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Consortium Organization

Each consortium has its own budget, research staff, and portfolio of research projects. The industrial partners support their particular consortium through an annual fee; the consortium also receives support from federal agencies and foundations.

Each center has established by-laws with clear guidelines on governance, project selection, responsibilities of the steering committees, and ownership and protection of the intellectual property developed by the consortia.

A steering committee is elected from the membership of each consortium on a rotational basis; this allows for representation by every member company. Steering committees meet at least twice a year to review and guide the research activities and to oversee normal business activities, such as administration, budget, policy changes and strategic planning.

The members of each consortium also select a director-at-large to advise the steering committee and the research staff and to serve as a liaison to other organizations and federal agencies. The research staff and steering committee of each research consortium work together to identify and resolve key technological issues that are generic to their particular industry.

Unlike conventional research programs, each research project has a focus group made up of consortium members. The focus groups supply the research teams with an industrial perspective on the research program and support the project with equipment and supplies as needed. In this manner, there is a great deal of connectivity between the fundamental research carried out at the University and the industrial relevance of the work.

Research consortia hold two annual meetings, one in the spring, and one in the fall, at which the research staff present their work. Meetings with focus groups and steering committees are also held during these meetings. MPI also organizes and hosts an annual technical symposium on a topical theme to which the consortium members may invite their associates, suppliers or customers.

Faculty and Associates:

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