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Tracking Student Progress with the Review Status Tool


The Review Status option in myWPI allows you to track whether or not students have reviewed content in your myWPI site. It is meant to be used as a check-in type tool to let students communicate to you whether or not they have reviewed a piece of content, or you can provide it as a way for students to track their own progress. The students must click on the Mark Reviewed button for a review status to appear, so it is recommended that you let your students know if you expect them to use this tool.

If you are more interested in gathering general information about whether or not students are looking at your course materials, consult the how-to topic on Working with Course Statistics in myWPI.

Adding Review Status to Course Content

  1. Click Edit Mode in the top right of your screen to access your site in Edit Mode.
  2. Click the Set Review Status from the dropdown button next to the item you want to add review status to.
  3. Select Enable for the status, and then click Submit. The item will be labeled Enabled: Review from the Instructor view as a reminder that the status has been set.

Viewing Student Progress

  1. To view whether or not your students have reported a review status, use the User Progress link from the dropdown menu next to the item you are working with.
  2. A chart appears with the student names, a checkmark in the Reviewed column if they have reviewed it, and a date in the Date Reviewed column.

How Students Submit their Status

After the Review Status has been set, the students see a Mark Reviewed button.

If a student selects the button, it changes to Reviewed. If a student makes a mistake, he or she can select the button again to change it back.

Student view of the Review Status tool.

Student view after a Folder has been marked Reviewed

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