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Eco-Rep Program

As a part of the SynergE Worcester, a sustainability partnership with Holy Cross, Clark University, we are proud to be reinvigorating our student and staff Eco-Rep program. Eco-Reps are representatives that will be trained to become sustainable change agents. They will educate other residents in their community about environmental issues and encourage them to live in a sustainable way. Goals of the program include enhancing students’ knowledge and skills to successfully communicate sustainability to their peers, increasing overall student awareness of environmental actions and ways to effect individual and group change on campus, and institutionalizing environmental stewardship.

We are currently seeking students (incoming Fall 2013) to represent their residence halls. See linked document for more information, 2013-2014 Student Eco-Rep Application Information.



Student Green Team

The WPI Student Green Team is a student organization that aims to increase sustainable efforts and awareness on campus. The Green Team jump starts every year by inviting students, faculty and staff to sign a sustainability pledge. Along with various awareness campaigns each semester, the organization engages in sustainable projects which have included WPI’s first waste audit and an e-waste drive. The Green Carnival, an annual event held at the end of the year, mixes interactive games and trivia to get the WPI campus community involved in sustainability. The Student Green Team is open to new ideas and projects and strives to be a leading sustainability group on the WPI campus.

contact for more information

Students for a Just and Stable Future

Students for a Just and Stable Future is a regional student organization focused on environmental responsibility and social justice. SJSF actively fights the instigators of global climate change and social injustice by means of introducing state legislature that demands clean energy and the abolition of coal, non-violent direct action against international fossil fuel campaigns, and other forms of political activism and grassroots movement. The WPI chapter of SJSF is proud of its recent accomplishments:

  • Organizing and hosting the 2011 Counterpoint Commencement in response to speaker Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil. Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute gave the address.
  • Setting up the WPI Sustainabilty Alliance, a vehicle for alumni to voice their concerns about sustainability at WPI.
  • Climate Change Art Show, art by blacklisted climate activist Franke James
  • Ongoing development of a Financial Responsibility Initiative, which would involve transparency and accountability to the community, student involvement in investment decisions, and divestment from fossil fuels replaced with socially conscious investments that support the local community and environmental stewardship.

Interested in WPI Students for a Just and Stable Future? Contact

SJSF Regional Network

Global Humanitarian Alliance

Global Humanitarian Alliance is devoted to helping the underprivileged people of developing countries and those within our community in Worcester. Our mission is to offer time, energy, and skills to help provide misfortunate youth with clean water, sanitation, and education.  At Worcester Polytechnic Institute, GHA seeks to raise students' awareness on issues regarding global poverty and related topics. For instance, our major campus outreach event this year was WISH, a Week of Inspiration, Service and Hope. The culturally enlightening event featured presentations by local organizations, and GHA hopes to expand its cultural outreach and continue to make a difference in communities both close to home and across the world.

For more information visit the GHA at WPI website.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders-WPI is one of the many student chapters of EWB-USA. Each chapter of EWB-USA partners with a community to try and improve the community's quality of life. Typically this is achieved through implementation of environmentally friendly and economically sustainable engineering projects with a heavy focus on community involvement. Our chapter is partnering with the community of Guachtu'uq to help them develop a year round supply of safe drinking water as well as develop an improved wood stove design so smoke inhalation is reduced. Through hard work during the school year and on location trips, WPI students in our club are given the opportunity to work hands on with real world engineering projects.

For more information on the status of our project you can visit our website

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