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Characterization, Evaluation and Removal of Surface Contamination from Pre and Post Heat Treated Parts

Research Team:
Kevin Rong
Richard D. Sisson, Jr.
Md. Maniruzzaman


Surface contamination during heat treatment process can greatly affect the quality of the end products. Although cleaning the post heat treated parts is considered a value added process in heat treatment, pre heat treated parts cleaning is also important and can influence the subsequent process dramatically. For example, in carburizing process, a carburized part may have different carbon concentrations at same depth but different locations, although the part seemed optically clean, free of oil and splinters and dry. This may be not only due to the part geometry and the furnace operating parameters, but also due to the non-visible diffusion restricting barrier layers on top of the part. The rework of defective parts is time consuming, non-economical and sometimes impossible. The barrier layers have to be removed mechanically, (for example by grinding or blasting), which may lead to inaccuracy in part dimensions. The parts have to be re-heat treated which costs time and money.

This project will characterize different surface contaminants which affect the heat treatment process and will identify the process of cleaning and the chemistry being necessary. Some of the issues to be addressed in this project are:


The Objectives of this project are:


The objectives will be achieved by the following tasks:

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