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My Computer is Infected with a Virus... Now What?

Do you have McAfee VirusScan software installed? If so, confirm that your virus definitions are up to date, then run a full scan of your hard drive by opening up the VirusScan Console, clicking Full Scan, and then Start. If not, Install McAfee 8.8, then perform a full system scan.

If you do not have Internet connectivity because your port has been turned off on account of the virus, you have two options. You can either burn the files located at \\\applications\Windows\AntiVirus Utility CD\ to a CD from another computer, or you can visit the CCC Information Desk and buy the same CD for $2.

My Computer Might be Infected with a Virus

The easiest way to check if your computer has been infected by a computer virus is to have the newest version of McAfee installed, and to simply run the Scan Now option from the VirusScan On-Demand Scan application.

I Think I Received an E-mail from an Infected Computer...

The first thing you want to make certain of is that you are properly protected from viruses. If you are not sure of this, see the My Computer Might Be Infected guidelines directly above. Once you have checked your own protection, the next thing to do is to notify the Helpdesk by forwarding us the e-mail with full headers included. If you do not know how to send the full headers with the e-mail, then see full headers page for instructions. If you've also identified the virus, then including that information in the forwarded e-mail would also be helpful.

My Network Connection has been Disabled. How can I Clean my Virus-Infected Computer?

The simplest case would be if you already have virus scanning software installed. Just make sure the virus definitions are up to date and run a full scan of your computer. If your virus definitions are not up to date, the most recent ones can be downloaded from: \\\applications\Windows\AntiVirus Utility CD\McAfee\DATs

If you do not have any virus scanning software installed, then you can either purchase an Antivirus Utility CD from the CCC Information Desk, or burn your own by copying the files from: \\\applications\Windows\AntiVirus Utility CD\. If you know what virus your computer is infected with, you can find a removal program or manual removal instructions and then install McAfee.

To find an auto-removal tool or manual removal instructions, check out one of these sites: McAfee's Virus Info Library, Trend Micro's Virus Alert page, Symantec's Security Response site, F-Secure's Virus Description center, or BitDefender's Free AntiVirus Tools.

I've Received An E-mail Warning of a New Virus...

From time to time, you will see forwarded e-mails being sent out by people concerning a new computer virus. Unless there is a reference to a web site for more information then treat it as an unsubstantiated claim, and probable Hoax. For more information on the most popular Hoax virus e-mails out there, see Virus Myths.

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