Information Technology Division
Computing & Communications Center

Windows Software Installation Policy

For WPI Community Members Only

Often, the CCC receives a large number of requests with an immediate need to install or upgrade software which is served from the Windows file servers. This has prompted us to remind the WPI community of our standard policy regarding software requests and to answer some common questions.

A request to install software on the network or in WPI labs should be given to the CCC not less than one term prior to the need of the software. For example, software that is intended for use in B-term should be delivered to the CCC by the beginning of A-term. In the case of software for A-term, the request should be made by July 1st. August is a very busy month for the CCC, so last minute requests will not likely be completed prior to the start classes. Again, one-term advanced notice (8 weeks) is the guideline for requesting software to be installed on the network or in the CCC public labs.

The request should include documentation, media and license information. This permits time for the CCC to test the software for compatibility with Windows servers, other served software and write the installation scripts for the client PCs prior to installation on the production servers. The CCC tries to avoid any installations on the production servers during an active term. Experience has proven that an installation can have an unanticipated negative impact on other software and may also force the servers (which are in use around the clock, 7 days a week) off-line for repairs, affecting users across the network. The CCC has also found that not all software is "network ready." If we are unable to resolve compatibility problems with the Windows servers or other server-based programs, it may not be possible to serve the requested software from the network.

How should I go about making the request?

All requests should be sent to the WPI Helpdesk either via e-mail to, telephone (x5888), in person (Gordon Library, main floor). Sharepoint site requests can be made using the Sharepoint site request form.

What additional information do I need to make this request?

The CCC requires one copy of the original installation media (CD/DVD) and copies of all licenses whether the package is Freeware, Shareware or Commercial. You should ensure that the software is developed for use on a network and not as a stand-alone product. If at all possible do not purchase any versions of the software which require a hardware key to function.

Please also have this information prepared for your request: your full name, WPI e-mail address, department, and on-campus contact number; the application platform required (Any new software purchased for the WPI campus must provide support for Windows Vista.  For existing software we provide limited support for Windows XP only software.); the number of licenses; the date you would like this software to be available by; and any additional information that you feel is relevant.