2004 Winners

First Place

  • "Energy Efficiency Guidelines for Low-Cost Housing"
    Students: Andrew Mumford, Jessica Sulzmann and Jesse Tippett
    Advisor: Art Gerstenfeld and Susan-Gerstenfeld

Second Place

  • "Development of Communal Washing Facilities for the Northwest Settlements of Windhoek, Namibia"
    Students: Adam Bryant, Andrew Campbell and Patrick Salmon
    Advisors: Art Gerstenfeld and Susan Vernon-Gerstenfeld
  • "The Development of an Irrigation System in the Village Of Nong Din Dam"
    Students: Chase Cote, Kevin Monahan and Steve Toddes
    Advisors: Joel Brattin and Steve Weininger

Third Place (tie)

  • "Noise Monitoring in San Juan, Puerto Rico"
    Students: Krista Backiel, Andrew Day, Jaime Grouf, and Dimitri Stancioff
    Advisors: Bland Addison and Tahar El-Korchi
  • "Increasing Awareness of Lahu Culture through Solar Technology"
    Students: Benjamin Mar and Christopher Treat
    Advisors: Joel Brattin and Steve Weininger

Judges: Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen, vice president, Office of Education and Institutional Renewal, Association of American Colleges and Universities; Dr. Gordon Streeb, associate executive director, Peace Programs, The Carter Center; Mr. Scott Allen, journalist, Health and Science, The Boston Globe; Mr. Chris Corpuz '79; entrepreneur; and Dr. Dennis Berkey.

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