2007 Winners

First Place:

  • Energy Profiling for Off-Grid Energization Solutions in Namibia
    By Jason P. Frey, Ryan S. Kendrick, Jodi M. Lowell, John M. Rothermel
    Advisors: Robert Krueger & Fred Looft

Second Place (tie):

  • Noise Data Farming for the City of Boston
    By Shannon E. O'Toole, Brandon R. Finzel, Justin Perron, Jacob E. Russell
    Advisors: Chrysanthe Demetry & Kevin Clements
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Education: A Look at the HIV/AIDS Awareness activities at the Polytechnic of Namibia
    By Danielle A. Dionne, Amanda L. Tichy, Jessica E. Sullivan-Keizer, Derrick DiConti
    Advisors: Robert Krueger & Fred Looft

Third Place (tie):

  • Demand Response Programs in the Greater Boston Area
    Students: Michael A. Irace, James P. Chryssanthaacopoulos, Chukwunomso Agunwamba, Eyuel Abebe, Muzhtaba Tawkeer Islam
    Advisors: J.K. Doyle & A.E. Emanuel
  • Developing a Strategy to Improve Solar Home System Sustainability in Rural Thailand
    By Gabriel Baldwin, Benjamin Childs, Carolyn Hunter, Victoria Urrea
    Advisors: Bland Addison & Seth Tuler

Thanks to all for participating in an interesting day of presentations that highlighted the great achievements of our students, their advisors and the WPI project program.

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