investigation of Moisture Susceptibility of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Mixes through Laboratory Mechanical TestingCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-06-22
Gould, Jonathan ScottAn Investigation of the Effects of Temperature and Frequency on Asphalt Pavement Strain Using an Accelerated Testing SystemCivil & Environmental Engineering2007-05-09
Griffin, Jennifer ShoenerTorque Teno Virus: A Potential Indicator of Enteric Viruses Civil & Environmental Engineering2009-05-01
Guo, Wei Development of a Framework for Preliminary Risk Analysis in Transportation ProjectsCivil & Environmental Engineering2004-12-20
Hawley, Harmonie ATCE Removal Utilizing Coupled Zeolite Sorption and Advanced OxidationCivil & Environmental Engineering2003-04-18
Heath, Douglas Factors Affecting Occupant Risk of Knee-Thigh-Hip Injury in Frontal Vehicle CollisionsCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-22
Hergunsel, Mehmet FuatBenefits of Building Information Modeling for Construction Managers and BIM Based Scheduling Civil & Environmental Engineering2011-04-21
Hoang, Ha Structural Continuity Effects in Steel Frames under Fire ConditionsCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-22
Jiang, Ying Characterization of nutrient transport and transformations downstream of on-site wastewater disposal facilitiesCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-06-03
Jimenez, Jose ManuelFeasibility of the SIMSUPER Simulation Model in the Renovation of Building ProjectsCivil & Environmental Engineering1999-04-27
Johnson, Robert AA Comparison Between Two-Dimensional and Three-DimensionalAnalysis, A Review of Horizontal Wood Diaphragms and a Case Study of the Structure Located at 89 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA Civil & Environmental Engineering2008-04-28
Kadhum, Saly Kadhum SaadEvaluation of the Effect of Flowing Water through Embedded Pipe on Rutting Of Pavement Civil & Environmental Engineering2011-04-21
Kaltofen, Marco Paul JohannMicroanalysis of Heterogeneous Radiation in Particulate Matter as an Aid to Nuclear Source Identification Civil & Environmental Engineering2009-08-04
Kaltofen, Marco Paul JohannAssessing Human Exposure to Contaminants in House DustCivil & Environmental Engineering2015-03-12
Karlsson, Jessica EDesign of a non-snagging guardrail postCivil & Environmental Engineering2000-06-23
Keegan, Christopher JamesBuilding Information Modeling in Support of Space Planning and Renovations in Colleges and UniversitiesCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-26
Kenniston, Jody LynnCurrent Issues Surrounding the Quality of Construction DocumentsCivil & Environmental Engineering2003-04-18
Krajewski, Joseph E.Bridge Inspection and InterferometryCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-05-01
LePage, Suzanne An Investigation into the Hydrologic and Geochemical Processes Contributing to Green Roof PerformanceCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-27
Levesque, Adam PaulFire Performance of Reinforced Concrete SlabsCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-05-04
Lewandowski, Jason AModified UNIFAC-LLE Group-Interaction Parameters for the Prediction of Gasoline-Ethanol-Water EquilibriaCivil & Environmental Engineering2008-04-18
Liu, Zijia Feasibility Analysis of BIM Based Information System for Facility Management at WPICivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-26
Mailloux, James ThomasDesign Evaluation of a Duplex Circular Wet Well Pumping Station Under Steady State and Dynamic Operating Conditions Civil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-29
Martinez, Jorge Application of Reliability-Centered Maintenance in Facility ManagementCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-12-15
Melong, Tresha KEvaluation of Bar Rack Designs to Allow for the Downstream Passage of Silver American Eels at Hydropower FacilitiesCivil & Environmental Engineering2014-01-13
Mendes, Sebastian BThe Development of an Improved Finite Element Muscle Model and the Investigation of the Pre-loading Effects of Active Muscle on the Femur During Frontal Crashes Civil & Environmental Engineering2010-08-31
Mendez, Ronald OsirisThe Building Information Model in Facilities ManagementCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-05-04
Mitchell, Ryan A WANFIS Model for Use in System Identification and Structural Control of Civil Engineering StructuresCivil & Environmental Engineering2012-04-17
Mokbel, Hala Assessing the Parametric Building Model Capabilities in Minimizing Change OrdersCivil & Environmental Engineering2003-01-14
Mokbel, Hala NabilA formal model for measuring the different levels of IT-based Design and Construction Integration (ITDCI) in colleges and universities Civil & Environmental Engineering2009-04-30
Mongiardini, Mario Development of a Computer Program for the Verification and Validation of Numerical Simulations in Roadside SafetyCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-29
Moran, Paul AaronModification of a Biosand Water Filter for Household Treatment of High Turbidity WaterCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-23
Muniz, Edwin A Proposed Sustainable Sanitation System for the Zwelitsha section of Langrug Informal Settlement in Stellenbosch Municipality South AfricaCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-05-31
Nacewicz, Rebecca MarieInvestigation of Fire Impact on Structural Steel through Case StudiesCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-05-04
Nanagiri, Yamini VarmaDevelopment of a Rational Method of Designing Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) for Low Volume RoadsCivil & Environmental Engineering2004-12-16
Narang, Vikas AHeat Transfer Analysis In Steel StructuresCivil & Environmental Engineering2005-04-28
Neyland, Ryan P.Colloid Detachment from Rough Surfaces in the EnvironmentCivil & Environmental Engineering2005-05-02
Nguyen, Huong Advanced Oxidation of Tris-2-Chloroethyl Phosphate (TCEP) in Water Civil & Environmental Engineering2011-04-27
O'Sullivan, Karen A.Rejuvenation of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) in Hot Mix Asphalt Recycling with High RAP ContentCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-04-13
Padmanabhan, Anita RemaNovel Simultaneous Reduction/Oxidation Process for Destroying Organic SolventsCivil & Environmental Engineering2008-04-21
Paulino, Madison RadhamesPreliminary Design of Tall BuildingsCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-04-22
Penny, Julie ElizabethAn Evaluation of Heated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Material and Wax Modified Asphalt for Use in Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)Civil & Environmental Engineering2006-11-07
Peyser, Suzanne MFeasibility of Green Building at WPICivil & Environmental Engineering2008-04-18
Plaxico, Chuck AldonDesign Guidelines for the use of Curbs and Curb/Guardrail Combinations Along High-Speed RoadwaysCivil & Environmental Engineering2002-09-18
Prokop, Todd RonaldInactivation of E. Coli in a Flow Through Sonication SystemCivil & Environmental Engineering2008-04-25
Renaud, Thomas Management Planning for Combined Sewer Systems in Urban Areas under Climate Change Civil & Environmental Engineering2012-04-30
Richard, Michael JamesParametric Study of ACI Seismic Design Provisions Through Dynamic Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Intermediate Moment Frame Civil & Environmental Engineering2009-05-05
Ringer, Erin EReduction of Trihalomethanes Using Ultrasound as a DisinfectantCivil & Environmental Engineering2007-04-30
Roberge, Jennifer AnneUse of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to Model Flow at Pump IntakesCivil & Environmental Engineering1999-05-28
Rojko, Christine Solar Disinfection of Drinking WaterCivil & Environmental Engineering2003-04-18
Roop, Daniel OliverIndicator Systems for Assessing Public Health Risk in WatersCivil & Environmental Engineering2012-04-26
Sader, Roula E.Design-Build in the Commonwealth of MassachusettsCivil & Environmental Engineering2003-04-18
Salahshoor Pirsoltan, Hossein Nanoscale structure and mechanical properties of a Soft MaterialCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-05-14
Samdadia, Viren VIntegration of 3 dimensional parametric building model with geographic information systems in educational facilities planning and managementCivil & Environmental Engineering2004-05-17
Schaffer, Joseph F.Verification and Adaptation of an Infiltration Model for Water at Various Isothermal Temperature ConditionsCivil & Environmental Engineering1996-05-20
Sharma, Sachin Slurry Test Evaluation for In-Situ Remediation of TCE Contaminated AquiferCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-08-15
Shen, Tzu-Sheng Building Planning Evaluations for Emergency EvacuationCivil & Environmental Engineering2000-12-18
Silvestri, Chiara Development and Validation of a Knee-Thigh-Hip LSDYNA Model of a 50th Percentile Male.Civil & Environmental Engineering2008-04-24
Twomey, Brian MThe Performance and Behavior of Lightweight Wood Exposed to Fire ConditionsCivil & Environmental Engineering2007-04-30
Ulsamer, Signe MarthaA Model to Characterize the Kinetics of Dechlorination of Tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene By a Zero Valent Iron Permeable Reactive BarrierCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-08-22
Urs, Amit Stability Analysis of Frame Tube BuildingCivil & Environmental Engineering2002-10-30
Votruba, Michael JulianOzonation of Tris-2-Chloroethyl Phosphate (TCEP) in WaterCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-05-28
Walsh, Jami BethA Feasibility Study of Bioremediation in a Highly Organic Contaminated SoilCivil & Environmental Engineering1999-05-04
wang, menglin Building Information Modeling (BIM): Site-Building Interoperability MethodsCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-09-08
Wang, Qiansi The Real Estate Market in China:Features, Opportunities and Barriers to U.S. Investors Civil & Environmental Engineering2012-04-30
Weir, Jennifer AnneActive Learning in Transportation Engineering EducationCivil & Environmental Engineering2004-12-16
Weller, Marc FAdvanced Oxidation Treatment for Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, and Naproxen in Water and Method for Determining Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, and Naproxen Concentration using LLE-GC-FIDCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-01-10
Wen, Huajing Removal of estrone from water with adsorption and UV PhotolysisCivil & Environmental Engineering2006-04-28
Wong, Kar Yee Karen Ultrasound as a Sole or Synergistic Disinfectant in Drinking WaterCivil & Environmental Engineering2002-12-18
Worsman, Ryan An Evaluation of the Potential of Geosynthetic Reinforced Chip Seals to Reduce Asphalt Pavement TemperaturesCivil & Environmental Engineering2014-04-22
Xu, Yichao Investigation of Effects of Moisture Susceptibility of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Mixes on Dynamic Modulus and Field Performance Civil & Environmental Engineering2012-01-20
(WPI)Zaumanis, Martins 100 % Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt and the Use of RejuvenatorsCivil & Environmental Engineering2014-04-04
Zhang, Yuxin A Comprehensive Method for the Selection of Sustainable Materials for Building ConstructionCivil & Environmental Engineering2012-03-13
Adams, Daniel AlanOptimal Load Balancing in a Beowulf ClusterComputer Science2005-04-25
(WPI)Adjei, Seth AkonorRefining Learning Maps with Data Fitting TechniquesComputer Science2015-03-19
Babic, Kristopher TInterDraw - An Online, Interactive, Collaborative Art ProgramComputer Science2000-05-02
Bachmann, Matthew KnappBiology Microworld to Assess Students’ Content Knowledge and Inquiry Skills and Leveraging Student Modeling to Prescribe Design Features for Scaffolding LearningComputer Science2011-05-05
Bailey, Daniel VComputation in Optimal Extension FieldsComputer Science2000-04-26
Balazs, Marton E.Design Simplification by Analogical ReasoningComputer Science1999-12-15
Baldassari, James DDesign and Evaluation of a Public Resource Computing FrameworkComputer Science2006-04-17
Banerjee, Kutty SRemote Execution for 3D GraphicsComputer Science2005-05-23
Behrooz, Morteza On the Sociability of a Game-Playing Agent: A Software Framework and Empirical StudyComputer Science2014-04-15
Belhumeur, Corey TAn Empirical Evaluation of Student Learning by the Use of a Computer Adaptive System Computer Science2013-04-22
Berker, Ilan Conflicts and Negotiations in Single Function Agent Based Design SystemsComputer Science1995-04-27
Blanchette, Damon ArthurAdaptive Spectral Mapping for Real-Time Dispersive RefractionComputer Science2011-12-08
Bodah, Joshua Leveraging User Testing to Address Learnability Issues for Teachers Using ASSISTmentsComputer Science2013-04-19
Boyd, Joseph BioBridge: Bringing Data Exploration to Biologists Computer Science2014-05-01
Broderick, Zachary RIncreasing parent engagement in student learning using an Intelligent Tutoring System with Automated MessagesComputer Science2011-03-01
Burge, Janet E.Knowledge Elicitation for Design Task Sequencing KnowledgeComputer Science1998-12-01
Burge, Janet ESoftware Engineering Using design RATionaleComputer Science2005-04-11
Calnan, III, Paul W.EXTRACT: Extensible Transformation and Compiler TechnologyComputer Science2003-04-25
Chang, Chen Hao JasonThe Study of Energy Consumption of Acceleration Structures for Dynamic CPU and GPU Ray TracingComputer Science2007-01-19
Chen, Li Semantic Caching for XML QueriesComputer Science2003-12-11
Chen, Songting Efficient Incremental View Maintenance for Data WarehousingComputer Science2005-09-06
Chhabra, Vikram Reconstructing specular objects with Image Based Rendering using Color CachingComputer Science2001-04-24
Choksey, Sanket DineshDeveloping an Affordable Authoring Tool For Intelligent Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2004-08-20
Chung, Jae Won Congestion Control for Streaming MediaComputer Science2005-07-14
Claypool, Kajal TilakManaging Schema Change in an Heterogeneous EnvironmentComputer Science2002-05-28
Coon, William MacDowellA Computational Model for Building Relationships Between Humans and Virtual AgentsComputer Science2012-08-06
Croteau, Ethan Evaluating Predictions of Transfer and Analyzing Student MotivationComputer Science2004-04-21
Csizmadia, Vilmos Constructing an Authoring Tool for Intelligent Tutoring Systems with Hierarchical Domain ModelsComputer Science2003-12-15
Cui, Qingguang Measuring Data Abstraction Quality in Multiresolution VisualizationsComputer Science2006-10-26
Dailey, Matthew DLearning the Effectiveness of Content and Methodology in an Intelligent Tutoring SystemComputer Science2011-05-02
Dancus, Andrei ArthurGarbage Collection for Java Distributed ObjectsComputer Science2001-04-23
de Barros, Paulo Evaluation of Multi-sensory Feedback in Virtual and Real Remote Environments in a USAR Robot Teleoperation ScenarioComputer Science2014-03-12
Denham, Jeremy EA Feature-Oriented Software Engineering Approach Supporting Extension and TestingComputer Science2009-12-17
Deschler, Kurt WMASS: A Multi-Axis Storage Structure for Large XML DocumentsComputer Science2002-04-29
Dimitrova, Katica Order-sensitive View Maintenance of Materialized XQuery ViewsComputer Science2003-04-17
Ding, Luping Metadata-Aware Query Processing over Data StreamsComputer Science2008-04-18
Doshi, Punit RameshchandraAdaptive Prefetching for Visual Data ExplorationComputer Science2003-01-16
Douglas, Robert E., Jr.SNEAKERS: A Concurrent Engineering Demonstration SystemComputer Science1998-10-20
Dunkelberg, Jr., John S.FEM Mesh Mapping to a SIMD Machine Using Genetic AlgorithmsComputer Science1996-05-01
Dunskus, Bertram V.Single Function Agents and their Negotiation Behavior in Expert SystemsComputer Science1994-07-31
Duong, Hien DA Feature-Oriented Software Engineering Approach to Integrate ASSISTments with Learning Management SystemsComputer Science2014-05-29
El-Sayed, Maged FAn Efficient and Incremental System to Mine Contiguous Frequent SequencesComputer Science2004-01-30
El-Sayed, Maged FIncremental Maintenance Of Materialized XQuery ViewsComputer Science2005-08-09
Feng, Mingyu Towards Assessing Students’ Fine Grained Knowledge: Using an Intelligent Tutor for Assessment Computer Science2009-08-25
Feng, Yu Disjunction of Regular Timing Diagrams Computer Science2010-10-12
floyd, stuart Data Mining Techniques for Prognosis in Pancreatic Cancer Computer Science2007-04-26
Forbes-Summers, Elijah Trying to Reduce Gaming Behavior by Students in Intelligent Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2010-04-27
Freitas, Paul MichaelFeature-Oriented Specification of Hardware Bus ProtocolsComputer Science2008-05-05
Frenn, Evan Towards a Trustworthy Thin Terminal for Securing Enterprise Networks Computer Science2013-04-25
Freyberger, Jonathan EUsing Association Rules to Guide a Search for Best Fitting Transfer Models of Student LearningComputer Science2004-04-22
Giannakopoulos, Theophilos JohnMulti-Decision Policy and Policy Combinator Specifications Computer Science2012-02-27
Gill, Peter W.Probing for a Continual Validation PrototypeComputer Science2001-08-20
Goldstein, Adam BResponding to Moments of LearningComputer Science2011-05-02
Gong, Yue Student Modeling in Intelligent Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2014-11-06
Gu, Songxiang Body Deformation Correction for SPECT ImagingComputer Science2009-06-26
Guo, Zhenyu Visually Mining Interesting Patterns in Multivariate Datasets Computer Science2012-12-06
Hanson, Philip A Unified Representation for Dialogue and Action in Computer Games: Bridging the Gap Between Talkers and FightersComputer Science2010-05-14
Harrington, Ellery JDevelopment of an Optoelectronic Holographic Platform for Otolaryngology ApplicationsComputer Science2009-12-16
Hawkins, William JBoredom and student modeling in intelligent tutoring systemsComputer Science2014-04-23
Hayward, John TMining Oncology Data: Knowledge Discovery in Clinical Performance of Cancer PatientsComputer Science2006-08-24
He, Qian A Context-Aware Smartphone Application to Mitigate Sedentary LifestyleComputer Science2013-11-25
Hobbs, Bryan Improving Educational Content: A Web- based Intelligent Tutoring System with Support for Teacher Collaboration Computer Science2013-04-19
Holroyd, Aaron Generating Engagement Behaviors in Human-Robot Interaction Computer Science2011-04-26
Huang, Shiping Exploratory Visualization of Data with Variable QualityComputer Science2004-10-21
(WPI)Ibrahim, Karim Management of Big Annotations in Relational Database Management SystemsComputer Science2014-04-10
Icev, Aleksandar DARM: Distance-Based Association Rule Mining Computer Science2003-04-25
Jamin, Amanda JMailScape: A Visual Approach To Email ManagementComputer Science2006-12-14
Janc, Artur AdamNetwork Performance Evaluation within the Web Browser SandboxComputer Science2008-12-15
Janga, Satyanarayana Reddy A Fast and Robust Image-Based Method for tracking Robot-assisted Needle Placement in Real-time MR ImagesComputer Science2013-07-26
Jarvis, Matthew PApplying Machine Learning Techniques to Rule Generation in Intelligent Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2004-04-08
Jbantova, Mariana GState Spill Policies for State Intensive Continuous Query Plan EvaluationComputer Science2007-04-12
Jian, Jinhuj Efficient XML Stream Processing with Automata and Query AlgebraComputer Science2003-08-26
Jiang, Ming Updating Views Over Recursive XML Computer Science2007-12-20
John, Nitin AbrahamA Study of Replicated and Distributed Web ContentComputer Science2000-04-24
Kane, Bintou Consistently Updating XML Documents Using Incremental checks With XQueriesComputer Science2003-02-03
Kanetkar, Kavita VijayFormal Analysis of Component Adaptation TechniquesComputer Science2002-04-19
Kannan, Gangadharan Selective Flooding for Better QoS RoutingComputer Science2000-04-10
Kannan, Hariharan TCP-Carson: A loss-event based Adaptive AIMD algorithm for Long-lived FlowsComputer Science2003-04-29
Kaplan, Murad Predicting Performance for Reading News Online from within a Web Browser Sandbox Computer Science2012-01-06
Karki, Rabin Fresh Analysis of Streaming Media Stored on the WebComputer Science2011-01-10
Kehrer, Paul HReaching More Students: A Web-based Intelligent Tutoring System with support for Offline Access Computer Science2012-04-24
Kemble, Jonathan Display of Multi-Attribute Data Using a Presentation Description LanguageComputer Science1994-08-24
Kim, Minchong Proportional Integrator with Short-lived flows AdjustmentComputer Science2004-01-29
Kim, Yoonsoo Addressing the Data Recency Problem in Collaborative Filtering SystemsComputer Science2004-09-23
King, Christopher T.An Axiomatic Semantics for Functional Reactive Programming Computer Science2008-05-04
Kinkar, Shilpa NDevelopment and Application of Semi-automated ITK Tools Development and Application of Semi-automated ITK Tools for the Segmentation of Brain MR ImagesComputer Science2005-05-03
Koeller, Andreas Integration of Heterogeneous Databases: Discovery of Meta-Information and Maintenance of Schema-Restructuring ViewsComputer Science2001-12-14
Kogel, Wendy E.Faster Training of Neural Networks for Recommender SystemsComputer Science2002-04-18
Kramer, Diane S.XEM: XML Evolution ManagementComputer Science2000-12-14
Kumar, Abhishek AnandTraffic Sensitive Quality of Service ControllerComputer Science2004-01-15
Kurtz, Benjamin LA Runtime Software Visualization EnvironmentComputer Science2002-08-08
Laxminarayan, Parameshvyas Exploratory Analysis of Human Sleep DataComputer Science2003-12-12
Lee, Choong-Soo WHITE - Achieving Fair Bandwidth Allocation with Priority Dropping Based On Round Trip TimesComputer Science2002-03-25
Lee, Choong-Soo A Credit-based Home Access Point (CHAP) to Improve Application Quality on IEEE 802.11 NetworksComputer Science2010-06-10
Leemans, Neil Edwin MichaelVIL: A Visual Inter LinguaComputer Science2001-04-09
Li, Mingzhe Using Bandwidth Estimation to Optimize Buffer and Rate Selection for Streaming Multimedia over IEEE 802.11 Wireless NetworksComputer Science2006-12-04
Li, Ming Semantic Query Optimization for Processing XML Streams with Minimized Memory Footprint Computer Science2007-09-06
Li, Juan Application-Directed DVFS using Multiple Clock Domains on Graphics HardwareComputer Science2008-04-16
Li, Ming Robust Complex Event Pattern Detection over Streams Computer Science2010-03-12
Li, Shoujing Modeling Student Retention in an Environment with Delayed TestingComputer Science2013-04-12
Li, Feng Treatment-Based Classi cation in Residential Wireless Access Points Computer Science2014-05-29
Lieb, Christopher Concurrent Programming in Education: Time for a Change Computer Science2011-04-26
Light, Brandon WEnergy-Efficient Photon Mapping Computer Science2007-05-10
Lin, Weiyang Association Rule Mining for Collaborative Recommender SystemsComputer Science2000-05-04
Lindsay, Clifford Programmable Image-Based Light Capture for PrevisualizationComputer Science2011-04-11
Liu, Bin Optimization Strategies for Data Warehouse Maintenance in Distributed EnvironmentsComputer Science2002-04-15
Liu, Bin Scalable Integration View Computation and Maintenance with Parallel, Adaptive and Grouping TechniquesComputer Science2005-08-19
Liu, Mo Extending Event Sequence Processing:New Models and Optimization Techniques Computer Science2012-04-25
Livak, Thomas MichaelCollaborative Warrior TutoringComputer Science2004-08-19
Lloyd, Natasha Clutter Measurement and Reduction for Enhanced Information VisualizationComputer Science2005-12-01
Lloyd, Nicholas MMeasuring Student Engagement in an Intelligent Tutoring SystemComputer Science2007-04-19
Lohrmann, Peter JEnergy-Efficient Interactive Ray Tracing of Static Scenes on Programmable Mobile GPUsComputer Science2006-12-07
Lu, Rui Media Scaling for Power Optimization on Wireless Video Sensors Computer Science2007-08-24
(WPI)Lu, Yue CloudNotes: Annotation Management in Cloud-Based PlatformsComputer Science2014-04-17
MA, LINNA Splitting Frames Based on Hypothesis Testing for Patient Motion Compensation in SPECTComputer Science2006-04-26
Ma, Chunling Using Network Application Behavior to Predict Performance Computer Science2008-04-07
Macasek, Michael A.Towards Teachers Quickly Creating Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2005-12-06
Mane, Pravin DWAIT: Selective Loss Recovery for Multimedia Multicast.Computer Science2000-07-27
Mardziel, Piotr Noninterference in Concurrent Game StructuresComputer Science2007-04-30
(M)Mastoureshgh, Sahel Measurement and Method for Receiver Buffer Sizing in Video StreamingComputer Science2012-04-09
McKay, Kerry ATrade-offs Between Energy and Security in Wireless NetworksComputer Science2005-04-04
Mehta, Alok Evolving Legacy System's Features into Fine-grained Components Using Regression Test-CasesComputer Science2002-11-13
Mehta, Nishant KA Hierarchy Navigation Framework: Supporting Scalable Interactive Exploration over Large DatabasesComputer Science2004-08-24
Menard, Jr., Kevin JosephEvaluating User Feedback SystemsComputer Science2006-04-13
Mikhailov, Mikhail Deterministic Object Management in Large Distributed SystemsComputer Science2003-02-03
Milette, Greg PAnalogical Matching Using Device-Centric and Environment-Centric Representations of FunctionComputer Science2006-03-30
Miller, Elliot AQuantifying Resource Sharing, Resource Isolation and Agility for Web Applications with Virtual MachinesComputer Science2007-04-23
Misra, Shivin SatyawonA Database For Exploratory Analysis of Human SleepComputer Science2008-03-21
Moffett, Jeffrey PApplying Causal Models to Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in Video GamesComputer Science2010-04-22
MUKHERJI, ABHISHEK SNIF TOOL - Sniffing for Patterns in Continuous StreamsComputer Science2008-01-22
Mulchandani, Mukesh KUpdating XML Views of Relational DataComputer Science2003-04-11
Murphy, Brian ROrder-sensitive XML Query Processing Over Relational SourcesComputer Science2003-04-17
Nadella, Suman Multi Camera Stereo and Tracking Patient Motion for SPECT Scanning SystemsComputer Science2005-08-29
Naryshkin, Konstantin Study on the Leakage of Private User Information Via a Range of Popular WebsitesComputer Science2010-12-13
Nehme, Rimma VContinuous Query Processing on Spatio-Temporal Data StreamsComputer Science2005-06-27
Nelson, Timothy Margrave: An Improved Analyzer for Access-Control and Configuration Policies Computer Science2010-04-12
Nelson, Tim First-Order Models for Configuration AnalysisComputer Science2013-04-16
Nguyen, Quyen DoAnomaly Handling in Visual AnalyticsComputer Science2008-01-10
Nichols III, James GMeasurement of Windows Streaming MediaComputer Science2003-12-08
Nilekar, Shirish K.Self Maintenance of Materialized XQuery Views via Query Containment and Re-WritingComputer Science2006-04-20
Nooraei Beidokht, Bahador A Real-Time Architecture for Conversational Agents Computer Science2012-08-24
Nuzzo-Jones, Goss FThe Common Tutor Object PlatformComputer Science2005-11-11
Palanisamy, Senthil KumarAssociation Rule Based ClassificationComputer Science2006-05-03
Pardos, Zachary AlexanderPredictive Models of Student LearningComputer Science2012-04-26
Patro, Anilkumar GPixel Oriented Visualization in XmdvToolComputer Science2004-09-02
Patvarczki, Jozsef Layout Optimization for Distributed Relational Databases Using Machine Learning Computer Science2012-07-03
Pehlivanoglu, Serdar Rijndael Circuit Level CryptanalysisComputer Science2005-04-28
Peng, Wei Clutter-Based Dimension Reordering in Multi-Dimensional Data VisualizationComputer Science2005-01-11
Phirke, Vishal VasudeoTraffic Sensitive Active Queue Management for Improved Quality of ServiceComputer Science2002-04-08
Pielech, Bradford Charles Adaptive Scheduling Algorithm Selection in a Streaming Query SystemComputer Science2003-12-04
Piselli, Paolo MRelating Cognitive Models of Computer Games to User Evaluations of EntertainmentComputer Science2006-01-31
Ponsler, Brett Recognizing Engagement Behaviors in Human-Robot InteractionComputer Science2010-12-16
Posluszny III, Frank SOvercoming Limitations in Computer Worm ModelsComputer Science2005-01-17
Pradhan, Rahul Adaptive Multimedia Content Delivery for Scalable Web ServersComputer Science2001-04-30
Pratapa, Suvesh Improving latency in Crankshaft - An energy-aware MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksComputer Science2009-11-16
Pray, Keith AApriori Sets And Sequences: Mining Association Rules from Time Sequence AttributesComputer Science2004-04-29
Qiu, Yumeng Leveraging Influential Factors into Bayesian Knowledge TracingComputer Science2013-01-03
Raghavan, Venkatesh VAMANA : A High Performance, Scalable and Cost Driven XPath EngineComputer Science2004-05-05
Raghavan, Venkatesh Supporting Multi-Criteria Decision Support Queries over Disparate Data Sources Computer Science2012-04-24
Rai, Dovan Math Learning Environment with Game-Like Elements and Causal Modeling of User DataComputer Science2011-04-19
Rasmussen, Kai Developing a Cognitive Rule-Based Tutor for the ASSISTment SystemComputer Science2007-12-11
Ray, Medhabi Optimized Nested Complex Event Processing Using Continuous Caching Computer Science2011-10-12
Razzaq, Leena MTutorial Dialog in an Equation Solving Intelligent Tutoring SystemComputer Science2003-12-11
Razzaq, Leena Investigating Learning in an Intelligent Tutoring System through Randomized Controlled ExperimentsComputer Science2009-08-26
Roberts, Brian GlennModular Detection of Feature Interactions Through Theorem Proving: A Case StudyComputer Science2003-08-11
Seshadri, Mukund Comprehensibility, Overfitting and Co-Evolution in Genetic Programming for Technical Trading RulesComputer Science2003-04-24
Shang, Hao Exploiting Flow Relationships to Improve the Performance of Distributed ApplicationsComputer Science2006-02-06
Shappee, Bartlett ATest First Model-Driven DevelopmentComputer Science2012-04-26
Shastri, Avani MTopS: Multi-Query Optimization for Continuous Top-K Query Workloads Computer Science2011-05-05
Shutt, John NFexprs as the basis of Lisp function application; or, $vau: the ultimate abstraction Computer Science2010-09-07
Silva, Asima Multiple Continuous Query Processing with Relative Window Predicates "Juggler"Computer Science2004-05-03
Singh, Mahim SOFTVIZ... A Step ForwardComputer Science2004-04-27
Sklyar, Andrey VTesting SPECT Motion Correction Algorithms Computer Science2010-04-28
Skowyra, Richard WilliamA Centralized Energy Management System for Wireless Sensor NetworksComputer Science2009-03-02
Song, Fei Practical and theoretical applications of the Regularity LemmaComputer Science2013-04-02
Srivastava, Shweta Look Before You Leap: An Adaptive Processing Strategy For Multi-Criteria Decision Support QueriesComputer Science2011-04-04
Stoecker-Sylvia, Zachary Mining for Frequent Events in Time SeriesComputer Science2004-04-30
Streeter, Matthew JAutomated Discovery of Numerical Approximation Formulae Via Genetic Programming Computer Science2001-04-30
Stroe, Ionel DanielScalable Visual Hierarchy ExplorationComputer Science2000-04-28
Su, Hong Automaton Meet Algebra: A Hybrid Paradigm for Efficiently Processing XQuery over XML StreamComputer Science2006-01-20
Sutherland, Timothy MichaelD-CAPE: A Self-Tuning Continuous Query Plan Distribution ArchitectureComputer Science2004-04-29
Tang, Yaobin Butterfly: A Model of ProvenanceComputer Science2009-03-09
(WPI)Taylor, Curtis RLeveraging Software-Defined Networking and Virtualization for a One-to-One Client-Server ModelComputer Science2014-04-28
Thakkar, Dharmesh Hypothesis-Driven Specialization-based Analysis of Gene Expression Association RulesComputer Science2007-05-03
Toris, Russell CBringing Human-Robot Interaction Studies Online via the Robot Management SystemComputer Science2013-10-08
Toth, David The Byzantine Agreement Protocol Applied to SecurityComputer Science2005-12-13
Toth, David M.Improving the Productivity of Volunteer ComputingComputer Science2008-02-04
Tripathi, Avanish Adaptive Content-Aware Scaling for Improved Video StreamingComputer Science2001-04-02
Trivedi, Shubhendu A Graph Theoretic Clustering Algorithm based on the Regularity Lemma and Strategies to Exploit Clustering for PredictionComputer Science2012-04-25
Turner, Terrence EThe Assistment Builder: A tool for rapid tutor developmentComputer Science2005-11-03
Unhale, Sudeep PrabhakarAn Environment For Specifying and Executing Adaptable Software ComponentsComputer Science2003-04-18
Upalekar, Ruta SunilTools to help build models that predict student learningComputer Science2005-12-14
Varde, Aparna SGraphical Data Mining for Computational Estimation in Materials Science ApplicationsComputer Science2006-08-15
Vedagiri Seenivasan, Thangam CStream: Neighborhood Bandwidth Aggregation For Better Video Streaming Computer Science2010-05-18
Venkatachari, Badrinath Better Admission Control and Disk Scheduling for Multimedia ApplicationsComputer Science2002-05-01
Veselinov, Roman NikolovFormalization and Verification of Rewriting-Based Security Polices Computer Science2008-05-05
Victor, Sundar K.Negotiation Between Distributed Agents in a Concurrent Engineering SystemComputer Science1993-08-05
Wad, Charudatta VQoS: Quality Driven Data Abstraction for Large Databases Computer Science2008-02-05
Walonoski, Jason AVisual Feedback for Gaming Prevention in Intelligent Tutoring SystemsComputer Science2005-12-02
Walsh, Timothy A.Dimensional Stacking in Three DimensionsComputer Science2007-12-15
Wang, Xiaoning A Modular Model Checking Algorithm for Cyclic Feature CompositionsComputer Science2005-01-11
Wang, Ling Updating XML ViewsComputer Science2006-08-08
Wang, Song State-Slice: A New Stream Query Optimization Paradigm for Multi-query and Distributed ProcessingComputer Science2008-03-17
wang, yubing Modeling and Evaluating Feedback-Based Error Control for Video TransferComputer Science2008-08-27
Wang, Di Query Optimization for Database Federation SystemsComputer Science2009-04-30
Wang, Jia Isometric versus Elastic Surfboard Interfaces for 3D Travel in Virtual Reality Computer Science2011-05-03
Wang, Di Extending Complex Event Processing for Advanced Applications Computer Science2013-04-30
(WPI)Wang, Jiayuan Scalable Multi-Parameter Outlier Detection TechnologyComputer Science2013-12-13
Wei, Mingrui Multi-Mode Stream Processing For Hopping Window QueriesComputer Science2008-05-05
Wei, Mingzhu Continuously Providing Approximate Results under Limited Resources: Load Shedding and Spilling in XML StreamsComputer Science2011-11-15
Weimerskirch, Andre The Application of the Mordell-Weil Group to Cryptographic SystemsComputer Science2001-04-19
Whitney, Justin DThe Wisdom of Crowds as a Model for Trust and Security in Peer GroupsComputer Science2005-09-26
Whorton, Skyler Can a computer adaptive assessment system determine, better than traditional methods, whether students know mathematics skills?Computer Science2013-04-19
Wu, Huahui ARMOR - Adjusting Repair and Media Scaling with Operations Research for Streaming VideoComputer Science2006-05-04
Wu, Fan Ubiquitous Scalable Graphics: An End-to-End Framework using WaveletsComputer Science2008-11-19
Xie, Zaixian Exploratory Visualization of Data Pattern Changes in Multivariate Data Streams Computer Science2011-09-27
Yang, Jing Visual Hierarchical Dimension ReductionComputer Science2001-11-29
Yang, Jing A General Framework for Multi-Resolution VisualizationComputer Science2005-04-25
Yang, Di Analysis Guided Visual Exploration of Multivariate DataComputer Science2007-04-26
Yang, Shoushen An Investigation of Modular Dependencies in Aspects, Features and Classes Computer Science2007-06-01
Yang, Di Mining and Managing Neighbor-Based Patterns in Data Streams Computer Science2012-01-06
Yoo, Daniel Alchemy: Transmuting Base Specifications into ImplementationsComputer Science2009-02-05
Yoo, Daniel Building Web Based Programming Environments for Functional ProgrammingComputer Science2012-02-24
Zeljkovic, Mihajlo Predicting Network Performance for Internet Activities Using a Web BrowserComputer Science2012-04-23
(WPI)Zhang, Dazhi NEEL+: Supporting Predicates for Nested Complex Event ProcessingComputer Science2012-07-24
Zheng, Zici Adaptive Explicit Congestion Notification (AECN) for Heterogeneous FlowsComputer Science2001-04-09
Zheng, Yilei IFSO: A Integrated Framework For Automatic/Semi-automatic Software Refactoring and AnalysisComputer Science2004-04-23
Zhu, Yali Dynamic Optimization and Migration of Continuous Queries Over Data StreamsComputer Science2006-08-24

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