President's IQP Awards

2014 President’s IQP Award – Entries Open Until September 18!

2014 Entries for the 2014 President’s IQP Award are now open!

Learn more about the Entry Rules and Guidelines



Entry Rules and Guidelines

  1. A project may be submitted any time after its completion. Completion is defined as follows: If the Registrar has recorded the Completion of Degree Requirement form (CDR), the project is completed for those students named on the forms.
  2. A project may be submitted only once.
  3. To enter the competition, the project author(s) must:
    1. Fill out the competition entry form online at
    2. Submit a separate Executive Summary of no more than five single-spaced pages. Note: You may revise the executive summary of your final project report for this purpose. This summary should accurately represent the report and call attention to those features of the project which are felt to be outstanding and worthy of consideration by the Awards Committee. This summary is the major determinant in the preliminary appraisal stage. Projects are unlikely to get beyond the preliminaries if the summary is poorly written. We urge you to discuss your Executive Summary with your advisor.
    3. Project report. Normally, electronic copies of the project are available in the Gordon Library’s database. A link to the report should be provided on the entry form. If the report is not available through the library please consult with the IGSD regarding access to the report.
    4. Notify your IQP advisor(s) that you will be entering your project in the competition.
  4. Project advisors will be asked to comment, in writing, on the project for the Awards Committee. A positive recommendation from the advisor(s) is required before a project will move beyond the preliminary stage to the finalist stage.

Competition Guidelines

Projects will be judged and awards made once each academic year.

  1. The awards will be made for the first, second, and the third places at the discretion of the judges.
  2. Projects will be judged using the following system:
    1. Preliminary review of all entries.The Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division (IGSD) will appoint a faculty screening panel to read and review the project executive summaries and reports. This committee will select the best five or six projects as finalists.
    2. The Final judging
      1. The Awards Committee, which includes external judges, will read the summaries and review the project reports of the finalists.
      2. In Term C, the authors of the selected projects will be invited to make a 20 minute presentation of their project during the final judging.
      3. The competition winners will be announced by the judges at a reception following the oral presentations.
    3. The competition presentation this year will be on Friday, January 30, 2015 in the Rubin Campus Center Odeum.

Additional Information

For additional information, contact Ruth McKeogh at the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division in the Project Center building.

2013 President’s IQP Award Winner Selected

Out of 67 teams that submitted projects for the President's IQP Award, five finalists were chosen to present their projects to a panel of judges on January 31.

 The judges selected:

Promoting a Lead Free Community: An Educational Program for Schools in Thailand
Students: Brianna Hayes, ’14; Taylor McNally, ’14; Trevor Rancourt, ’14; Tracy Sinkewicz, ‘14 in collaboration with Pavisara Nanthasurasak, Itthiporn Piyasirikul and Patcharin Thitiwitayaporn of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry (BSAC) Program, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
Advisors: Stanley Selkow and Seth Tuler or WPI and Parichatr Vanalabhpatana (Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand)

Congratulations to the winning project team and the four finalists for their impressive work.

2013 Award Team Finalists

Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness in the Greater Wellington Region
Students: Courtnae-Symone Currie, ‘14; Julian Enjamio,’14; David Girardo,’14; Casey Hensel, ‘14
Advisors: Michael Elmes and Ingrid Shockey

Okundjeneka, Okutalaleka: A Two-Step Process for Sustainable Thermal Regulation in Kambashus in Katutura
Students: Timothy Grupp,’14; Anthony Guerra,’14; Olivia Hart, ’14; Dana Wolkiewicz, ‘14
Advisors: Creighton Peet and Alexander Smith

Developing A Sustainable Waste Tire Management Strategy for Thailand
Students: Kailyn Connor, ’14; Steven Cortesa, ’14; Shakhizada Issagaliyeva, ’14; Adam Meunier, ‘14 in collaboration with Orachitr Bijaisoradat, Nachnicha Kongkatigumjorn and Kunathon Wattanavit of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry (BSAC) Program, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science,
Advisors: Stanley Selkow, Seth Tuler and Supawan Tantayanon (Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand)

Mapping the Potential for Urban Agriculture in Worcester: A Land Inventory Survey
Students: Jay Ringenbach, ’14; Matthew Valcourt, ’14; Wenli Wang, ‘15
Advisors: Robert Hersh and Suzanne LePage

2013 Honorable Mention

Heating Piglets in Paraquay
Maximilian Ardini, ‘14 and Patricia Mackoul, ‘14
Advisors: Derren Rosbach and Robert Traver