Undergraduate Programs

Keeping Life in Balance

At WPI we understand how creativity and science inform and enhance each other. That’s why our broad-based education is designed around an open curriculum, with few required courses and no prerequisites, allowing you to study the things that you’re most passionate about.

Here you’ll do more than study text books and write papers. You’ll develop research skills, learn how to work within a team, and discover how to craft innovative solutions to face real-world challenges. And you’ll leave WPI with the ability to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives and you’ll be prepared to achieve great personal and professional success.

A Global Perspective

We understand how important a world-wide perspective is in today’s workplace. That’s why at WPI you’ll get started on the path to a global career on day one. During the first semester of your freshman year you’ll participate in the Great Problems Seminars and have a chance to solve some of the most challenging problems confronting society.

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First Year Students Focus on Solving the World's Great Problems

Through the Great Problems Seminars, first year students step outside their disciplines to solve problems in the areas of food, energy, health, and engineering for sustainability. It's an invigorating immersion into the project-based curriculum at WPI.