2003 Winners

2003 Winners & Semifinalists

First Place:

  • Jonathan Bayreuther '04, Joel Lofgren '04, Smriti Shrestha '04: "Building a Cyclist's Comfort Guide"
    Advisor: Professor Holly Ault

Second Place:

  • Thomas Battistini '04, Melinda Palma '04, Amanda Roberts '04, Christopher Vigneau '04: "Recommendations to Improve Quality of Life at the Pakkred Home"
    Advisors: Professors Chrysanthe Demetry, Richard Vaz

Third Place:

  • Jennifer Flynn '04, Paul Fydenkevez '04, Brian McCarthy '04, Christine O'Connell '04: "Optimizing Parking Regulations Enforcement and Revenue Collection in the City of Cambridge"
    Advisors: Professors Fabio Carrera, Angel Rivera
  • Patrick Lahar '05, Brittany Doucette '05, William Durgin '05: "Analysis Model of Resources for Costa Rican Firefighters"
    Advisors: Advisors: Professors H.J. Manzari, Susan Vernon-Gerstenfeld
  • Erin Hicks '04, Justin Johnson '04, Michael Torilli '04, "Water Management in the Upper Catchment of the Kuiseb River Basin"
    Advisors: Professor Steven Pierson; Creighton Peet


  • Richard Ballard '04, Andrew Fowler '04, Colin Joyce '05, Jason Myatt '05: "Sustainable Development Mini-Guides"
    Advisor: Professor Hossein Hakim
  • Brad Pelletier '04, Eryn Samuels '04, Adam Levesque '04: "Solid Waste Management in Costa Rica and the United States - A Comparative Analysis of Five Municipalities"
    Advisors: Professors Susan Vernon-Gerstenfeld, H.J. Manzari
  • Zachary Lewko '04, Houng Ly '04, Kevin Menard '04: "Developing an On-Line Community for Nurses"
    Advisors: Professors James Demetry, Donald Brown
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