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Development of Alternate SSM Aluminum Alloys

Research Team:

Qingyou Han
Srinath Viswanathan

It is interesting to note that a new process is usually evaluated utilizing existing alloys rather than optimizing the alloy to take advantage of the unique attributes of the process. Currently, conventional cast aluminum alloys 356 and 357 are being used for SSM process. SSM alloy development remains a significant issue in SSM processing where the residence time in the two-phase region, and the fraction solid of the primary phase as a function of temperature, are two critical parameters. The alloy constitution, and the sequence of phases, which precipitate out during the solidification journey are important variables. Alloy development in SSM processing has not been optimized, thus limiting the full potential of this new technology.

The aim of this project is to develop alloys that are better suited for SSM processing. In order to achieve the goal, the following strategy has been followed.

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