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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Almås, Johannes Building Performance Evaluation: An Organization for DocumentationFire Protection Engineering2002-08-22
Alshuqaiq, Mohammad AbdullahAn Analysis of Oil Combustion on SnowFire Protection Engineering2014-04-30
Alston, Jarrod JohnRoom/Corner Fire Calibration Data: Marine Composite Screening SpecimensFire Protection Engineering2004-05-17
Alvarez Rodriguez, Alberto An integrated framework for the next generation of Risk-Informed Performance-Based Design approach used in Fire Safety EngineeringFire Protection Engineering2012-12-14
Anderson, Scott KennethQualitative Study of the Effect of a Compartment Enclosure on Fire Plume EntrainmentFire Protection Engineering1998-05-01
Averill, Jason D.Performance-Based Codes: Economics, Documentation, and DesignFire Protection Engineering1998-04-02
Avila, Melissa BarterThe Effect of Resin Type and Glass Content on the Fire Engineering Properties of Typical FRP CompositesFire Protection Engineering2007-04-02
Baker, Elisa SBurning Characteristics of Individual Douglas-Fir Trees in the Wildland/Urban InterfaceFire Protection Engineering2011-05-16
Barowy, Adam MHeat and Smoke Transport in a Residential-Scale Live Fire Training Facility: Experiments and Modeling Fire Protection Engineering2010-08-25
Beaulieu, Patricia Flammability Characteristics at Heat Fluxes up to 200 kW/m2 and The Effect of Oxygen on Flame Heat FluxFire Protection Engineering2005-11-02
Beller, Douglas K.Alternate Computer Models of Fire Convection Phenomena for the Harvard Computer Fire CodeFire Protection Engineering1987-08-01
Bellino, Peter William A Study of Spreading and In Situ Burning of Oil in an Ice ChannelFire Protection Engineering2012-04-24
Bland, Kenneth EdwardBehavior of Wood Exposed to Fire: A Review and Expert Judgement Procedure for Predicting Assembly Failure.Fire Protection Engineering1994-05-01
Callery, James Francis Building Evaluation for Manual SuppressionFire Protection Engineering1998-05-01
Choi, Keum-Ran 3D Thermal Mapping of Cone Calorimeter Specimen and Development of a Heat Flux Mapping Procedure Utilizing an Infrared CameraFire Protection Engineering2004-08-30
Collette, Kristin AComparisons of Structural Designs in FireFire Protection Engineering2007-04-30
Crocker, Jeremiah The Effect of Sprinkler Sprays on Fire Induced Mass Flow Rates Fire Protection Engineering2008-04-28
Cummings, W. MarkSmoke Movement Analysis (Smoke Transport Within a Corridor)Fire Protection Engineering1998-04-01
Dell'Orfano, Michael E Fire Behavior and Fuel Modeling of Flammable Shrub Understories in Northeastern Pine-Oak ForestsFire Protection Engineering1996-08-01
Ditch, Benjamin D.Thermal Decomposition Products Testing With 1,1,1,2,2,4,5,5,5 nonafluoro-4-trifluoromethyl pentan-3-one (C6 F-ketone) During Fire ExtinguishingFire Protection Engineering2000-12-03
Eber, Robert MarkDry Chemical Fire Suppression System Discharge Modeling and TestingFire Protection Engineering2000-12-06
Elias, Brian Hazard Assessment of Portable Gasoline Container FlammabilityFire Protection Engineering2011-09-28
Farmahini Farahani, Hamed A Study on Burning of Crude Oil in Ice CavitiesFire Protection Engineering2013-12-18
Fay, Terry SDevelopment of an Improved Fabric Flammability TestFire Protection Engineering2002-05-30
Ferreira, Michael J. Barrier Performance Utilizing Normalized Heat Load as Part of an Engineering Based Building Fire Protection Analysis MethodFire Protection Engineering1993-12-01
Gagnon, Brian D.Evaluation of New Test Methods for Fire Fighting ClothingFire Protection Engineering2000-03-28
Geoffroy, Nancy AnneMeasuring Speech Intelligibility in Voice Alarm Communication SystemsFire Protection Engineering2005-04-28
Ghosh, Gregory Lifesafety Analysis in the Building Firesafety MethodFire Protection Engineering1994-05-01
Gosselin, Steven Daniel The Application of Fire Dynamics to Fire ForensicsFire Protection Engineering2004-11-19
Gratkowski, Mark TRadiant Smoldering Ignition of PlywoodFire Protection Engineering2004-08-06
Grenier, Andrew T.Fire Characteristics of Cored Composite Materials for Marine UseFire Protection Engineering1996-05-01
Hansen, Richard L.Risk-Based Fire Research Decision MethodologyFire Protection Engineering1999-05-04
Hetrick, Todd MDevelopment and Validation of a Modified Clean Agent Draining Model for Total Flooding Fire Suppression SystemsFire Protection Engineering2008-10-06
Ho, San-Ping Water Spray Suppression and Intensification of High Flash Point Hydrocarbon Pool FiresFire Protection Engineering2003-07-23
Ierardi, James A.A Computer Model of Fire Spread from Engine to Passenger Compartments in Post-Collision VehiclesFire Protection Engineering1999-04-23
Ierardi, James ArthurCharacterizing the Entry Resistance of Smoke DetectorsFire Protection Engineering2005-05-11
Johann, Matthew A.Fire-Robust Structural Engineering: A Framework Approach to Structural Design for Fire ConditionsFire Protection Engineering2002-12-02
Johnson, Peter F.Risk Assessment in Telephone ExchangesFire Protection Engineering1990-05-01
Joshi, Kulbhushan ArvindFactors governing spontaneous ignition of combustible dustsFire Protection Engineering2012-04-23
Kim, Mihyun EstherA Study on Pulsation In Runehamar Tunnel Fire Tests With Forced Longitudinal VentilationFire Protection Engineering2006-09-15
Kim, Jin Kyung A Conceptual Framework for Assessing Post-Earthquake Fire Performance of Buildings Fire Protection Engineering2014-04-25
Kim, Mihyun EstherParameter Estimation Methods for Comprehensive Pyrolysis ModelingFire Protection Engineering2013-11-19
Kwon, Jaewook Evaluation of FDS V.4: Upward Flame SpreadFire Protection Engineering2006-09-06
LaMalva, Kevin JosephFailure Analysis of the World Trade Center 5 BuildingFire Protection Engineering2007-05-01
Lantz, Renee VaillancourtModel Validation in Fire Protection EngineeringFire Protection Engineering2001-08-31
Lautenberger, Christopher W.CFD Simulation of Soot Formation and Flame RadiationFire Protection Engineering2001-12-19
LeBlanc, David Fire Environments Typical of Navy Ships Fire Protection Engineering1998-05-01
Lee, Sung-Mo A Performance Evaluation of Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Discharge TestFire Protection Engineering2004-04-18
Lee, Seung Han Material Property Estimation Method Using a Thermoplastic Pyrolysis ModelFire Protection Engineering2005-12-07
Lee, Minkyu Influence of the Reactant Temperature on Particle Entrained Laminar Methane-Air Premixed FlamesFire Protection Engineering2014-04-29
Lynch, James AndrewA Study of Smoke Aging Examining Changes in Smoke Particulate SizeFire Protection Engineering2004-04-12
Mueller, Eric VictorLES Modeling of Flow through Vegetation with Applications to Wildland FiresFire Protection Engineering2012-04-24
Murphy, Jill E.Determination of Failure Criteria for Electric Cables Exposed to Fire for Use in a Nuclear Power Plant Risk AnalysisFire Protection Engineering2004-01-13
Overholt, Kristopher JCharacterizing the Flammability of Storage Commodities Using an Experimentally Determined B-numberFire Protection Engineering2009-12-02
Park, Haejun Hot Surface Ignition Temperature of Dust Layers with and without Combustible AdditivesFire Protection Engineering2006-05-04
Park, Hae-Jun Development of a holistic approach to integrate fire safety performance with building designFire Protection Engineering2013-12-17
Parkinson, David LPerformance Based Design of Structural Steel for Fire ConditionsFire Protection Engineering2002-07-30
Pehrson, Richard Prediction of Fire Growth on Furniture Using CFDFire Protection Engineering1999-04-19
Phelan, Patrick Investigation of Enhanced Soot Deposition on Smoke Alarm HornsFire Protection Engineering2005-01-11
Rockwell, Scott RAn investigation into the use of Cross Correlation VelocimetryFire Protection Engineering2009-12-18
Rockwell, Scott Influence of Coal Dust on Premixed Turbulent Methane-Air FlamesFire Protection Engineering2012-08-14
Schifiliti, Robert P.Use of Fire Plume Theory in the Design and Analysis of Fire Detector and Sprinkler ResponseFire Protection Engineering1986-01-10
Sipe, Joel EdwardsDevelopment of an Instrumented Dynamic Mannequin Test to Rate the Protection Provided by Protective ClothingFire Protection Engineering2004-04-29
Sipe, Joel EA Porous Media Model for Sprinkler WettingFire Protection Engineering2010-03-19
Till, Robert A Building Evaluation Technique for Fire Department SuppressionFire Protection Engineering2000-12-21
Tracy, Adam RThe Implementation of Residual Risk Analysis for Explosion Protection Systems Fire Protection Engineering2010-05-25
Webb, Alex KFDS Modelling of Hot Smoke Testing, Cinema and Airport ConcourseFire Protection Engineering2006-12-06
Wong, William Chiu-KitCFD Flame Spread Model Validation: Multi-Component Data Set FrameworkFire Protection Engineering2012-06-07
Woodward, Andrew BruceFire Scenarios for an Improved Fabric Flammability TestFire Protection Engineering2003-04-24
Wright, Mark T.Flame Spread on Composite Materials for use in High Speed CraftFire Protection Engineering1999-08-30
Xie, Yanxuan Study of Interaction of Entrained Coal Dust Particles in Lean Methane-Air Premixed Flames Fire Protection Engineering2011-10-18
Zhao, Lei Bench Scale Apparatus Measurement Uncertainty and Uncertainty Effects on Measurement of Fire Characteristics of Material SystemsFire Protection Engineering2005-04-27
Ziemba, Gilead ReedTheoretical Analysis of Light-Weight Truss Construction in Fire Conditions, Including the Use of Fire-Retardant-Treatment WoodFire Protection Engineering2006-05-04

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