Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division

Gallo- Modesto, CA C2013

Term – C 2013

Project Opportunities – MQP (ChE)

Housing – Shared student apartments

Director – Professor Henry Nowick & Nikolaos Kazantzis

Preparation –1/6 unit PQP

Application Deadline – November 3, 2011 (before 1:00 pm)



E & J Gallo Wineries is headquartered in Modesto, CA and also has winery operations in Sonoma and Napa Valleys, Livingston and Fresno, CA. Modesto is located in the San Joaquin Valley approximately 88 miles east of San Francisco, 84 miles northeast of San José and is serviced by major airlines to airports in San Francisco, Oakland and San José. Smaller airlines have connecting flights to Modesto. Livingston is located approximately 45 minutes south of Modesto and Fresno is located approximately 2 hours south of Modesto.  Students participating in E & J Gallo Wineries sponsored Major Qualifying Projects (MQP) during C-Term 2013 will also participate in a Preliminary Qualifying Project (PQP) during B-Term 2012.  During this PQP, the students will perform background research in the area of their project, learn about the company and the industry where they will be completing their project, and hold discussions with their Gallo mentor and WPI advisors regarding their project work.  Some of the outcomes of the PQP are a detailed proposal, describing the overall project, background related to the project, the specific problems to be addressed, the approach the students will adopt in solving the project related problems and providing the Gallo requested project deliverables.



The projects will be conducted during C-Term 2013 in California.  The students will work full-time at one of the sponsor's sites (but most likely in Modesto) for approximately eight to nine weeks, from early January through early March.  They will work with a mentor from the sponsoring company and with WPI faculty advisors.  The project work will include the completion of a Preliminary Qualifying Project (PQP), an MQP report and final presentations to Gallo representatives at the MQP sites. Previous MQP projects have involved wine filtration improvements, storage tank inert gas blanketing, wine carbonation and introduction of new processes, equipment and technology.


Acceptance to the E & J Gallo Wineries MQP program is based on judicial and academic standing and performance, essay response, demonstration of maturity, independence and teamwork, availability of projects in a specific area, qualifications relevant to the project offered, and completed interviews.


Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses


NOTE:  In calculating the extra expense to participate in an off-campus project experience compare this figure to expenses incurred while living on campus (groceries or meal plan, entertainment expenses, transportation, etc.)

Travel to site (RT airfare)

$  950.00

Local Transportation

$  700.00

Groceries & Supplies

$  600.00

Dining out (10 per term)

$  400.00

Weekend tourist activities & incidentals



$   240.00

Estimated total out-of-pocket expenses


Expenses included on your WPI bill






Estimated Total Expenses



(tuition and on-campus housing not included)

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