Transportation Strategies

Public Transportation

Worcester is a great place to exercise public transportation. Our city has commuter train access to Boston, and from there the entire east coast. Within the city, WPI reduces carbon emissions by giving its students great alternatives to personal transportation:

  • Worcester Regional Transit Authority - free yearlong passes for all freshman (contact student life)
  • WooBus - Consortium transportation between campuses and local landmarks
  • Gateway Shuttle - Transports between Gateway Park and the main campus
  • SNAP Service - On call student transportation within 1 mile radius of campus and to Union Station

Carpool World

As a part of minimizing transportation fuel use, manufacturing, and materials use, carpooling is a great step toward eliminating car culture. WPI has partnered with Carpool World, a free organizing utility that helps the communiy organize and share their transportation. Find carpooling buddies for your daily commute or travel to and from campus. Please note that this site is available to WPI community members only. Check out rides at Carpool World...

Zipcars at WPI

In August 2008, WPI announced a partnership with Zipcar-- the world's largest provider of cars on demand by the hour or day. This new partnership allowed WPI to provide Zipcars to WPI faculty, staff, and students as an environmentally friendly alternative to keeping a car on campus. "At WPI, we are aware of the impact our students' transportation choices have on our campus, the Worcester community, and the environment as a whole," said Janet Begin Richardson, WPI's vice president for student affairs and campus life. "By partnering with Zipcar, we have one more tool in our kit to encourage students to leave their personally owned vehicles at home during the school year, while teaching them to make sustainable transportation choices that we hope will extend beyond their college years."

Two self-service Zipcars –rotates between a Toyota Prius, a Honda Insight, and a Ford Focus hybrid– are now available for use any time of the day, parked on the Quad. The car is available to all staff and students aged 18 and older. Zipcar was selected as WPI's car sharing partner based on its superior technology and operations, membership experience, and track record of providing peer universities with a proven, cost effective, and environmentally friendly transportation solution.

Why Use Zipcars

  • Gas, maintanance and insurance are all included!
  • Share rides and drive less
  • Lower fuel consumption means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and particulates
  • According to their website, each zipcar replaces over 15 privately owned vehicles
  • Zipcar saves members approximately $436 per month or $5,232 per year when compared with car ownership
  • Learn more by visiting the Zipcar website


Our Zipcars

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