IQP Aims to Ban Water Bottles on Campus

A main Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) on the board this year has been the group working on the water bottle ban at WPI. In order to execute this ban, the group must prove to the community that tap water is the more affordable, higher quality, and more sustainable option.

In order to do this, the group has used publicity and outreach through events and other encouragement. Their goal is to eliminate the demand for disposable water bottles on the WPI campus, from different meal venues and from vending machines, and to inspire community members to use refillable metal and plastic water bottles.

If the first group's campaign is unsuccessful, the goal will be passed on to the next IQP team in the next term, until WPI is officially, disposable-water-bottle free.

To learn more about the impacts of disposable water bottles and the Think Outside the Bottle Campaign, please click here.

December 10, 2012

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