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About the Light Metals Alliance

The Light Metals Alliance (LMA) is an international effort initiated by five national scientific organizations: CAST (Australia), ARC - LKR (Austria), CANMET-MTL (Canada), GKSS (Germany), and MPI / WPI (USA).

The objective of the Light Metals Alliance is to foster international collaboration in the field of research and technology transfer pertaining to the use of light metals. Specific areas of interest include alloys and composites of aluminum and magnesium used for automotive applications.


Activities of the Light Metals Alliance include:  


CAST - Cooperative Research Centre is recognized as a strategic asset to the Light Metals Industry in Australia through partnerships developed among complementary groups within Australia's research, industry, education, and government sectors. The structure and management of CAST underpins the Centre's success in taking innovative research from the realm of abstract ideas to providing solutions to problems facing the Australian light metals industry. For more information, visit:

LKR – ARC - Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen GMBH has been a key player in light metals research and development since 1994 in Austria. ARC cooperates closely with businesses, universities, and industry to cover the entire process chain from materials to component systems. The organization provides comprehensive expertise both to large-scale projects and to small- and medium-sized enterprises which cannot afford their own research departments. For more information, visit:

CANMET-MTL - CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory is the largest research centre in Canada dedicated to metals and materials fabrication, processing and evaluation. A technical staff of almost 100 scientists and technicians working in well-equipped laboratories is engaged in a research and development program designed to provide technology solutions for Canadian industry. For more information, visit:

GKSS – GKSS - Institute for Materials Research has a program for research on lightweight structures for transportation industries and is specialized in the development of new alloys, their processing routes, and the characterization of new metallic materials for lightweight structures. For more information, visit:

MPI/WPI - Metal Processing Institute - Worcester Polytechnic Institute is an industry-university alliance dedicated to advancing the state of the art in the metal processing industry. Through its focus on metal processing, MPI brings fundamental understanding to existing processes, develops new methods, and addresses management-technology interface issues with input from its industrial partners. Although the work is fundamental in nature, the context of the work has well-identified commercial applications. The casting consortium performs basic and developmental research relevant to the metal casting industry focusing on light metals, non-ferrous alloys, and semi-solid processing. The Consortium provides a forum where the industrial and academic sectors jointly address the technological problems encountered in the metal casting industry.  For more information, visit: http://www.WPI.EDU/Academics/Research/MPI/

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