Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division

Hong Kong C2013

Term – C 2013

Project Opportunities – IQP

Housing – Shared student apartments

Director – Professor Creighton Peet

Preparation – 1/2 unit preparation activity in B 2012

Application Deadline – September 29, 2011 (before 1:00 pm)



The Project Center in Hong Kong provides a gateway to the most dynamic and important region on the planet.  The wealth of the world is moving to Asia, and Hong Kong plays a crucial role in the development of China—currently the most significant economy in Asia.  This city radiates energy as it rapidly modernizes and takes the lead in economic development, high-rise building, efficient transportation, artistic expression, educational reform and environmental conservation. Students will live in furnished apartments with small kitchens, with 1-3 students in each apartment, in a typical Chinese residential neighborhood, quite different from typical tourist areas of Hong Kong.



In Hong Kong WPI works with a number of educational, social service, policy and environmental organizations and institutions. Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU), Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) and Lingnan University have sponsored projects, while other sponsors have included Friends of the Earth, Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Caritas Francis Hsu College, Caritas Charles Vath College, Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), Civic Exchange, Designing Hong Kong, Jets Technics, Hong Kong Maritime Museum and the Hong Kong History Museum. New sponsors are sought on a regular basis. Examples of past projects include an evaluation of an English language educational software program developed to help Chinese students improve their English writing skills, evaluating how to increase recycling of beverage containers and vehicle tires, identifying how to reduce light pollution, understanding the impact of educational reforms that are occurring in Hong Kong, evaluating how to best improve library usage and information literacy among secondary school students, investigating how to make Hong Kong’s fishing industry more sustainable and evaluating how best to develop the waterfront and marine areas of Victoria Harbour.


In general, IQPs will deal with urban planning, a greener environment, sustainable resource use, education reform and innovation, economic and social issues, and other topics as appropriate.




Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses*


NOTE:  In calculating the extra expense to participate in an off-campus project experience compare this figure to expenses incurred while living on campus: groceries or meal plan, entertainment expenses, transportation, etc.

Travel to site (RT airfare)


Local transportation in Hong Kong

$  600.00

Dining out/eating in


Weekend tourist activities & incidentals

$  600.00

Estimated total out-of-pocket expenses


Expenses included on your WPI bill*


Housing and program expenses



Estimated total expenses


Tuition and WPI on-campus housing not included.

* Subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rate & inflation














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