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Author Name TitleDepartmentDate
Alley, Peter JIntroductory Microcontroller Programming Robotics Engineering2011-04-28
Barrett, Justin MichaelAnalyzing and Modeling Low-Cost MEMS IMUs for use in an Inertial Navigation SystemRobotics Engineering2013-04-26
Cole, Gregory Modular MRI Guided Device Development System: Development, Validation and ApplicationsRobotics Engineering2012-09-10
Coleman, Catherine The Development of a Sensitive Manipulation End EffectorRobotics Engineering2014-02-27
Du, Ruixiang An Intelligent Portable Aerial Surveillance System: Modeling and Image StitchingRobotics Engineering2013-05-22
Fitzpatrick, Robert JDesigning and Constructing an Animatronic Head Capable of Human Motion Programmed using Face-Tracking SoftwareRobotics Engineering2012-05-01
Heslinga, Paul Analysis and Realization of a Dual-Nacelle Tiltrotor Aerial VehicleRobotics Engineering2014-04-28
Kent, David EConstruction of a 3D Object Recognition and Manipulation Database from Grasp DemonstrationsRobotics Engineering2014-04-07
Kindle, Alexander LawrenceAn Embedded Seizure Onset Detection SystemRobotics Engineering2013-09-19
Long, Xianchao Tactile-Based Mobile Robot NavigationRobotics Engineering2013-05-28
Wisely Babu, Benzun PiousVisual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for a tree climbing robotRobotics Engineering2013-09-12
Youngsma, Katiegrace Development of a Model and Simulation Framework for a Modular Robotic LegRobotics Engineering2012-06-06

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