Computing & Communications Center

File Storage Options

The Computing and Communications Center (CCC) provides a variety of means to store electronic files.
Below is a guide to the storage methods and the types of files for which they are intended.

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*NOTE: Please take notice of which storage space you use; there is a "My Documents" folder on your computer (C Drive) and a "My_Documents" folder in your Personal Share on Filer (R Drive).

CCC Glossary of Terms

Administrator Privileges
The CCC generally gives Windows users Administrator privileges to the primary user of each personal computer (PC). These privileges are required for activities such as installing hardware, software or printers on any PC running Windows. We refer to a user with these special privileges as the Local Administrator of the PC.

Automated Backup
An automatic process managed by the CCC and performed at the server level which creates copies of files (backups) to be stored in a safe location and referenced in case of data file corruption, equipment failure or other catastrophe. Automated Backups are performed on CCC-managed servers on a regular basis and many backup files are stored off-site as an added precaution.

The process of copying files to an alternative location for the purpose of preserving a copy in case of data file corruption, hard drive failure or other catastrophe.

Business Share
This is a network storage space defined for storing business-related files that may need to be accessed by multiple users. Any user of the ADMIN domain can request a business share be defined for use by a department, workgroup or committee by initiating a request through the Helpdesk. Only the owner of the business share can define access to the business share. To facilitate access to a business share, users should refer to the folder name (as opposed to just the Drive letter generally used to access the folder.)

Hard Drive
Component of a personal computer that provides local file storage for system files, application files and data files. This storage medium is quite volatile and is not recommended for permanent file storage. Due to the potential for data loss, it is recommended that users use this storage space only for temporary work on data files.

Personal Share on Filer
Filer is the name given to the Network Storage Appliance used to supply WPI computer users with a large central file storage location in which they can store their personal documents, web pages, pictures and "My_Documents" files. This is a UNIX device and access to this storage area can be gained directly through a UNIX login (to or from a PC logged into the ADMIN domain by mapping a network drive to \\\home.

Removable Storage
Mobile storage media such as USB Flash drives, DVDs, CDS or external hard drives that allow for the easy storage of backup files and also allow files to easily be moved from one computer to another.

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