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Laptop Computer Loans

Laptops for Loan at the Technology Help Desk

We provide laptop computers for loan within the library to the WPI community for in library use. This includes faculty, staff and students. The computers are configured to connect to the campus network through wireless technology. (WPI faculty, staff, and students also can use their own laptops in the library to connect to the network or the public printer.)

WPI's IT Division reserves the right to audit and monitor any system, service, and data traffic within the WPI network to enforce the Acceptable Use Policy and to prevent intrusion and instability.

Laptops have standard WPI software already installed. Integrated web cameras may be used to record yourself or project teams when you practice presentations or they may be used for web conferencing. WPI supports Wimba for web conferencing. Alternately you may install the free Skype software to make free calls or video conference over the internet on the laptop however they are reimaged periodically and this is not part of the official laptop image. For tips on digital video recording using the laptops, see Recording Live Presentations using WPI Laptops.


Laptops can be used within the Library ONLY


Current students, faculty and staff of WPI ONLY

Borrowing Procedures

Check out for use within the library at the Technology Help Desk.

Loan Duration

Three hour period on a first come, first served basis.


One renewal is allowed, dependent upon laptop availability.

Overdue Fines

25 cents per minute or $15.00 per hour


Replacement cost of the computer plus a processing fee ($1,300.00) or cost of repair.


See these Instructions

Laptop Borrower Responsibilities

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