2005 Winners

First Place (tie)

  • "Irrigation Development to Improve the Lives of Impoverished Children (Kanchanaburi, Thailand)"
    Students: Simon D. Beckwith, Julia A. Cohn, Leigh C. Duren and Kyle R. Lewis
    Advisors: Robert Krueger and Stephen Pierson
  • "Composting for Sustainable Waste Management"
    Students: Ashley J. Bourgault, Witt C. Guinn, Kathryn L. Herchenroder and David P. Stechmann
    Advisors: Scott Jiusto and Lauren Matthews

Second Place (tie)

  • "Developing a Robotics Outreach Program"
    Students: Sean P. Donovan, Alexander H. Hecht and Justin Woodwood
    Advisors: Brad Miller and Kenneth Stafford
  • "Assessing Prepay Water Metering in the Informal Settlements of Windhoek"
    Students: Paul P. Kastner, J. Michael McHugh, Anne L. St. Martin and Jacquelyn Youssef
    Advisors: W. Bland Addison and Stephen J. Weininger

Third Place

  • "Preserving the Nautical Traditions and Maritime Heritage of Venice, Italy"
    Students: Brian J. Catalano, Kristen J. Gervais and Ryan D.
    Advisors: Fabio Carrera and John Zeugner


Dr. Michael T. Clegg, Professor of Biological Sciences Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, School of Biological Sciences, University of California, and Foreign Secretary, US National Academy of Sciences; Dr. Cheryl Scheid, Vice Chancellor of Faculty, Administration and Interim Provost, UMass Medical School; Dr. William B. DeLauder, Executive Director, Commission on the Abraham Lincoln Study Abroad Fellowships, and President Emeritus, Delaware State University; Dr. Carol Simpson, Provost and Senior Vice President, WPI; Dr. Dennis Berkey, President, WPI.

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