2010 Winners

Engineering Division

Muhammad Q. Saleem, Ph.D., Manufacturing Engineering, 1st Place

Gregory A. Cole, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 1st Place

Reyyan Koc, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2nd Place

Paul David Cotnoir, Ph.D., Manufacturing Engineering, 3rd Place

Life Sciences & Bioengineering Division

Jacques P. Guyette, PhD, Biomedical Engineering, 1st Place

Denis Kole, Ph.D., Biology & Biotechnology, 2nd Place

Charu Jain, Ph.D., Biology & Biotechnology, 3rd Place

Management and Social Science Division

Ermal Toto, Ph. D., Interdisciplinary Learning Sciences, 1st Place

Adam R. Nakama, Master’s, Interdisciplinary Learning Sciences, 2nd Place

Juelaila J. Raziuddin, Ph. D., Interdisciplinary Learning Sciences, 3rd Place

Science Division

Aaron G. Holroyd and Brett E. Ponsler, Master’s, Computer Science, 1st Place

Zachary A. Pardos, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2nd Place

Lori R. Pelletier, Ph.D., Manufacturing Engineering, 2nd Place


Grant McGimpsey

John A. Orr

Richard Sisson


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