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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Adamczyk, Anne Marie Electromagnetic Nucleus - Nucleus Cross Sections using Energy Dependent Branching Ratios Physics2009-04-21
Algarni, Saad ADevelopment and Application of an Area Recorded Generalized Optical Scattering TechniquePhysics2014-12-12
Anderson, Evan VAtomic Force Microscopy: Lateral-Force Calibration and Force-Curve AnalysisPhysics2012-04-25
Barjami, Saimir A New AC-Radio Frequency Heating Calorimetry Technique for Complex FluidsPhysics2005-04-25
Basu, Rajratan Dielectric Studies of Nanostructures and Directed Self-assembled Nanomaterials in Nematic Liquid CrystalsPhysics2010-03-30
Cruceanu, Florentin I.AC-Calorimetry and Dielectric Spectroscopy on Anisotropic Liquid Crystal and Aerosil Dispersions Physics2008-04-09
Dick, Frank AlbertScalar Field Theories of Nucleon InteractionsPhysics2007-04-19
Galeriu, Calin kp Theory of Semiconductor NanostructuresPhysics2005-12-02
Gianfrancesco, Anthony GiacomoMulti-wavelength characterization of cadmium telluride solar cell: Development of Q-EBIC and NSOM measurement techniquesPhysics2013-04-08
Girgis, Alexi MFinite Element Method Modeling of Optoconductance in Metal-Semiconductor Hybrid Devices Physics2010-11-02
Ilo-Okeke, Ebubechukwu OdidikaGuided-wave atom interferometers with Bose-Einstein condensate Physics2012-04-23
Kafle, Rudra PrasadTheoretical Study of Bose-Einstein Condensate-Based Atom Michelson InterferometersPhysics2012-04-24
Kalakonda, Parvathalu Thermal Physical Properties Of Nanocomposites Of Complex Fluids Physics2013-05-31
Kashuri, Klaida Calorimetric and Dielectric Studies of Self-assembled Bio-molecules in an Aqueous EnvironmentPhysics2013-11-26
(WPI)Li, Zehao Quantum Mechanics on the Möbius RingPhysics2013-02-04
Maleev, Ivan Partial Coherence and Optical VorticesPhysics2004-06-10
Martin, Rodica M.Reciprocity between Emission and Absorption for Rare Earth Ions in GlassPhysics2006-04-25
Merriam, Susan CarolDirect Demonstration of Self-Similarity in a Hydrodynamic Treatment of Polymer Self-DiffusionPhysics2002-04-29
Moussa, Jonathan EdwardThe Schroedinger-Poisson Selfconsistency in Layered Quantum Semiconductor StructuresPhysics2003-12-25
Nasto, Rachel HarteMori Projected Dynamics On A Quantum SystemPhysics2007-04-26
Norman, Ryan BradleyResonance Production and Nuclear Fragmentation for Space RadiationPhysics2008-04-17
(WPI)O'Connor, Samantha A High Throughput Matlab Program for Automated Force-Curve Processing Using the AdG Polymer ModelPhysics2014-08-13
Osborne III, Kenneth LTemperature-Dependence of the Contact Angle of Water on Graphite, Silicon, and GoldPhysics2009-04-23
Palacios, David MAn Optical Vortex Coherence FilterPhysics2004-06-09
Paro, Autumn DModeling High Altitude Electron Density Plumes Using Direct Numerical SimulationPhysics2014-04-05
Peters, Jeffrey Formation of Vesicles in Lipid-Liquid Crystal Colloidal Mixtures Physics2014-05-01
PRADHAN, NIHAR R.Thermal Conductivity of Nanowires, Nanotubes and Polymer-Nanotube CompositesPhysics2010-03-23
Pugsley, Lisa MExtraordinary Magnetoresistance in Two and Three Dimensions: Geometrical OptimizationPhysics2012-04-25
Roshi, Aleksander Quenched Random Disorder Studies In Liquid Crystal + Aerosil DispersionsPhysics2005-04-26
Rozas, David Generation and Propagation of Optical VorticesPhysics1999-08-20
(WPI)Shojaeizadeh, Mina An improved approach for cell traction force microscopy using a continuous hydrogelPhysics2013-06-05
Sigdel, Krishna PPhase transition studies of liquid crystal colloids with solvents and nano-solids Physics2011-04-15
Stickney, James ArthurA theoretical analysis of Bose-Einstein condensate based beamsplitters, interferometers, and transistorsPhysics2007-10-11
Thoreson, Erik J.Apparatus to Deliver Light to the Tip-sample Interface of an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)Physics2002-08-26
Thoreson, Erik J.From nanoscale to macroscale, using the atomic force microscope to quantify the role of few-asperity contacts in adhesionPhysics2005-12-12
Vanslette, Kevin MTheoretical Study of Variable Measurement Uncertainty h_I and Infinite Unobservable EntropyPhysics2013-04-19
Verlinden, Nicholas H. P.The Excited State Absorption Cross Section of Neodymium-doped Silica Glass Fiber in the 1200-1500 nm Wavelength Range Physics2008-07-25
Waegell, Mordecai Nonclassical Structures within the N-qubit Pauli Group Physics2013-04-25
Wojcik, Stefanie EEffects of Internal Waves and Turbulent Fluctuations on Underwater Acoustic PropagationPhysics2006-03-03

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