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Installing MuCommander

MuCommander is the current solution we have to allow Macs running Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.7 (Lion and Mountain Lion) to connect to your Filer drive. Please follow the instructions below for installing and using MuCommander.

Install Directions

Note: Lion users can go directly to Installing MuCommander as the following feature is not present in 10.7

Important for 10.8 Mountain Lion: After MuCommander is installed; change the application security setting back to “Mac App Store and identified developers” in Systems Preferences.

Using MuCommander

Your filer drive should appear in the left hand pane of MuCommander. The right hand pane will be your Documents folder. You can simply drag and drop files back and forth between them to transfer files.

Click on the folder icon in the top left hand corner to navigate to a different folder in that directory.

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