Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division

Copenhagen, Denmark D2013

Term – D 2013

Projects Opportunities – IQP

Housing – Shared student apartments near the center of Copenhagen

Co-Directors – Professors Peder Pedersen & Tom Thomsen

Preparation – 2/3 unit preparation activity in B-Term and C-Term

 (1/6 B-Term PQP, ID 2050 and 1/6 project proposal, C-Term)

Application Deadline – September 29, 2011 (before 1:00 pm)



The IQP project sites are in or near Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, located on the island of Zealand.  The Danish population numbers 5.3 million and inhabits an area of 16,630 sq. miles.  In addition to farming, Denmark has a diverse and highly technological industry, with emphasis on electronics, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, furniture craft and alternative energy sources. 


Denmark is an ideal place for IQP projects.  The Danish culture is very open to interdisciplinary academic questioning, the foundation of every IQP.  Danes are brought up to question and debate the impact of technology on the quality of life, and are leaders in utilizing the positive aspects of modern technology while trying to lessen its negative impacts.



IQP projects in Denmark span a wide range of topics, with an emphasis on environmental issues and technology for people with disabilities.  Alternative transportation, food quality, and technology to assist visually impaired people with disabilities are all topics of great interest to both the public and private sector.  Not-for-profit agencies are also expected to sponsor several future projects. 






Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses*


In calculating the extra expense to participate in an off-campus project experience compare this figure to expenses incurred while living on campus: groceries or meal plan, entertainment expenses, transportation, etc.

Travel to site (RT airfare)




Dining out (7 x term)

$   300

Weekend tourist activities & incidentals

(minimum depends on the individual)


Estimated total out-of-pocket expenses


Expenses included on your WPI bill*


Housing and program expenses

plus local transportation and language course



Estimated Total expenses


Tuition and on-campus housing not included.

* Subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rate

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