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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Sullivan, Michael AlanAn Instrument to Assess Organizational Change Capabilities for E-Business TransformationManagement2000-12-21
Venkatraman, Rajagopal Role of design service firms in product innovation Management2006-01-05
Avanessian, Alfred An Analysis of The Effect of 3-D Groove Insert Design on Chip Breaking ChartManufacturing Engineering2005-01-14
Bai, Hua Reverse supply chain coordination and design for profitable returns-an example of ink cartridgeManufacturing Engineering2008-12-17
Bergstrom, Torbjorn SInvestigation of Measurement Artifacts Introduced By Horizontal Scanning Surface Profiling InstrumentsManufacturing Engineering1999-12-16
Boyle, Iain MackinnonCAFixD: A Case-based Reasoning Method for Fixture DesignManufacturing Engineering2006-05-02
Bunuan, Paul FFIDOE: A Proof-of-concept Martian Robotic Support Cart Manufacturing Engineering1999-04-20
Cournoyer, Richard JohnThe Application of Parametric Software into the Undergraduate Computer-Aided Manufacturing EnvironmentManufacturing Engineering1999-04-30
Deshpande, Jayesh UThe Effect of Mechanical Mold Vibration On the Characteristics of Aluminum AlloysManufacturing Engineering2006-09-15
Diem, Matthew M.Development of a combined hot isostatic pressing and solution heat-treat process for the cost effective densification of critical aluminum castings Manufacturing Engineering2003-01-07
Geiger, Douglas JInvestigation into the influence of threshold forces and vibrations in diamond roll plunge dressing of grinding wheelsManufacturing Engineering2005-03-21
Gonzalez Jaramillo, Victor HugoA Methodology to Transform Small and Medium Companies to Lean Manufacturing Enterprises in EcuadorManufacturing Engineering2014-04-02
(WPI)Hagg, Heather Large System Transformation within Healthcare Organizations utilizing Lean Deployment StrategiesManufacturing Engineering2013-11-22
Huang, Shiping A Genetic Algorithm for Fixture Synthesis and Variation Manufacturing Engineering2011-05-31
Kang, Yuezhuang Computer-Aided Fixture Design VerificationManufacturing Engineering2001-12-07
Kummailil, John Process Models for Laser Engineered Net ShapingManufacturing Engineering2004-04-19
Li, Xuekun Modeling and simulation of grinding processes based on a virtual wheel model and microscopic interaction analysisManufacturing Engineering2010-04-09
liu, feng Optimized Design of Gating/Riser System in Casting Based on CAD and Simulation TechnologyManufacturing Engineering2009-01-20
Pelletier, Lori RebeccaInformation-Enabled Decision-Making in Health Care: EHR-Enabled Standardization, Physician Profiling and Medical HomeManufacturing Engineering2010-04-20
Purushothaman, Radhakrishnan Sensor Based Fixture Design and VerificationManufacturing Engineering2003-01-17
Purushothaman, Radhakrishnan Evaluation and Improvement of Heat Treat Furnace Model Manufacturing Engineering2008-08-27
Saleem, Muhammad QaiserHelium Assisted Sand Casting of Aluminum Alloys Manufacturing Engineering2011-04-25
Schlichting, Christopher CarstenSustaining Lean ImprovementsManufacturing Engineering2009-12-10
Tian, Wei Signature Analysis of OD Grinding Processes with Applications in Monitoring and DiagnosisManufacturing Engineering2008-12-18
Towner, Jr., Walter T.The Design of Engineering Education as a Manufacturing SystemManufacturing Engineering2013-04-18
Vader, Ranjeet DDevelopment of Computer Aided Heat Treatment Planning System (CAHTPS)Manufacturing Engineering2002-06-12
Wang, Zhe The Correlation between the Penetration Force of Cutting Fluid and Machining StabilityManufacturing Engineering2010-05-18
Xiao, Bowang Numerical Modeling and Experimental Investigation for Optimization in Quenching Processes of Aluminum and Steel PartsManufacturing Engineering2010-03-03
Yang, Yihong Integrated Quality Control Planning in Computer-Aided Manufacturing PlanningManufacturing Engineering2007-03-07
Yao, Suqin Computer-Aided Manufacturing Planning (CAMP)of Mass Customization for Non-rotational Part ProductionManufacturing Engineering2003-12-05
(WPI)Zhang, Lei Numerical modeling of induction assisted subsurface heating technologyManufacturing Engineering2012-02-18
Zheng, Yi Finite Element Analysis for Fixture StiffnessManufacturing Engineering2005-04-20
Zhou, Li Machining Chip-Breaking Prediction with Grooved Inserts in Steel TurningManufacturing Engineering2001-12-07
Zhou, Yao Study on Genetic Algorithm Improvement and ApplicationManufacturing Engineering2006-05-01
Barber, Lee PCharacterization of the Solidification Behavior and Resultant Microstructures of Magnesium-Aluminum AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2004-12-06
(WPI)Belsito, Danielle LApplication of Computational Thermodynamic and Solidification Kinetics to Cold Sprayable Powder Alloy DesignMaterials Science & Engineering2014-01-14
Bernard, III, William J.The Continuous Rheoconversion Process: Scale-up and OptimizationMaterials Science & Engineering2005-08-04
Bernier, Jeremy ScottEvolution and Characterization of Partially Stabilized Zirconia (7wt% Y2O3) Thermal Barrier Coatings Deposited by Electron Beam Physical Vapor DepositionMaterials Science & Engineering2002-05-09
borgonovo, cecilia Aluminum Nano-composites for Elevated Temperature ApplicationsMaterials Science & Engineering2010-06-02
Borgonovo, Cecilia Synthesis of Aluminum-Aluminum Nitride Nanocomposites by Gas-Liquid ReactionsMaterials Science & Engineering2013-04-29
Bowman, Amy CatherineA Selective Encapsulation Solution For Packaging An Optical Micro Electro Mechanical SystemMaterials Science & Engineering2002-01-03
Clark, Laura AInvestigation and Optimization of a Porous Sintered Ceramic Material in a Grinding ApplicationMaterials Science & Engineering2009-04-29
Dai, Xiaoshu Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds from Electrospun PVA/inorganic Sol PrecursorsMaterials Science & Engineering2006-04-21
Dai, Xiaoshu Synthesis and Processing of Polymers for Biomedical ApplicationsMaterials Science & Engineering2010-05-03
Dai, Chen Development of Aluminum Dross-based Material for Engineering Application Materials Science & Engineering2011-08-25
Dewhirst, Brian AOptimization of the Heat Treatment of Semi Solid Processed A356 Aluminum AlloyMaterials Science & Engineering2005-10-11
Dewhirst, Brian ACastability Control in Metal Casting via Fluidity Measures: Application of Error Analysis to Variations in Fluidity TestingMaterials Science & Engineering2008-12-05
Dougherty, Shelley A.Template-assisted fabrication of nano-biomaterialsMaterials Science & Engineering2009-04-29
Duan, Huanan Synthesis, Integration, and Characterization of Functional Inorganic NanomaterialsMaterials Science & Engineering2009-05-26
Duren, Leigh CX-Ray Fluorescence Measurements Of Molten Aluminum Elemental CompositionMaterials Science & Engineering2008-01-03
Eda, Goki Effects of Solution Rheology on Electrospinning of PolystyreneMaterials Science & Engineering2006-04-20
Fan, Yangyang Precipitation Strengthening of Aluminum by Transition Metal AluminidesMaterials Science & Engineering2012-04-13
Farrell, Kimberly A.Synthesis Effects on Grain Size and Phase Content in the Anatase-Rutile TiO2 SystemMaterials Science & Engineering2000-12-20
Findon, Matthew M.Semi-Solid Slurry Formation Via Liquid Metal MixingMaterials Science & Engineering2003-07-11
Fiore, Daniel FHigh Strength Bonding of SapphireMaterials Science & Engineering2002-08-27
Flynn, Dara SMechanical Behavior Analysis of a Carbon-Carbon Composite for Use in a Polymer Electrolyte Fuel CellMaterials Science & Engineering2003-10-30
Fontecchio, Marco Quench Probe and Quench Factor Analysis of Aluminum Alloys in Distilled WaterMaterials Science & Engineering2002-04-29
Garramone, Samantha Structure-Property Relationships in Angioplasty BalloonsMaterials Science & Engineering2001-04-26
Gateaud, Arnaud Physical and Chemical Mechanisms of Lubricant Removal During Stage I of the Sintering ProcessMaterials Science & Engineering2006-04-05
geng, xi synthesis and characterization of nanostructured carbon supported Pt-based electrocatalystsMaterials Science & Engineering2012-01-09
Guthy, Hema VardhanEvolution of the Eutectic Microstructure in Chemically Modified and Unmodified Al-Si AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2002-04-01
Hogan, Patrick AlanPrediction and Reduction of Die Soldering. Materials Science & Engineering2008-04-30
Hsu, Chen-Ming Electrospinning of Poly(£`-Caprolactone)Materials Science & Engineering2003-04-28
Janzen, Isaiah Modeling of Heat Treating Processes for Transmission Gears Materials Science & Engineering2009-12-14
Karabelchtchikova, Olga Fundamentals of Mass Transfer in Gas Carburizing Materials Science & Engineering2007-12-18
Koslowske, Mark T.A Process Based Cost Model for Multi-Layer Ceramic Manufacturing of Solid Oxide Fuel CellsMaterials Science & Engineering2003-07-18
Lados, Diana AidaFatigue Crack Growth Mechanisms in Al-Si-Mg AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2004-01-16
Lee, Lin The effect of flow rate, spray distance and concentration of polymer quenchant on spray quenching performance of CHTE and IVF probesMaterials Science & Engineering2005-04-28
Legait, Pierre-Alexandre Formation and Distribution of Porosity in Al-Si WeldsMaterials Science & Engineering2006-04-10
Li, Shimin Hot Tearing in Cast Aluminum Alloys: Measures and Effects of Process VariablesMaterials Science & Engineering2010-04-21
Liu, Wendi The Effects of Contaminants on the Gas Nitriding of Nitralloy-135Materials Science & Engineering2008-11-21
Lowell, Jodi MichelleThe Effects of Contamination and Cleaning on AISI 9310 Vacuum Carburized SteelMaterials Science & Engineering2009-12-09
Lu, Yuan A Study on Gas Quench Steel HardenabilityMaterials Science & Engineering2014-09-09
Ma, Shuhui Characterization of the performance of mineral oil based quenchants using CHTE Quench Probe SystemMaterials Science & Engineering2002-06-27
Ma, Shuhui A Methodology to Predict the Effects of Quench Rates on Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminum AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2006-03-24
Mayer, Jamie LynnDesign of a Rooftop Photovoltaic Array for the George C. Gordon Library at Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Structural, Thermal, and Performance AnalysisMaterials Science & Engineering2010-04-21
Mitchell, Ian DResidual Stress Reduction During Quenching of Wrought 7075 Aluminum AlloyMaterials Science & Engineering2004-05-06
Nowill, Courtney AnnInvestigation of the quench and heating rate sensitivities of selected 7000 series aluminum alloysMaterials Science & Engineering2007-07-26
Pasquali, Meghan Mechanism of Nanostructure Formation during Solution Template WettingMaterials Science & Engineering2011-04-19
Rondeau, Darrell KThe effects of part orientation and fluid flow on heat transfer around a cylinder.Materials Science & Engineering2004-05-06
Saha, Deepak De-lubrication during sintering of P/M compacts: Operative mechanism and process control strategyMaterials Science & Engineering2000-12-12
Saha, Deepak Novel Processing Methods and Mechanisms to Control the Cast Microstructure in Al Based Alloys - 390 and Wrought AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2005-03-02
Shepardson, Kevin WDiffusion and Phase Change During Heat Treatment of Ni-B Coatings on SteelMaterials Science & Engineering2008-04-24
Spence, Timothy The Effect of Machining Residual Stresses on the Dimensional Stability of Aluminum Alloys used in Optical Systems Materials Science & Engineering2010-04-14
Sun, Ning Friction Stir Processing of Aluminum AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2009-04-28
Tao, Jing Effects of Molecular Weight and Solution Concentration on Electrospinning of PVAMaterials Science & Engineering2003-06-12
Tucker, Joseph CUltrasonic welding of Copper to Laminate Circuit BoardMaterials Science & Engineering2002-04-12
Wang, Xiaolan The Effects of Rust on the Gas Carburization of AISI 8620 SteelMaterials Science & Engineering2008-07-30
Wang, Xiaolan Activated atmosphere case hardening of steelsMaterials Science & Engineering2011-07-07
Warke, Virendra S.Removal of Hydrogen and Solid Particles from Molten Aluminum Alloys in the Rotating Impeller Degasser: Mathematical Models and Computer SimulationsMaterials Science & Engineering2003-06-02
Warke, Virendra SPredicting the Response of Powder Metallurgy Steel Components to Heat Treatment. Materials Science & Engineering2008-07-21
Wei, Yingying Simulation, optimization and development of thermo-chemical diffusion processes Materials Science & Engineering2013-04-10
Woodward, Heather KathleenA Performance Based, Multi-process Cost Model For Solid Oxide Fuel CellsMaterials Science & Engineering2003-04-08
Wu, Qinxin Study of Hot Tearing in Cast and Wrought Aluminum AlloysMaterials Science & Engineering2012-04-23
wu, chang-kai Evaluation of Distortion and Residual Stresses Caused by Heat Treatment of Cast Aluminum Alloy ComponentsMaterials Science & Engineering2009-04-24
Wu, Chang Kai Predicting the Response of Aluminum Casting Alloys to Heat Treatment Materials Science & Engineering2012-04-15
Yan, Shi Strengthening Aluminum By Zirconium and Chromium Materials Science & Engineering2013-01-02
Yang, Mei Nitriding – fundamentals, modeling and process optimizationMaterials Science & Engineering2012-04-17
(WPI)Yao, Yuqin Synthesis, processing and applications of carbonaceous nanomaterialsMaterials Science & Engineering2013-07-24
Yu, Hao Processing Routes for Aluminum based Nano-Composites Materials Science & Engineering2010-04-22
Yu, Hao Metal Recovery via Automated SortationMaterials Science & Engineering2013-10-09
Zhang, Dawei Fabrication of bovine serum albumin nanotubes through template assisted layer by layer assembly Materials Science & Engineering2009-05-06
Ziolkowski, Joseph EdmundModeling of an Aerospace Sand Casting ProcessMaterials Science & Engineering2002-12-17
(WPI)Zou, Haiyang Development of a Recycling Process for Li-Ion BatteriesMaterials Science & Engineering2012-04-13
Acheampong, Osman KPricing Mortgage-Backed Securities using Prepayment Functions and Pathwise Monte Carlo Simulation.Mathematical Sciences2003-04-28
Adler, Jonathan DGraph Decompositions and Monadic Second Order LogicMathematical Sciences2008-04-30
Agunwamba, Chukwunomso A MATLAB Program to implement the band-pass method for discovering relevant scales in surface roughness measurementMathematical Sciences2010-01-14
AMPADU, EBENEZER Implementation of Some Finite Difference Methods for the Pricing of Derivatives using C++ Programming.Mathematical Sciences2007-05-19
Andrei, Mihnea StefanA discrete model for the default risk of inter-banking networks Mathematical Sciences2014-05-01
Asumeng-Denteh, Emmanuel Transaction costs and resampling in mean-variance portfolio optimizationMathematical Sciences2004-04-30
Avcioglu-Ayturk, Mubeccel Didem A Simulation of Industry and Occupation Codes in 1970 and 1980 U.S CensusMathematical Sciences2005-06-01
Bai, Yan A Bayesian Approach to Detect the Onset of Activity Limitation Among Adults in NHISMathematical Sciences2005-05-06
Baker, Alison MRestructuring Option Chain Data Sets Using MatlabMathematical Sciences2010-04-29
Barden, Jeffrey M.A Modified Clenshaw-Curtis Quadrature AlgorithmMathematical Sciences2013-04-24
Bhatta, Dilli A Bayesian Test of Independence for Two-way Contingency Tables Under Cluster SamplingMathematical Sciences2012-12-04
Blatt, Sharon LAn In-Depth Look at the Information RatioMathematical Sciences2004-09-16
Borges, Carlos A multifrequency method for the solution of the acoustic inverse scattering problem Mathematical Sciences2013-01-09
Brady, Kaitlyn Learning Curves in Emergency UltrasonographyMathematical Sciences2012-12-10
Branco, Dorothy MNonlinear Optimization of a Stochastic Function in a Cell Migration ModelMathematical Sciences2006-05-05
Carr, Justin PModeling Volatility DerivativesMathematical Sciences2011-12-16
Chase, Tyler A.Minimizing the Probability of Ruin in Exchange Rate Markets Mathematical Sciences2009-04-30
Chen, Xuewen A Nonlinear Viscoelastic Mooney-Rivlin Thin Wall Model for Unsteady Flow in Stenosis ArteriesMathematical Sciences2003-04-30
Chen, Taoye A Multi-level Model for Analysing Whole Genome Sequencing Family Data with Longitudinal Traits Mathematical Sciences2013-04-25
Chen, Lichen Asymptotic Methods for Stochastic Volatility Option Pricing: An Explanatory StudyMathematical Sciences2011-01-13
(WPI)Chen, Liwei Dense Matrices for Biofluids ApplicationsMathematical Sciences2014-04-30
(WPI)Chen, Huanting Portfolio Construction Using Principle Component AnalysisMathematical Sciences2014-08-06
Cheng, Wei Factor Analysis for Stock PerformanceMathematical Sciences2005-05-04
Copp, Jessica L.Course Summary of Computational Methods of Financial MathematicsMathematical Sciences2009-05-05
Cordes, Brian G.Modeling-Based Minimization of Time-to-Uniformity in Microwave Heating Systems Mathematical Sciences2007-04-27
Dang, Zhe Financial Mathematics ProjectMathematical Sciences2012-04-24
Delcroix, Sophie M.Bayesian Analysis of Cancer Mortality Rates from Different Types and their Relative OccurrencesMathematical Sciences1999-12-06
Desrosiers, Mary ElizabethPrices of Credit Default Swaps and the Term Structure of Credit RiskMathematical Sciences2007-05-01
DeWeese, Jackson PaulMarkowitz-style Quartic Optimization for the Improvement of Leveraged ETF TradingMathematical Sciences2013-04-25
Diallo, Nafi CThe Valuation of Credit Default SwapsMathematical Sciences2005-12-17
Dong, Yijun Portfolio Optimization, CAPM & Factor Modeling Project Report Mathematical Sciences2012-04-23
Donkor, Simon Performance Measurement in the eCommerce Industry.Mathematical Sciences2003-04-28
(WPI)Dunn, Kyle GeorgeAn Integral Equation Method for Solving Second-Order Viscoelastic Cell Motility ModelsMathematical Sciences2014-05-30
Dutta Bordoloi, Suwodi Interdependence of US Industry Sectors Using Vector Autoregression Mathematical Sciences2009-12-04
Eddy, Victoria MA Simulation Study of Warehouse Storage AssignmentMathematical Sciences2004-04-30
Erhardt, Erik BarryBayesian Simultaneous Intervals for Small Areas: An Application to Mapping Mortality Rates in U.S. Health Service AreasMathematical Sciences2003-11-24
Eshaq, Hassan Polyhedral ModelsMathematical Sciences2002-04-30
Evans, Emily JenningsExtension Operators and Finite Elements for Fractal Boundary Value Problems Mathematical Sciences2011-04-21
Fei, Bingxin Computational Methods for Option Pricing Mathematical Sciences2011-05-02
(WPI)Fisher, Charles EdwardThe Effects of a Navier-Slip Boundary Condition on the Flow of Two Immiscible Fluids in a MicrochannelMathematical Sciences2013-04-25
Freeman, Andre Dual-Eulerian Graphs with Applications to VLSI DesignMathematical Sciences2003-05-30
Gagnon, Michael AnthonyAn Adaptive Mixed Finite Element Method using the Lagrange Multiplier TechniqueMathematical Sciences2009-05-04
Gao, Pan Portfolio Construction and Risk Management: Practical Issues and ExamplesMathematical Sciences2003-04-28
Gao, Weiguo Portfolio Optimization Based on Robust Estimation ProceduresMathematical Sciences2004-04-30
Gao, Panwen The Portfolio Optimization ProjectMathematical Sciences2012-04-28
Gu, Chenchen Option Pricing Using MATLABMathematical Sciences2011-05-04
Guo, Ruijuan Sample comparisons using microarrays: - Application of False Discovery Rate and quadratic logistic regression Mathematical Sciences2007-12-15
Haas, Kathleen Modeling Blood Cell Concentration in a Dialysis CartridgeMathematical Sciences2010-04-29
Hallinan, Shawn E.Paired Comparison Models for Ranking National Soccer TeamsMathematical Sciences2005-05-05
He, Shiquan A Review of Linear Regression and some Basic Proofs for Lasso Mathematical Sciences2010-01-14
Howard, Patricia AnnAnalysis of Mesh Strategies for Rapid Source Location in Chemical/Biological AttacksMathematical Sciences2004-05-05
Hu, Qing Predictor Selection in Linear Regression: L1 regularization of a subset of parameters and Comparison of L1 regularization and stepwise selection Mathematical Sciences2007-05-14
Hu, Junling Barrier Option Pricing under SABR Model Using Monte Carlo MethodsMathematical Sciences2013-05-03
Huang, Fang Modeling Patterns of Small Scale Spatial Variation in SoilMathematical Sciences2005-12-09
Huang, Xueying Segmentation of Patient-Specific 3D Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images of Human Right VentricleMathematical Sciences2008-03-13
Huang, Xueying In Vivo MRI-Based Three-Dimensional Fluid-Structure Interaction Models and Mechanical Image Analysis for Human Carotid Atherosclerotic PlaquesMathematical Sciences2009-04-27
Infantino, Shanna Investment Analysis: Evaluating the Loss and Risk of a Stocks and Options PortfolioMathematical Sciences2012-04-26
Jiang, Qizhong Risk Analysis for Corporate Bond PortfoliosMathematical Sciences2013-05-02
Jin, Yi Regression Analysis of University Giving DataMathematical Sciences2006-12-05
Johnson, Chase RMolecular Graph TheoryMathematical Sciences2010-04-29
Kiley, Erin MA Computational Approach to Determining the Intrinsic Impedance of Perforated Metal Sheets Mathematical Sciences2011-05-04
Koci, Eni The stochastic discount factor and the generalized method of momentsMathematical Sciences2006-06-01
Kohengadol, Roni ANonlinear Solvers For Plasticity ProblemsMathematical Sciences2004-04-29
Kohli, Jasraj An Empirical Analysis of Resampled EfficiencyMathematical Sciences2005-04-26
Kondapaneni, Rajesh A Study of the Delta-Normal Method of Measuring VaRMathematical Sciences2005-05-05
Krykova, Inna Evaluating of path-dependent securities with low discrepancy methodsMathematical Sciences2003-12-23
Laine, Scott TThe Grid Bracing Problem and a GeneralizationMathematical Sciences2006-04-18
Lamontagne, Maurice Development of a Statistical Model for NPN Bipolar Transistor MismatchMathematical Sciences2007-04-20
Lan, Yi Survival Probability and Intensity Derived from Credit Default SwapsMathematical Sciences2012-01-13
Legare, Jonathan CharlesStudy of Structural Equation Models and their Application to Fitchburg Middle School DataMathematical Sciences2008-12-01
Leo, Angela AA Numerical Approach to Calculating Population Spreading Speed Mathematical Sciences2007-04-26
LeRay, David Efficient Pricing of an Asian Put Option Using Stiff ODE MethodsMathematical Sciences2007-05-09
li, yiwen Predicting Hearing Loss Using Auditory Steady-State Responses Mathematical Sciences2009-01-14
Li, Yi Liquidity Modeling Using Order Book DataMathematical Sciences2009-08-31
Li, Jiang Financial Mathematics ProjectMathematical Sciences2012-04-24
Liang, Haodong On the Constructions of Certain Fractal Mixtures Mathematical Sciences2009-05-01
(WPI)Liang, Haodong Fractal Interfaces and Heat Transmission Problems Mathematical Sciences2013-04-17
lin, zhipeng Computational Methods in Financial Mathematics Course ProjectMathematical Sciences2009-05-05
Liu, Guochun Value at Risk Models for a Nonlinear Hedged PortfolioMathematical Sciences2004-04-30
Liu, Ning Bayesian Nonresponse Models for the Analysis of Data from Small Areas: An Application to BMD and Age in NHANES IIIMathematical Sciences2003-04-25
Liu, Jie Novel Bayesian Methods for Disease Mapping: An Application to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseMathematical Sciences2002-04-24
Liu, Xinjia Pricing of Multi-Name Credit Derivatives Using Copulas Mathematical Sciences2008-01-11
LIU, DAYANG A Review of Causal Inference Mathematical Sciences2008-12-15
Liu, Pan On Quasi-Volume-Filling SurfacesMathematical Sciences2012-04-24
Lu, Qunfang FloraBayesian Forecasting of Stock Prices Via the Ohlson ModelMathematical Sciences2005-05-06
Lu, Mengliu Option Pricing Using Monte Carlo MethodsMathematical Sciences2011-05-03
Luo, Zhisui A Bayesian Analysis of a Multiple Choice TestMathematical Sciences2013-04-22
Malfas, Gregory P.Historical risk assessment of a balanced portfolio using Value–at-RiskMathematical Sciences2004-04-30
Maris, Razvan FlorianRandom Homogenization for the Stokes Flow through a Leaky MembraneMathematical Sciences2012-04-24
Marjerison, William MBayesian Logistic Regression with Spatial Correlation: An Application to Tennessee River PollutionMathematical Sciences2006-12-15
Matthews, Gregory JImproved paired comparison models for NFL point spreads by data transformationMathematical Sciences2005-05-05
McArthur, Gregory DComparative Analysis of Ledoit's Covariance Matrix and Comparative Adjustment Liability Model (CALM) Within the Markowitz Framework Mathematical Sciences2014-05-09
Moraski, Ashley M.Classification via distance profile nearest neighborsMathematical Sciences2006-05-04
Motyka, Matt Risk Measurement of Mortgage-Backed Security Portfolios via Principal Components and Regression AnalysesMathematical Sciences2003-04-28
Murphy, Ethan KaneRadial-Basis-Function Neural Network Optimization of Microwave SystemsMathematical Sciences2002-12-13
Nahabedian, Aaron JosephA Primal-Dual Approximation Algorithm for the Concurrent Flow ProblemMathematical Sciences2010-04-29
Neema, Isak Resident Student Perceptions of On-Campus Living and Study Environments at the University of Namibia and their Relation to Academic PerformanceMathematical Sciences2003-04-30
Ni, Peng The SCF-Anderson method for a Non-linear Eigenvalue Problem in Electronic Structure ComputationsMathematical Sciences2008-10-20
Ni, Peng Anderson Acceleration of Fixed-point Iteration with Applications to Electronic Structure ComputationsMathematical Sciences2009-11-13
Nouri, Suhila LynnExpected Maximum Drawdowns Under Constant and Stochastic VolatilityMathematical Sciences2006-05-04
Onofrei, Daniel THomogenization of an elastic-plastic problem.Mathematical Sciences2003-04-30
ONOFREI, DANIEL TNew results in the multiscale analysis on perforated domains and applications Mathematical Sciences2007-04-25
Owens, Will Finite Energy Functional Spaces on Unbounded Domains with a CutMathematical Sciences2009-05-24
Padhy, Bijaya L.NITSOL: A Newton Iterative Solver for Nonlinear Systems A FORTRAN-to-MATLAB ImplementationMathematical Sciences2006-04-28
Padhy, Budhinath Bayesian Data Analysis For The Sovenian PlebisciteMathematical Sciences2011-04-28
Palmacci, Matthew StephenEscher's Problem and Numerical SequencesMathematical Sciences2006-04-18
Pedersen, Kristen ESample Size Determination in Auditing Accounts Receivable Using a Zero-Inflated Poisson ModelMathematical Sciences2010-04-28
Plasse, Joshua HThe EM Algorithm in Multivariate Gaussian Mixture Models using Anderson AccelerationMathematical Sciences2013-04-25
Posterro, Barry JohnExplorations of Trading Strategies for Leveraged Exchange-Traded FundsMathematical Sciences2009-11-16
Potter, John RPseudo-Triangulations On Closed SurfacesMathematical Sciences2007-12-12
Pulido, Daniel Instability in a Cold Atom InterferometerMathematical Sciences2003-04-30
Qu, Jing Market and Credit Risk Models and Management ReportMathematical Sciences2012-05-01
Reese, Owein Homogenization of Acoustic Wave Propagation in a Magnetorheological FluidMathematical Sciences2004-05-05
Ren, Zhiwei Portfolio Construction using Clustering Methods Mathematical Sciences2005-04-26
Richard, Noelle M.Statistical Consulting at Draper LaboratoryMathematical Sciences2014-08-27
Richardson, Casey LyndaleSome Problems in the Mathematics of Fracture: Paths From Front Kinetics and a Level Set MethodMathematical Sciences2008-04-21
(WPI)Sabonis, Cynthia AnneNumerical Scheme for the Solution to Laplace's Equation using Local Conformal Mapping Techniques Mathematical Sciences2014-05-07
Shah, Azuri Investment Analysis: Evaluating the Loss and Risk of a Stocks and Options PortfolioMathematical Sciences2012-04-26
Shen, Gang Bayesian Predictive Inference Under Informative Sampling and TransformationMathematical Sciences2004-04-29
shen, karl A Preliminary View of Calculating Call Option Prices Utilizing Stochastic Volatility ModelsMathematical Sciences2009-05-05
Shen, Chen Risk Management Project Mathematical Sciences2012-04-30
Shulga, Yelena AModel-based calibration of a non-invasive blood glucose monitorMathematical Sciences2005-12-12
Simonis, Joseph PA Numerical Study of Globalizations of Newton-GMRES MethodsMathematical Sciences2003-04-30
Simonis, Joseph P.Newton-Picard Gauss-SeidelMathematical Sciences2005-05-13
Simonis, Joseph PInexact Newton Methods Applied to Under-Determined SystemsMathematical Sciences2006-04-25
Skjerven, Brian M.A Parallel Implementation of an Agent-Based Brain Tumor Model Mathematical Sciences2007-06-11
Sun, Xihao Pricing Options with Monte Carlo and Binomial Tree Methods Mathematical Sciences2011-05-04
Teixeira, Elizabeth Reflection and Transmission of a Plane Electromagnetic Wave on a Moving Boundary Between Two DielectricsMathematical Sciences2006-05-03
Thomas, Nordia DTime Frame and its Impact on Commodity Trading Advisor PerformanceMathematical Sciences2004-04-30
Tiani, John PUsing Applied Statistics to Study a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing ProcessMathematical Sciences2004-04-30
Toto, Ma. Criselda SantosBayesian Predictive Inference and Multivariate Benchmarking for Small Area MeansMathematical Sciences2010-04-16
Tu, Xuemin Enhanced Singular Function Mortar Finite Element MethodsMathematical Sciences2002-04-30
Twarog, Marek BPricing Security Derivatives under the Forward Measure Mathematical Sciences2007-05-31
Uemura, Shinji Estimating the Number of Species in a PopulationMathematical Sciences2006-12-12
Ursan, Alina MariaA Robust Cusum Test for SETAR-Type Nonlinearity in Time SeriesMathematical Sciences2005-05-31
Velo, Ani P.Optimal Design of Gradient Fields with Applications to ElectrostaticsMathematical Sciences2000-04-21
Volfson, Alexander Exploring the optimal Transformation for VolatilityMathematical Sciences2010-04-29
Wang, Junxiong Option Pricing Using Monte Carlo Methods Mathematical Sciences2011-05-04
Wang, Jie Incorporating survey weights into logistic regression modelsMathematical Sciences2013-04-22
Wasyk, Rebecca DawnNumerical Solution of a Transmission Problem with Prefractal InterfaceMathematical Sciences2007-10-26
Wolf, Diana Holmes Pricing American Options on Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds in the Binomial Pricing ModelMathematical Sciences2011-05-04
Xu, Chenghao Portfolio Optimization, CAPM & Factor Modeling Project ReportMathematical Sciences2012-04-30
Yan, Fu Computational Modeling of Oxygen Consumption in the Heart Based on PET MeasurementsMathematical Sciences2003-04-30
Yan, Lu Risk Management Project Mathematical Sciences2012-04-30
Yang, Li A Goodness-of-fit Association Test for Whole Genome Sequencing Data Mathematical Sciences2013-04-29
Zeng, Hong Fixed Income Database Design & ArchitectureMathematical Sciences2005-05-31
Zhang, Jun Organization & Analysis of Stock Option Market DataMathematical Sciences2011-01-08
(WPI)Zhang, Yunyun 3-Dimensional Model and Simulations of Sperm MovementMathematical Sciences2013-04-24
Zhang, Yafei Comparative Analysis of Ledoit's Covariance Matrix and Comparative Adjustment Liability Management (CALM) Model Within the Markowitz Framework Mathematical Sciences2014-05-08
Zhao, Hong A Bayesian Analysis of BMI Data of Children from Small Domains: Adjustment for NonresponseMathematical Sciences2006-12-22
Zhao, Min Risk Measures Extracted from Option Market Data Using Massively Parallel ComputingMathematical Sciences2011-04-27
Zhao, Zhen Portfolio Optimization, CAPM & Factor Modeling ProjectMathematical Sciences2012-04-25
Zhao, Yunfeng Risk Analysis for Corporate Bond PortfoliosMathematical Sciences2013-05-02
Zheltukhin, Sergey Preferred Frequencies for Coupling of Seismic Waves and Vibrating Tall BuildingsMathematical Sciences2013-04-29
Zhong, Xiao A Study of Several Statistical Methods for Classification with Application to Microbial Source TrackingMathematical Sciences2004-05-05
zhou, jingran a Bayesian test of independence of two categorical variables obtianed from a small area : an application to BMD and BMIMathematical Sciences2011-12-05
Zhou, Jie Portfolio Optimization, CAPM & Factor Modeling ProjectMathematical Sciences2012-04-26
(WPI)Zhuang, Ziyi The Portfolio Optimization ProjectMathematical Sciences2012-04-28
Zong, Yujie A Sensitivity Analysis of a Nonignorable Nonresponse Model Via EM Algorithm and BootstrapMathematical Sciences2011-03-28
Agheli Hajiabadi, Mohammad Mahdi Analytical Workspace, Kinematics, and Foot Force Based Stability of Hexapod Walking Robots Mechanical Engineering2013-04-09
Al-Kouz, Wael G.Investigation of Supersonic Gas Flows into Nanochannels Using an Unstructured 3D Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method Mechanical Engineering2009-06-19
Andreeva, Tatiana A.Ultrasonic Technique in Determination of Grid-Generated Turbulent Flow CharacteristicsMechanical Engineering2003-09-09
Arecco, Daniel Analysis and preliminary characterization of a MEMS cantilever-type chemical sensorMechanical Engineering2003-12-19
(WPI)Askarinejad, Sina Deformation Mechanisms in Bioinspired Multilayered MaterialsMechanical Engineering2013-09-10
Asselin, Daniel JosephCharacterization of the Near-Plume Region of a Low-Current Hollow Cathode Mechanical Engineering2011-04-26
Baiense, Jr., Joao CVortex Generator Jet Flow Control in Highly Loaded CompressorsMechanical Engineering2014-06-24
Balasubramanian, Ganapathi Raman Low-order coupled map lattices for estimation of wake patterns behind vibrating flexible cablesMechanical Engineering2003-08-22
Bapat, Nikhil DDevelopment of Sound Presentation System (SPS) for Characterization of Sound Induced Displacements in Tympanic MembranesMechanical Engineering2011-04-28
Bara, Richard J.Rupture Point Movement in Journal BearingsMechanical Engineering2004-05-24
Behlman, Nicholas JamesElectron Energy Distribution Measurements in the Plume Region of a Low Current Hollow CathodeMechanical Engineering2009-12-18
Belliveau, Kenneth DAn Investigation of Incipient Jump in Industrial Cam Follower SystemsMechanical Engineering2002-08-13
Benson, Brian CDesign and Analysis of a Rapid Kinetic Energy Transmission MechanismMechanical Engineering2011-04-22
Biswas, Souvik Simulation of Thermo-mechanical Deformation in High Speed Rolling of Long Steel ProductsMechanical Engineering2003-09-11
Biswas, Souvik Direct numerical simulation and two-fluid modeling of multi-phase bubbly flowsMechanical Engineering2007-04-26
Bond, Derek PNear Field Development of Buoyancy Driven FlowsMechanical Engineering2001-12-10
Bronski, Mark TDevelopment of a process for characterization of Nd:YAG crystalsMechanical Engineering2003-01-20
Byrne, Lawrence ThomasLangmuir Probe Measurements in the Plume of a Pulsed Plasma ThrusterMechanical Engineering2002-11-22
Castagno, Thomas AThe Effect of Knee Pads on Gait and ComfortMechanical Engineering2004-04-09
Chamberlin, Ryan EarlA Three-dimensional Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Methodology on Unstructured Delaunay Grids with Applications to Micro and NanoflowsMechanical Engineering2007-03-12
Chen, Kehui Powering of endoscopic cutting tools for minimally invasive proceduresMechanical Engineering2013-05-28
Chen, Xiaoran Computational and Experimental Approach for Non-destructive Testing by Laser ShearographyMechanical Engineering2014-06-24
(WPI)Chenelle, Brendan F.Friction Stir Welding in Wrought and Cast Aluminum Alloys: Microstructure, Residual Stress, Fatigue Crack Growth Mechanisms, and Novel ApplicationsMechanical Engineering2011-01-20
Chernyak, Vadim The Design and Realization of a Sensitive Walking PlatformMechanical Engineering2012-04-18
Court, Jeffrey Estimation of the Concentration from a Moving Gaseous Source in the Atmosphere Using a Guided Sensing Aerial VehicleMechanical Engineering2012-05-11
Couture, Eric DanielThe Design and Manufacture of an Elevating/Articulating Manual Wheelchair LegrestMechanical Engineering2006-04-21
Cusack, Jessy LDesign of a High Speed Clutch with Mechanical Pulse-Width Control Mechanical Engineering2013-03-06
Custodio, Derrick SThe Effect of Humpback Whale-like Protuberances on Hydrofoil PerformanceMechanical Engineering2007-12-10
Davis, Michael P.Low-Order Modeling of Freely Vibrating Flexible CablesMechanical Engineering2001-05-08
Day, Andrew HunterOptimization of a Micro Aerial Vehicle Planform Using Genetic AlgorithmsMechanical Engineering2007-05-31
Desabrais, Kenneth J.Velocity Field Measurements in the Near Wake of a Parachute CanopyMechanical Engineering2002-03-29
Deshpande, Anjali WStudy and characetrization of plastic encapsulated packages for MEMSMechanical Engineering2005-01-12
Eckman, Robert FrancisLangmuir Probe Measurements in the Plume of a Pulsed Plasma ThrusterMechanical Engineering1999-02-10
El Khatib, Wael Boundary Conditions for Granular Flows at Penetrable Vibrating Surfaces: Applications to Inclined Flows of Monosized Assemblies and to Sieving of Binary Mixtures Mechanical Engineering2013-04-22
Endres, Matthew JSpray Cooling of Steel Dies in a Hot Forging ProcessMechanical Engineering2002-08-30
Figueroa, Shana SuzanneIon Scattering in a Self-Consistent Cylindrical Plasma SheathMechanical Engineering2006-05-08
Gaboriault Jr., Edward M.The Effects of Fill-Nonuniformities on the Densified States of Cylindrical Green P/M CompactsMechanical Engineering2003-05-27
Ghadyani, Hamid R.Semi Automatic Segmentation of a Rat Brain AtlasMechanical Engineering2005-04-26
Ghadyani, Hamid RTetrahedral Meshes in Biomedical Applications: Generation, Boundary Recovery and Quality Enhancements Mechanical Engineering2009-03-23
Ghaem-Maghami, Elham The Passive Scalar Concentration and Velocity Fields of Isolated Turbulent PuffsMechanical Engineering2006-06-28
Ghatpande, Puja SudhakarStudy of Fixturing Accessibilities in Computer-Aided Fixture DesignMechanical Engineering2008-05-27
Giorelli, Massimo Methodology for Correlating Experimental and Finite Element Modal Analyses on Valve TrainsMechanical Engineering2002-03-05
Hammel, Jeffrey RobertDevelopment of an Unstructured 3-D Direct Simulation Monte Carlo/Particle-in-Cell Code and the Simulation of Microthruster FlowsMechanical Engineering2002-03-08
Han, Wei Computational and experimental investigations of laser drilling and welding for microelectronic packagingMechanical Engineering2004-05-10
Hera, Adriana Instantaneous Modal Parameters and Their Applications to Structural Health MonitoringMechanical Engineering2005-12-01
Horvath, Nathan RosendoInlet Vortex Formation Under Crosswind ConditionsMechanical Engineering2013-04-19
Huang, Wei Automatic Affine and Elastic Registration Strategies for Multi-dimensional Medical ImagesMechanical Engineering2007-04-26
Hulli, Nesim Development of an optoelectronic holographic otoscope system for characterization of sound-induced displacements in tympanic membranes Mechanical Engineering2008-12-15
Iourtchenko, Daniil VOptimal Bounded Control and Relevant Response Analysis for Random VibrationsMechanical Engineering2001-05-08
Iyer, Sidharth SureshModeling and Testing of a Series Elastic Actuator with Controllable DampingMechanical Engineering2012-01-11
Johari, Houri Development of MEMS Sensors for Measurements of Pressure, Relative Humidity, and TemperatureMechanical Engineering2003-04-29
Judge, Andy Air Gap Elimination in Permanent Magnet Machines Mechanical Engineering2012-04-02
Katz, Allan ADesign of a High Speed Hydraulic On/Off ValveMechanical Engineering2009-05-28
(WPI)Khakpour, Yasmin Numerical and Experimental Study of Heat and Mass Transfer Enhancement using Phase Change MaterialsMechanical Engineering2014-04-28
Khambekar, Jayant VijayModels for Compaction and Ejection of Powder Metal PartsMechanical Engineering2003-04-14
Khambekar, Jayant VijayKinetic Theory for Anisotropic Thermalization and Transport of Vibrated Granular MaterialMechanical Engineering2007-04-30
Klempner, Adam R.Development of a modular interferometric microscopy system for characterization of MEMSMechanical Engineering2007-01-04
Kmelnitsky, Vitaly MAutomated On-line Diagnosis and Control Configuration in Robotic Systems Using Model Based Analytical RedundancyMechanical Engineering2002-01-14
Kok, Wing Hang (Ronald) Development of a wireless MEMS inertial system for health monitoring of structuresMechanical Engineering2004-11-22
Kotikalapudi, Sivaramakrishna Spreading of Initially Spherical Viscous DropletsMechanical Engineering2000-08-31
Kulkarni, Praveen PFunctional MRI Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies to Map the Olfactory System of a Rat Brain.Mechanical Engineering2006-01-11
Lammi, Christopher JamesThe Effects of Processing Residual Stresses on the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Structural MaterialsMechanical Engineering2009-11-24
Laperriere, David DanielElectromechanical Modeling and Open-Loop Control of Parallel-Plate Pulsed Plasma Microthrusters with Applied Magnetic FieldsMechanical Engineering2005-06-27
LaPierre, Jeffrey AA Novel Tension-Member Follower Train for a Generic Cam-Driven Mechanism Mechanical Engineering2008-05-30
Laut, Jeffrey WA Dynamic Parameter Identification Method for Migrating Control Strategies Between Heterogeneous Wheeled Mobile RobotsMechanical Engineering2011-05-25
Liadis, Keith NicholasDesign of a Power-Assist Hemiplegic WheelchairMechanical Engineering2006-05-08
Linn, Anthony BlaneDetermination of Average Lift of a Rapidly Pitching AirfoilMechanical Engineering1999-10-25
Linn, Anthony BA Computational Study of Turbulent Structure Formation Mechanical Engineering2007-05-03
Liu, Wei Vibration Control of Large Scale Flexible Structures Using Magnetorheological DampersMechanical Engineering2005-03-02
Lockwood, Amy MEvaluation of Corrosion and Wear of Non-Skid Deck Surfaces in Marine EnvironmentsMechanical Engineering2010-04-27
Machate, Malgorzata SJoule heat effects on reliability of RF MEMS switchesMechanical Engineering2003-05-29
Mali, Girish SureshNovel Escapement Mechanism using a Compliant Mechanism and a Piezoelectric ActuatorMechanical Engineering2007-04-27
Marchetti, Paul JElectric Propulsion and Controller Design for Drag-Free Spacecraft Operation in Low Earth OrbitMechanical Engineering2006-12-06
Marinelli, Andrea TBiologically Inspired Wing Tip Geometry OptimizationMechanical Engineering2010-04-30
Marinis, Ryan ThomasDevelopment and implementation of automated interferometric microscope for study of MEMS inertial sensorsMechanical Engineering2009-04-07
Marr, Gregory M.Development of a Methodology for Creating Families of PartsMechanical Engineering1996-08-16
McIlhenny, Julia FArtificial Turbulent BurstsMechanical Engineering2002-01-04
Meleschi, Shangari B.Ultrasonic Technique In Determination Of Grid-Generated Turbulent Flow Characteristics And Caustic FormationMechanical Engineering2004-04-23
Mizar, Shivananda PaiThermomechanical characterization of NiTiNOL and NiTiNOL based structures using ACES methodologyMechanical Engineering2005-12-02
Moghani, Taraneh Controller Switching Policy in Flexible Plates Using PZT Actuators Subject to Spatiotemporal Variations of DisturbancesMechanical Engineering2004-05-10
Morin, Russell WalterA Novel Localization System for Experimental Autonomous Underwater VehiclesMechanical Engineering2010-04-16
Nanson III, Richard ANavier/Stokes/Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Modeling of Small Cold Gas Thruster Nozzle and Plume FlowsMechanical Engineering2002-04-19
Naqvi, Syed KazimScale Model Experiments on Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Mechanical Engineering2012-05-11
Nematbakhsh, Ali A Nonlinear Computational Model of Floating Wind Turbines Mechanical Engineering2013-04-16
Newman, Aaron W.The Effect of Superheat on Liquid Droplets in a Supersonic FreestreamMechanical Engineering1999-04-02
Nowakowski, Krzysztof A.Laser beam interaction with materials for microscale applicationsMechanical Engineering2005-12-12
Paracha, Omair ISurface Characterization of Cricket Balls Using Area-scale Fractal Analysis Mechanical Engineering2010-01-12
Paradorn, Vasin An Impact Model for the Industrial Cam-follower System: Simulation and Experiment Mechanical Engineering2007-10-11
Partridge, James MDevelopment of a Micro-Retarding Potential Analyzer for High-Density Flowing PlasmasMechanical Engineering2005-10-05
Partridge, James MichaelDevelopment and Implementation of Diagnostics for Unsteady Small-scale Plasma PlumesMechanical Engineering2009-09-29
(WPI)Patel, Viral K.Terrestrial and Micro-Gravity Studies in Electrohydrodynamic Conduction-Driven Heat Transport SystemsMechanical Engineering2015-03-23
Peck, Louis RaymondDynamic Failure Properties of the Porcine Medial Collateral Ligament: Predicting Human Injury in High Speed Frontal Automotive CollisionsMechanical Engineering2007-04-18
Potami, Raffaele Optimal sensor/actuator placement and switching schemes for control of flexible structures Mechanical Engineering2008-04-24
Price, Shaun MA Study of Case Based Reasoning Applied to Welding Computer Aided Fixture DesignMechanical Engineering2009-05-05
Qu, Long Realization and Lateral Stable Workspace Analysis of an Axially Symmetric Scalable Hexapod RobotMechanical Engineering2013-09-11
Rodenhiser, Rebecca JAn Ultrasonic Method for Aircraft Wake Vortex DetectionMechanical Engineering2005-08-30
Rodgers, Matthew T.Phase modulating interferometry with stroboscopic illumination for characterization of MEMSMechanical Engineering2006-12-15
Rong, Zhiyang Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical ApplicationsMechanical Engineering2008-08-14
Rowan, Matthew IvanAn Injury-Mimicking Ultrasound Phantom as a Training Tool for Diagnosis of Internal TraumaMechanical Engineering2006-12-18
Roy, Thomas RobertPlasma Potential Measurements in a Colloid Thruster PlumeMechanical Engineering2005-01-12
Salehian, Armaghan Identifying the Location of a Sudden Damage in Composite Laminates Using Wavelet ApproachMechanical Engineering2003-06-27
Sathaye, Sagar SanjeevLift Distributions On Low Aspect Ratio Wings At Low Reynolds NumbersMechanical Engineering2004-04-13
Scarsella, Michael JohnElectromechanical System Integration for a Powered Upper Extremity OrthosisMechanical Engineering2007-04-09
Shakeri, Cirrus Discovery of Design Methodologies for the Integration of Multi-disciplinary Design ProblemsMechanical Engineering1998-11-04
Shang, Weijian Teleoperation of MRI-Compatible Robots with Hybrid Actuation and Haptic FeedbackMechanical Engineering2014-12-05
Sharma, Siddharth Application of Support Vector Machines for Damage Detection in StructuresMechanical Engineering2008-12-16
Shi, Xiaochuan Effect of Electron Bombardment on the Size Distribution of Negatively Charged Droplets Produced by Electrospray Mechanical Engineering2012-01-09
Shinde, Abhijeet DipakA Wavelet Packet Based Sifting Process and Its Application for Structural Health MonitoringMechanical Engineering2004-08-19
Singh, Amarjit KumarDevelopment of Computer Aided Heat Treatment Planning System for Quenching & Tempering (CHT – q/t) and Industrial Application of CHT-bf & CHT-cfMechanical Engineering2006-05-01
Song, Yang Semi-Automatic Registration Utility for MR Brain Imaging of Small AnimalsMechanical Engineering2013-12-09
Spirkin, Anton MA Three-dimensional Particle-in-Cell Methodology on Unstructured Voronoi Grids with Applications to Plasma MicrodevicesMechanical Engineering2006-01-06
St. Rock, Brian EricThermal-Fluid Analysis of a Lithium Vaporizer for a High Power Magnetoplasmadynamic ThrusterMechanical Engineering2006-06-21
Stechmann, David PaulNumerical Analysis of Transient Teflon Ablation in Pulsed Plasma Thrusters Mechanical Engineering2007-07-03
Steward, Victoria Modeling of a folded spring supporting MEMS gyroscopeMechanical Engineering2003-06-20
Su, Hao Force Sensing and Teleoperation of Continuum Robot for MRI-Guided Surgery Mechanical Engineering2012-12-19
Sutherland, Erika SusanneAnalysis of the performance and stability of a passive recirculation loop for hydrogen delivery to a PEM fuel cell systemMechanical Engineering2011-04-15
Swathanthira Kumar, Murali Murugavel ManjakkattuvalasuImplementation of an Actuator Placement, Switching Algorithm for Active Vibration Control in Flexible StructuresMechanical Engineering2002-09-13
Swathanthira Kumar, Murali Murugavel MMagnetic Resonance Image segmentation using Pulse Coupled Neural Networks Mechanical Engineering2009-05-05
Sweeney, Robert JohnStatic H-infinity Control of a Cantilevered Beam Using an Analytical Upper Bound ApproachMechanical Engineering2005-04-08
Symeonidis, Kimon The Controlled Diffusion Solidification Process: Fundamentals and Principles Mechanical Engineering2009-04-27
Taylor, Sarah EBiologically Inspired Wing Planform OptimizationMechanical Engineering2009-05-15
Terdalkar, Sachin SharadGraphically Driven Interactive Stress Reanalysis for Machine Elements in the Early Design StageMechanical Engineering2003-07-24
Terdalkar, Rahul JDirect Numerical Simulation of Swirling Flows using the Front Tracking MethodMechanical Engineering2007-12-14
Thomas, Siju Multiscale Modeling Of Thin Films In Direct Numerical Simulations Of Multiphase Flows. Mechanical Engineering2009-05-05
Toddes, Steven PaulOptimization for Commercialization of A Two Degree of Freedom Powered Arm Orthosis Mechanical Engineering2007-04-26
Usowicz, James EAn Experimental Study of Flame Lengths and Emissions of fully-Modulated Diffusion FlamesMechanical Engineering2001-04-26
Vaidya, Rohit SubhashExperimental Testing of a Computer Aided Heat Treatment Planning SystemMechanical Engineering2003-08-26
Vuta, Ravi KNumerical Simulation of Moving Boundary ProblemMechanical Engineering2007-04-30
Wang, Yi MRI-Compatible Pneumatic Actuation Control Algorithm Evaluation and Test System DevelopmentMechanical Engineering2010-09-17
Wang, Yue Decision-Making for Search and Classification using Multiple Autonomous Vehicles over Large-Scale Domains Mechanical Engineering2011-03-28
Wang, Mianzhi Numerical Analysis of Transient Teflon Ablation with a Domain Decomposition Finite Volume Implicit Method on Unstructured GridsMechanical Engineering2012-04-20
Wang, Yao Structural and Functional Connectivity Analyses of Rat Brains Based on fMRI ExperimentsMechanical Engineering2012-11-07
Weber, Francis JUltrasonic Beam Propagation in Turbulent FlowMechanical Engineering2003-12-16
Wong, Lak Kin Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis on the Liquid Piston Gas CompressionMechanical Engineering2011-11-09
Xiao, Wenchang Structural Health Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis based on Artificial Immune System Mechanical Engineering2012-02-22
(WPI)Yang, Jun A Smoothed Dissipative Particle Dynamics Methodology For Wall-Bounded Domains Mechanical Engineering2013-04-29
Yanson, Logan MEffects of Liquid Superheat on Droplet Disruption in a Supersonic StreamMechanical Engineering2005-03-18
Ying, Min A Soft-Body Interconnect For Self-Reconfigurable Modular RobotsMechanical Engineering2014-04-08
Yu, Hongliang Automatic Rigid and Deformable Medical Image RegistrationMechanical Engineering2005-05-04
Yuan, Jiankun Circulation Methods in Unsteady and Three-dimensional FlowsMechanical Engineering2002-03-22
Zervas, Michael JayDevelopment of a High Speed, Robust System for Full Field-of-View 3D Shape Measurements Mechanical Engineering2011-08-26
Zhang, Jiachen Development of a parameter-insensitive artificial immune system for structural health monitoringMechanical Engineering2014-04-09
Zhang, Kewen Attitude Synchronization of Spacecraft Formation with Optimization and Adaptation of Consensus Penalty TermsMechanical Engineering2013-04-19
Zwahlen, Jurg CInvestigation of a Pulsed Plasma Thruster Plume Using a Quadruple Langmuir Probe TechniqueMechanical Engineering2002-11-20

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