2010 Winners

First Place

  • Evaluating ‘Business Opportunities with Solar Energy in Un-Electrified Areas’ in Namibia
    Chelsea C. Sheehan, BIO, Heidi P. Robertson, BME,
    John-Andrew Sandbrook CS
    Advisors: Profs. R. Ludwig and S. Nikitina

Second Place 

  • Analysis of Privacy and Interoperability Issues Affecting Danish Consumers of Health IT Systems
    Students: Sahil S. Bhagat, BME/BB, Danielle C. Fontaine, IE, Karl Gibson, CS/IMGD
    Advisor: Prof. H. Ault 
  • Designing a Water and Sanitation Centre Prototype for Monwabisi Park, Cape Town
    Students: Blake A. Kelly, MAC, Melanie K. Donahue, BB/BBT, Joshua D. Matte, ME
    Advisors: Profs. S. Jiusto and J. Petruccelli
  • Designing Safe Playgrounds for the Klong Toey Community
    Students: Elizabeth L. Casey, BME, Michael A. Ciampa, ECE, Cailah S. DeRoo, PHE|
    Advisors: Profs. T. Robertson and B. Servatius
  • An Electronic Interface to Aid in Learning How to Play a Musical Instrument
    Students: Patrick DeSantis, ECE, James Montgomery, ECE, Sean Levesque, ECE
    Advisors: Profs. F. Bianchi and A. Wyglinski


Provost Eric Overstrom-WPI; Jim Baum – CEO Netezza; Christa Bleyleben – MassGlobalPartners; Al Barry – Barry Consulting and Stanlok

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