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Nantucket B 2012

Photo taken by Dianna Berlo, Nantucket B'08

Term – B 2012

Project Opportunities – IQP

Housing – Shared student dormitories

Co-Directors – Professor Dominic Golding

Preparation – 1/2 unit preparation activity in A 2012

Application Deadline – September 29, 2011 (before 1:00 pm)




The Nantucket Island project center is a residential program with a resident faculty advisor.  The island is 14 miles long and about 3.5 miles wide and has approximately 10,000 year-round residents. Nantucket was once a booming whaling center but is now primarily a summer resort and tourist destination although it has changed little since the 17th century and retains many cobblestone streets and historic homes and shops).  The entire island is a National Historic District.  It has several excellent museums, many wonderful public beaches, and 40% of the island is protected conservation land.



Nantucket is unique for a number of reasons: it is a high-end, tourist destination in the summer when approximately 40,000 tourists visit the island and draw on the island’s limited resources; it is an historic site deeply committed to historic preservation; and it is also an environmentally-sensitive site where much of the land is protected.  These features often conflict and create ongoing challenges for town government, island residents, and local businesses. Past projects have focused on issues of environmental sustainability (e.g., alternative energy and energy conservation), assisting town departments (e.g., in education about tick-borne diseases and developing information security protocols) and on museum studies (e.g., evaluating museum exhibits and programs and providing improved methods of way-finding and interpretation). Past project sponsors include the Town of Nantucket, the Maria Mitchell Association, the Nantucket Historical Association, and Sustainable Nantucket.





Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses


NOTE:  In calculating the extra expense to participate in an off-campus project experience compare this figure to expenses incurred while living on campus (groceries or meal plan, entertainment expenses, transportation, etc.)

Local transportation

$   200


$   600

Dining out (7 x term)

$   350

Weekend tourist activities & incidentals

$   250

Estimated total out-of-pocket expenses


Expenses included on your WPI bill


Housing and program expenses





Estimated total expenses


Tuition and on-campus housing not included.

All above costs are estimates and are subject to change.



 Travel Dates:

Arrive:  Saturday, October 20, 2012
Depart:  Saturday, December 15, 2012

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