About the Design


A view of the building's main entrance and eastern façade.


The first-floor reception area.


A conference room.

The brick exterior, designed in the Georgian Revival style, echoes elements of nearby buildings, including Sanford Riley Hall, WPI's first residence hall, and Higgins Laboratories, home to the Mechanical Engineering and Fire Protection Engineering departments. Cast stone and slate details enhance the exterior finish, which includes significant details, windows, and glass. The roof, of traditional slate, is set off on the gable ends by cast cap stones.

The building's most notable feature, a window wall system, rises from the first floor to the ceiling of the second floor within the west façade, providing striking views of the Quadrangle and the hills beyond the campus. A spacious plaza on this side of the building overlooks an expanded campus Quadrangle.

The building sits slightly above the surrounding grade, accessible by cast concrete stairs and ramps. Its main entrance is at the east end, near the landmark Beech Tree Circle. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions occupies the first floor; the Office of Financial Aid is on the second level. Both floors feature spacious reception areas, conference rooms, interview rooms, and staff offices and work areas. A 42-seat multimedia presentation room is located on the first floor.

Bartlett Center is the first WPI building to be registered with the U.S. Green Building Council and has been designed as a "green" building using sustainable design principles under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

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