Minor in Aerospace Engineering

For students who are not AE majors and are interested in broadening their exposure to and understanding of aerospace engineering, the Aerospace Engineering Program offers a Minor in Aerospace Engineering.  

Successful candidates for the Minor in AE must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete two units of work from courses with the prefix “AE” as outlined in the table below.
  2. Of the work in (1), at least 2/3 unit must be in 4000-level “AE” courses.
Aerodynamics and Propulsion AE 2713 Astronautics
AE/ME 3410 Compressible Fluid Dynamics
AE 3711 Aerodynamics
AE/ME 4710 Gas Turbines Prop. & Power
AE 4719 Rocket Propulsion
Aerospace Materials and Structures AE/ME 3712 Aerospace  Structures
AE 4712 Structural Dynamics
AE/ME 4718 Adv. Materials Aerospace  Appl.
Vehicle Dynamics, Stability and Control AE 4723 Aircraft Dynamics & Controls
AE 4713 Spacecraft  Dynamics & Controls
AE 4733 Guidance, Navigation and Communications
Major Design Experience AE 4770 Aircraft Design
AE 4771 Spacecraft and Mission Design

Students seeking a Minor in AE should complete the Application for the Minor in AE and submit it to the AE Program Office as early in the program of study as possible. The Application for a Minor in AE is available online and in the AE Program Office. The Director of the AE Program will be responsible for review and approval of all Minor in AE requests. WPI policy requires that no more than one unit of course work be double counted toward other degree requirements.

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