Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division

Worcester, MA B 2012 & C & D 2013

Term – One-term projects B 2012, C & D 2013

Project Opportunities – IQP, MQPs also possible

Housing – Commute to project center office from your campus housing

Director – Professor Rob Krueger

Preparation – 1/2 unit preparation activity in A 2012 and B 2012 & C 2013

Application Deadline – September 29, 2011 (before 1:00 pm)



Students will commute to work at the Worcester Community Project Center offices in downtown Worcester from their “campus” residences.



The Worcester Community Project Center (WCPC) develops projects from the grass roots.  This means we work with local organizations who serve people in need to develop projects important for community advancement and appropriate to WPI student skills and interests.  Projects typically involve urban greening, community participation and social justice. 


Students who choose the WCPC will have a chance to have a cultural experience without leaving Worcester.  This is because our projects focus on questions of science and technology as they relate to different social groups.  Through community engagement you will learn how science and technological issues have differential effects on people with different incomes, race or ethnicity or gender. 


The WCPC has been recognized around the City and the region as a valuable community resource.  As a result, students have the opportunity to work on a number of “high profile” community projects.  Typically, these projects make significant contributions to improving the city we live in.  Project sponsors range from municipal government, the Mayor’s Office, the Broad Meadow Brook Audubon Sanctuary, the Regional Environmental Council, the Greater Worcester Land Trust, the Worcester Art Museum, Centro Las Americas and various community development corporations.  Currently, we are working on a long term project with the US Department of Agriculture and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation to assess the impacts of the Asian Long-horned beetle infestation.  For specific project questions, comments or ideas contact Professor Krueger.

Estimated Expenses in U.S. Dollars

No additional expenses will be incurred.

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