BEI’s major goal is the commercialization of innovative biotechnologies. Successful commercialization depends on the development of a strong academic research portfolio accompanied by appropriate intellectual property and the transformation of intellectual property into products, either through out-licensing or start-up formation. BEI is developing its research base through sponsored federal and corporate research and is actively seeking partnerships to bridge the development gap between the research laboratory and successful commercial ventures.

The most recent BEI-affiliated venture is VitaThreads, a company developing a novel biomedical (fibrin microthreads) for delivery of cell therapy.  Other BEI-initiated ventures include Active Surface Technologies Inc., a company that uses its proprietary surface modification techniques for the fabrication of medical sensors and for the prevention of infections caused by surgically implanted devices, and ImagiSonix Inc., which is dedicated to furthering the portability and accessibility of diagnostic ultrasound imaging, and Advanced Body Sensing, LLC, which is focused on developing battery powered wearable physiological monitoring of vital signs, with the goal to facilitate wireless-based remote triage of wounded soldiers and civilian casualties.

For more information on Active Surface Technologies, Inc.

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