Year In Review 2009


Year in Review 2009 
 August 2008
  • East Hall opens as a showcase for sustainability in residence halls
  • Chartwells goes trayless, saving about 120,000 gallons of water a year, and greatly reduces food waste
 September 2008
  • Solar Panel Lighting installed at Alumni Field
  • Green Report Card grade of C- received. Improved one full point from 2007
  • Zipcars brought to campus 
 November 2008
  •  Double-sided printing push on campus
 December 2008
  • Draft policies written for the definition of Hybrid Vehicles, Preferred Parking, and LEED Certification
  • PREcyclemania began as a precursor to Recyclemania; two residence hall winners announced
  • STARS pilot survey completed
 January 2009
  •  Fred DiMauro and Naomi Carton present East Hall in video interview with Worcester Mayor Konstantina Lukes
  • Recyclemania Begins January 18
  • Chartwells partners with local pig farm to compost food waste, diverting about 400lbs of waste stream to more thrifty use of nutrients
 February 2009
  •  National Teach-In on Global Warming 2009
 March 2009
  • MMAA, New England chapter, Building Project of the Year Award for East Hall
  • East Hall wins Green Building of America Award
  • Recyclemania results, National Grand Champion Prize: WPI placed 63rd nationally out of 206 schools.
 April 2009
  • State Representative Robert Spellane presents award to winning residence hall for Recyclemania and presents energy talk, "What Can Be Greated and Sustained When the Worlds of Public Policy and Scientific Research Meet
  • WPI's inaugural Envisioning Sustainable Futures poster competition
  • Local parks clean up for Earth Day, coordinated with Student Activities Office and City of Worcester
  • WPI partners with Salvation Army for student residence hall Clean-Out Day


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