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Aging Cycle Optimization for Aluminum Alloys

Research Team:
Richard D. Sisson, Jr.
Dan Backman
Md. Maniruzzaman
Boquan Li
Courtney Nowill


Aging of aluminum alloys is done to improve the alloy strength and other mechanical properties of interest. To optimize the properties, the aging schedule, i.e. aging time and temperature, is often chosen empirically. A more efficient way for optimizing the properties would be a model capable of predicting the microstructure and the properties as a function of aging schedule and the alloy compositions. A wide variety of mechanisms has been reported in the literature describing the interaction between precipitates and the motion of dislocation during aging. A micromechanical model for precipitation strengthening during aging of aluminum alloys can be developed based on the equations governing these mechanisms to predict the yield strength as a function of aging schedule. The model will incorporate the salient microstructural features, such as precipitate size, shape and distribution, to explain the strengthening during aging process.


The Objectives of this project are:


The research methodology to be used for this project is summarized as follows:

The project work is divided into the following tasks:

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