2007 Winners

Aerospace Engineering

  • Rachel Berg '07, Matthew Clark '07: "Analysis of an Onboard Infrared Camera Assembly"
    Advisor: Nikos Gatsonis

Biology and Biotechnology

  • Donna Davidson '07: "Inhibition of HIV—1 Tat—Induced Inflammation by the NF—kB Subunit RelB"
    Advisor: David Adams

Biomedical Engineering

  • Charles Gammal '07(ME/ECE), Erika Hall '07,Rachelle Horwitz '08, Stephanie LeGare '07: "A Device for Monitoring the Severity of Peripheral Edema"
    Advisors: Kristen Billiar, Yitzhak Mendelson, John McNeill (ECE), Raymond Dunn (UMMS)

Chemical Engineering

  • Priya Jayachandran '07: "Kinetics of Nanoparticle—Based DNA Hybridization"
    Advisor: Susan Zhou

Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Eugene Douglass '07 (Chemistry): "Synthesis and Quantitative Testing of Electrochemical and Optical Sensors in Surface Formats"
    Advisor: Grant McGimpsey
  • Kerri George '07 (Biochemistry): "The Effects of Ajulemic Acid on Osteoclast Differentiation"
    Advisor: Jill Rulfs (BB)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Christine Keches '07, Amy LeBlanc '07: "Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Asphalt Materials"
    Advisor: Rajib Mallick

Computer Science

  • Todor Kiryazov '07, Gregory McHale '07, Daniel Mezynski '07, Phillip Sweeney '07: "ComputerWorld Survey System"
    Advisor: David Brown, Diane Strong (MG)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Jeffrey Pelligrino '07, John Scimone '07,Kaushal Shrestha '08: "AMISR RF Amplifier Test Station"
    Advisor: John Orr
  • Brian Foley '07, Sean Hallinan '07, Hans Jensen '07: "Non—Invasive Metal Detection"
    Advisors: Stephen Bitar, Reinhold Ludwig, Sergey Makarov
  • Kevin Bobrowski '07, Christopher Korzeniowski '07, Francisco de Molina Cobo '07: "Search and Rescue Robot"
    Advisor: James Duckworth


  • John Bosch '07, Joseph Hsu '07, Erin Mazuera '07, Kelly Osberg '07: "Demographic Preferences in Web Design: Usability Testing Through Eye Tracking"
    Advisors: Soussan Djamasbi, Thomas Tullis

Interactive Media & Game Development

  • Brandon Germain '07, Robert Shaw '07: "From FPS
    into Strategy CTF in UT2k4"
    Advisor: David Finkel

Mathematical Sciences

  • Andrew Port '07, Jeremy Ristau '07: "One—Dimensional Viscoelastic Cell Motility Model"
    Advisor: Roger Lui
  • Jessica Clark '07, Sean Mulready '07: "Optimal Portfolio Analysis with Turnover Constraints"
    Advisor: Arthur Heinricher

Mechanical Engineering

  • Samuel Feller '07, Nathan Malatesta '07, Nicholas McMahon '07
    Advisor: Kenneth Stafford


  • Colin DeGraf '07, Keeley Stevens '07: "Lateral Force Calibration for Probe Microscopy"
    Advisor: Nancy Burnham

Professional Writing

  • Stephanie LeGare '07: "Drawing Back the Curtains: Finding New Ways to Assess and Improve Tutoring Services in the Writing Center at WPI"
    Advisor: Lorraine Higgins (HUA)

The Provost's MQP Awards recognize students who have completed outstanding Major Qualifying Projects as a demonstration of their competency in their chosen academic disciplines. Each academic department holds its own competition to select the winners.

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