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What is Guest Wireless Access?

The always on WPI-Wireless network is restricted to members of the WPI Community only. For special events such as a conference, however, a secondary wireless network can be requested that can grant access to guests.

If your host insititution supports eduroam, you may connect to the eduroam SSID which is available across campus. For more information, please see out pages on eduroam.

This network will be identified with a name of of "WPI-Guest", and has no wireless encryption enabled for greater client compatibility. Instead, the first time that each user attempts to view a web page, they will be redirected to a portal login page, similar to many Internet cafes. Once logged in, they will be able to use the network as normal. The username and password will be assigned by Network Operations for each request.

How do I request Guest Wireless Access?

In order to request this guest access, be sure to fill out the WPI Wireless Guest Access Request form.

Once your request is processed, an email will be sent to the requested address containing the details of the granted access, including the username and password, in both the email itself and in a PDF suitable for printing and distributing.

Since this service is only intended for guests of members of the WPI community, the request must be sent from a WPI account. Network Operations will evaluate the request and respond with the username and password assigned to the event.

Please make sure to send in your request at least two business days in advance to ensure adequate processing time.

How does Guest Wireless Access work?

The guest portal has been designed to be as easy an automatic to use as practical. The overall operation is similar to using many public "hotspot" networks, such as Starbucks or Barnes and Noble.

  1. Connect to the "WPI-Guest" wireless network. This network requires no encryption or authentication at the wireless layer. Since different systems use different methods to connect, we are unable to provide detailed directions of how to accomplish this.

    If you have any concerns that any of your guests will not know how to accomplish this step on your own, let us know and we will schedule a NetOps staff member to assist.

  2. Open a web browser. The initial attempt to view a web page, such as your home page, will be redirected to the initial login page.

  3. Enter in the username and password provided to you by Network Operations, and click on the "Login" button.

  4. Once the username and password are accepted, you will be granted network access and your web browser will be redirected to the site you originally requested. You may use the network as you would normally.

    Please note that if you are disconnected from the network for any length of time, such as if you suspend your laptop, you may be required to log into the guest portal again.

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