Study in the British Isles

Many nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships support study in Britain. This page provides links to information about universities in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Also see information about these fellowships:

Universities in Britain

British University Rankings

UK universities are ranked in various ways. The results of the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), now known as the Research Excellence Framework (REF), determines funding formulas from the British government. The ranking formulas have changed significantly in recent years and should only be a starting point in looking for outstanding academic programs. Indeed, these official ranking exercises are distrusted, disliked, and deeply resented by British academics. Check the program websites as the department may or may not have strengths in the particular area that interests you, regardless of the overall departmental rating.  Newspaper rankings ("league tables") are analogous to the U.S. News rankings in the US, but they are much less influential since so many publications do them, each idiosyncratically. The Guardian and Independent update their rankings annually; the Times and Sunday Times rankings are accessible only by online subscription; and the FT's appear to be out of date. The Times Higher Education (Supplement) is equivalent to the Chronicle of Higher Education in the US, i.e. a trade publication with job-listings for professors and administrators. The commercial websites above (such as Postgrad and Prospects) may be more helpful but they do not necessarily include every program. Where possible look for ratings of individual programs rather than of universities as a whole. Take them for what they are worth, a starting point rather than a definitive "assessment":

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