Career Outlook

Position Yourself to Take Advantage of a World of Possibilities

The world is becoming smaller due to increasing global relationships between people, cultures, and economies. The leaders of tomorrow will be entrepreneurs and innovators who are comfortable working in this international community. A degree in one of the many arts and sciences disciplines at WPI will prepare you to meet the challenges of the new world head on.

Now, more than ever, success depends on critical thinking skills, the ability to work in a team, the talent to view problems from many different angles and sound ethical judgment. All skills you’ll develop as an arts and sciences student at WPI.

While at WPI you may learn a language to help you communicate more effectively with others; complete a project overseas to understand how to interact with diverse communities; and develop the skills to play a musical instrument, to help you gain a better perspective on the world around you.

PayScale Reports WPI Graduates Among the Highest Paid in the Nation

WPI graduates rank 7th in the nation for highest starting median salary, according to a recent report by PayScale Inc. This marks the fourth straight year that Payscale has ranked WPI highly for employment and salary opportunities.

As a graduate of one of the Arts & Sciences programs at WPI, you’ll have the option of multiple career paths with one degree. Use your degree in Chemistry to become a teacher or a chemist; go into law, engineering, or environmental policy planning with your degree in Liberal Arts & Engineering; pursue a career in artificial intelligence or computer security through your Computer Science degree.

No matter what path you choose, what major you select, or which elective courses you take, you’ll be acquiring career-related skills from all of your academic and extracurricular activities.