Our Students

At WPI No Two Students- or Transcripts- are Alike

WPI’s open curriculum allows you to follow your passion and chart your own course. Here you can create your own major, participate in a five-year bachelors/masters plan, add a minor, or even choose a double major. With so many opportunities, a unique path to graduation is available to all students.

Whether you want to be a scientist or an entrepreneur; develop software or build robots; create a musical score or write the next great novel; or make any number of other important contributions to society, pursuing an undergraduate degree in an arts and sciences discipline at WPI is a great place to start.

Learn about some of the exceptional routes WPI students are taking in the classroom- and in life:


Julie Bliss, '12
Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Satia A. Miller, ‘12
Hackensack, NJ
BS, Psychological Sciences and Society, Technology, Policy


Michael A. Sao Pedro, PhD Candidate
Revere, MA
PhD; Learning Sciences & Technologies

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Victoria Mason '11: How Science, Writing, and Human Health Intertwined in Ghana

Mason had the chance to address a public health problem in Ghana. Her project made a difference but she was filled with questions about the larger issues that surround the pursuit of public health. She decided to explore the issues through a second major.