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The Academy is a public, state-wide magnet school which enrolls about 100 academically accelerated 11th and 12th graders. We emphasize math and science within a comprehensive, interactive academic program. The rigor of the junior year classes exceeds high school honors and AP, with more than 1200 hours of instruction. Seniors complete a year of college, taking the same classes as other students at WPI, a nationally ranked engineering school, thus making the Academy the only public school in Massachusetts whose students attend fulltime a university as seniors in high school. The Academy is a collaborative effort among the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and the high schools of Massachusetts.

“Using the most recent SAT’s as a measure, the communities west of Boston have some of the best public schools in the country… At the top of the state’s list was the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science…”
-- “Strong showing on the SATs”, The Boston Globe, 9/13/09, Metro West edition.

Report of the Visiting Committee, NEASC, 1-4 March, 2009

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